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All Things a Bride Would Need in Her Bridal Vanity Box

Each bride has things she must need and the things that she can do without. But we bring to you the ultimate bridal vanity box, that is a must have for all brides.

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With the running around that happens at a wedding, it is pretty impossible to run again and again to your room to fix your makeup. Thus, comes in the bridal vanity box. A bridal vanity box can be a very resourceful thing to you. If just needs to have the essential things one bride would need in case something happens to her makeup. Every bride needs a box full of things that can get her ready in an instant, it is her go to when she cannot access her full makeup kit and needs to redo her face. So, let us get into it and understand what all do you require for an essential bridal vanity box.


Image Courtesy: Orange The Salon

1. Primer

Any good bridal vanity box should have a primer in it. It is necessary as it makes your skin appear pretty smooth and silky. It also helps your makeup last longer and helps diminish some of your skin blemishes.

2. Foundation

Your foundation is the base of your makeup. You need to make sure that the foundation you have matches your skin type and colour, as it can make it either make your skin look patchy or cause skin problems. Also, if you do not have a concealer in your bridal vanity box, a foundation in emergencies can act as a double.

3. Concealer

Your bridal vanity box ideally should contain a concealer, as it is the product that truly helps you hide your blemishes. You can conceal your acne scars or dark circles with it, or sometimes even brighten up some areas to give you a more glowing look.

4. Blush And Bronze

Both these products are drastically different but they help you add more colour to your skin in different ways. For the bronzer, you have to make sure that it isn’t too much darker than your skin tone, and for the blush make sure to not use too much of it, you do not want to give an old creepy doll vibe.

5. Highlighter

A highlighter might not be a staple in all bridal vanity boxes, but it should be. A highlighter adds a bit of a glow to your skin and also highlights the high points of your face, making it appear slimmer.

6. Setting Powder

A setting powder is a pretty necessary item in your box. It makes sure that all the makeup you have done stays locked in. Also, you never know when some powder might be needed in handy, so it’s a win-win.


Image Courtesy: Orange The Salon

1. Kajal

This is one product that is just not a millennial bride thing in India but has been used by Indian women and even at times men, for generations now. Kajal helps you to highlight your eyes and defines them too. The amazing part about it is that kajal now comes in a number of colours, and some of them actually help you define your eyes the way you want them.

2. Eyeliner

Eyeliners are a staple to any bridal vanity box you will come across. The most common of them is black eyeliner, but you can keep the one that you like. Also, make sure that the eyeliner that you have in your box is a one you are comfortable in using as there are many types nowadays like gel, liquid, sketch pen eyeliners.

3. Mascara

Even if you have long lashes, a mascara always helps them look more full and prominent. Mascara like any other eye product nowadays comes in various colours, but for your bridal looks, it is always better to stick to the classic black colour you have.

4. Eyeshadow Palette

An eyeshadow can always add more drama to your look if that is what you like to go for. Eyeshadow comes in various colours and colour schemes and it is a good idea to stow away a pretty basic eyeshadow palette in your bridal vanity box.


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1. Lip Balm

Now though lip balms are a trivial thing that most of us forget to put in the kit, they are pretty necessary and needed in the box you prepare. A lip balm ensures that when you apply that final coat of lipstick on your lips it glides smoothly across your lips. In winter weddings, they become even more of a necessity as your lips dry and get chapped up faster.

2. Lipstick

Now a lipstick is likewise a pretty common item to put in your bridal vanity box. If you intend to carry this box around with you then either you can keep exchanging the lip colours you use throughout the wedding functions, or you could find a colour that could be applied with almost all outfits.


1. Makeup Brushes

There is an obvious explanation as to why you would need makeup brushes in your bridal vanity box, which is that most products do not come with any kind of application tool. And unless you are willing to apply everything by finger, you would need these in your box.

2. Moisturiser

Now a lot of people would forget to put this item in their box, but it can be a lifesaver at times. You definitely need it for your skins and furthermore, if you forget to carry a makeup remover at times, it can remove most makeup.

3. Rose Water

Now rose water can be used as a toner for your face, as you prep it up for makeup. The reason it would be recommended than most other toners is that it has other added benefits to it than just a toner.

4. Makeup Remover

For reasons, if your makeup ever gets messed and you need a quick fix, you would need to keep a makeup remover handy to start over.

5. Tissues

The reason it says tissue and not wet wipes is that though wet wipes are good for cleaning your face, sometimes a dry tissue is handier, also you already handy and of more use.

6. Earbuds

Though nowadays people are more aware, earbuds can save you when it comes to removing small patches of makeup. when only a flick of the brush goes wrong and you wouldn’t want to remove your whole makeup, in those times the small earbuds help out a lot.

7. Comb And Pins

What would be a bridal vanity box without some hair fixing tools? Combs can come in very handy if you do not plan to fix your hair with hairspray, and carrying extra hairpins is always an advantage.

8. Mint

Though most people won’t understand mints are not just mouth fresheners but doing something as familiar as popping mints in your mouth can help a bride feel better. And everyone likes when their mouth feels fresh right?

A bridal vanity box can just be your own small wonder box that can fix almost everything about your appearance. This helps women a lot with their confidence and lets them breathe easier on their wedding.

Do you think we are missing any product in our essential boxes? Then tell us what those are in the comments below.