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The Only Guide of Bridal Silk Sarees You Need to Curate for D-day

Unfamiliar with things to know before buying bridal silk sarees? Here's a complete guide answering every question of yours.

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Pressed for time to go shopping for your trousseau and add bridal silk sarees? Or volunteered to help a significant other (a friend, sister or soul sister), but can’t juggle enough time to sift through the silks for them? If that’s you and you are guiltily browsing bridal silk sarees online, wait. We are here to lend you a hand on how to go trousseau shopping online and find the right ones – at the right price.

A. Buying Bridal Silk Sarees – Why You Need Them!

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You may be a trousers girl, adoring western attire over nine long yards. Or opting for gowns and salwars when asked to wear ethnic. However, mums are right when they insist that you include a silk saree (or a few) in your wedding trousseau.

A Bridal silk saree is an elegant garment, which says formal chic, vintage traditional and even artistic comfort, according to the weave you choose and your draping style. Saree aficionados know that there are a weave, a colour and a style that fits every festive occasion. Specifically in silk – the metallic natural protein fibre, which is good at absorbing colours and blending in with other fabrics like
cotton and metallic yarn.

In India, nearly every region has its own native silk saree – and many of these are brought in either as wedding gifts, heirlooms or even traditional gifts as part of festivities. You could end up buying designer silks or georgette/crepe mixes for yourself or get traditional, hand-woven pieces as gifts (especially silver-thread Zardozi ones as heirlooms).

B. Things to Know While Buying Bridal Silk Sarees

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Here’s what you need to know when you choose to buy one:

1. Knowing Your Silk Saree Match

Not everything suits everyone. And when you’re hard-pressed on time and buying your bridal silks online, it’s important to know what suits you, in specifics. Know this by jotting down a few things –

  • Type of SilkKanjeevaram, Banarasi, Blend, Moga, Pattu, Kasavu, Chanderi
  • Colour – Specific two to three colours which look good on you
  • Embellishments – Type of work you prefer, Prints You Prefer
  • Saree Border – Contrast, Size Material used (Eg. Zari)
  • Type of Saree Blouse – Know which style flatters you, especially if you’re ordering a readymade piece
  • Trousseau budget – Bridal silk sarees are expensive. Keep your budget in mind before buying one.
  • Occasion - Engagement ceremony, Sangeet ceremony, Wedding ceremony

2. Authentic, Reliable Online Stores

Yes, buying online has been made easier with thousands of marketplaces. However, it’s important to know whether you are buying from the right sources – you do not want to exert money, time and effort in chasing after an elusive order or getting it exchanged. Opt for stores with high reviews and read through them. Also, check their social pages to see how satisfied their customers are with their products.

3. Choosing the Products – Safeguard Against Duplicates

Did you find bridal silk which matched your idea of a perfect garment? Great! Next, take a closer look – is it an original or a duplicate. How? Check whether you receive any proof of authenticity. Also, check the marketplace’s own policy on selling goods and how easily they intervene in case a fraud case is reported to them.

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4. Compare Prices

Often, vendors stock the same products on different marketplaces, offering them to customers at different rates. So, you could bask in the soft glowing hues of your favourite silk at a lower rate, than the one on your screen. You can compare the same products on multiple websites by a manual search – or you could use a price comparison app. This is also the right time to check for discounts or other online offers.

5. Check for Support

Unsure about the exact shade of pink you’re opting for… or whether a saree blouse will fit you snugly? This is when you look into the support options of your chosen marketplace. Chat with their style consultants and customer reps on these niggling doubts. You can also ask them about after-sales support – how open is their returns or exchange policy, can they help you connect with their vendors for more queries.

The more open the marketplace, the better it would be for you to get your money’s worth.

6. Payment Option and Discounts 

Discounts and offers are something which is a range for online shopping stores as they can offer you a great deal. Browse through the most reliable online shopping website to choose your outfits and so through the deals that you can find. The payment option is also of great importance, where there are multiple options available.

You can choose cash on delivery as a reliable option of payment where you can receive your attire at your doorstep and check it before the payment so that you are satisfied with your outfit and experience. 

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C. Some Tips to Make your Bridal Silk Sarees Shopping Spree a Tad Bit Easier!

Be mindful of these shopping tips and make your shopping a hassle-free experience.

1. Start your shopping for bridal silk sarees a few months or weeks prior to your big day. You don't want any last minute mishaps

2. If you have already ought your bridal jewellery, then ensure you carry it with yourself. A little mismatch and your entire look will fall flat

3. If the online store also has an offline store, then it would be great if you could visit it in person and double check the tone and fabric of your bridal silk sarees

D. Care for Those Glorious Nine Yards

  • Buying silk sarees and even styling them on your wedding festivities is easy. The real challenge comes when you have to care for them and store them in a perfect manner. Bridal silk sarees are costly and worn only on occasions and therefore has to be kept on a separate shelve and cupboards to make sure that they do not wrinkle out.
  • You should always wrap silk sarees in muslin or cotton cloth of bags to make sure that they are kept safe. For longer shelve life, you can even hang your sarees instead of piling them up one on the other.
  • Most of the silk sarees get this peculiar smell especially in winters and therefore it becomes necessary to store naphthalene balls with them, which even keep the warms who eat silk at bay.

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Now that you feel a little more confident about purchasing your bridal silk sarees online for your wedding. So, take out your credit cards and let the shopping spree begin. We hope that these tips help you out the next time you choose to buy your wedding silk saree. If yes, then drop us a comment – let us know how you made your order, what worked for you and what didn’t.

And let us know if there are any specifics you would like us to help you with when deciding the perfect garments to complement your unique, beautiful look!

Would you dare to buy your bridal silk sarees online? Tell us through the comments!