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Top Bridesmaid Makeup Ideas to Make You Look Stunning on D-day

What that popular ‘no makeup look’ at your best friend’s wedding? Here are some bridesmaid makeup ideas to look like a natural beauty on the special day!”

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The bride is undoubtedly the showstopper at the wedding but they are other key people present at the event too, like the bridesmaids! If you are one, then you might have picked a beautiful dress to add glitz on the aisle while walking with the bride.

There are a ton of things you should know before hitting any salon to get dolled up for your friend/sister’s big day. For instance, know your skin type, skin tone, and the products that suit you. You are going to be in the limelight and it goes without saying that you should look your best by following these basic tips:

  • To have that natural look on the big day you should have healthy skin. Make sure that your skin is well- hydrated before applying anything on your face!
  • You have to attend the post-wedding functions too, so take care of your skin by not forgetting to put primer prior to the foundation so that the makeup doesn’t enter the pores of your skin.
  • To keep up with the bride’s eyelash-game, use a curler before applying mascara!
  • You best friend’s wedding is going to last for a day and so should your makeup. In line with this, use clean brushes for every layer you apply. Also, don’t forget to apply the settling spray before leaving for the venue.

If you don’t want to end up disappointing your best friend on her big day, apply your contour the right way with light eye makeup and plumped bold lips. Also, wing the liner to complete your look!

Keep these bridesmaid makeup ideas in mind before anything else!

1. Tissue paper

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Tissue paper has to be your best friend for the day. Why? You’ll realize it better after reading these pointers!

  • Firstly, if the wedding is in the summer, the sweat can ruin your makeup. The tissue paper will save you from the havoc caused by melty-foundation!
  • Use tissue paper for blotting, to clear the smudges and accumulations to have a natural look.
  • Additionally, tissue paper is the best to avoid clumps (the excessive application of makeup).

2. Triangular pattern application

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Some of you might be aware of this technique and for the rest who are not - we are here for you! Basically, you should apply the concealer under your eyes in an inward triangular shape that eventually highlights your under-eye section more and keeps the concealer on the cheek area minimal. Try this out, and you will definitely get that no-makeup look that keeps popping up when you think of bridesmaid makeup ideas!

3. Highlight your best features

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One of the important bridesmaid makeup ideas is to highlight the right features in the right amount. Makeup is an art and the one who understands it definitely knows that highlighting the best features of the face is a game changer. For this, you need to identify your assets and try to keep them at the front. If you are hitting the salon, then we are sure your stylist would know what to do!

4. Keep it simple

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It is your best friend’s wedding and you have to look gorgeous without stealing her thunder. So, when the bride will turn heads you can compliment her with a subtle and elegant look by using these bridesmaid makeup ideas. Go for a simple and fresh look rather than making it gaudy because that is how you will achieve the natural look.

Some easy peasy tricks for a personalised look when planning your bridesmaid makeup ideas:

5. Baby powder to the rescue

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When we think of highlighting the best features, most of us imagine bold eyelashes and if you think the saw way, then do follow this trick. Put a layer of mascara and before applying the next layer, apply a pinch of baby powder over them. Once you do it, you will have those classic falsies look without actually wearing false eyelashes! This is one of the top bridesmaid makeup ideas as fake eyelashes can be a bit expensive!

6. Natural look with tight lining

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Not all of us like having a thick wing liner because it kind of makes the eye makeup heavy. So, for a no-liner-plus-liner look, you should use the tight lining technique, where you apply the liner on the waterline of your upper lid. Believe us, such bridesmaid makeup ideas will majorly contribute to your natural looking bridesmaid makeup.

7. Contouring Magic

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If your face is chubby and you want a thinner look, then contouring is a must. The perfect contour with the perfect shade can do wonders to your look. Whether on your nose or the jawline, you use this technique to can fix anything, anywhere!

After reading this article, we are sure you are ready to rock your best friend’s wedding like a queen. All these bridesmaid makeup ideas will help you achieve the flawless no-makeup look that will surprise your best friend!

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