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Choosing the Perfect Bridal Earrings to Glam Your Look Made Easier!

While picking out your bridal earrings, one element is given the credit of bringing it all together and this is the bridal earring! So read on as we guide you on how to pick the perfect element for your getup.

The Wedding Salad

Between modern and tradition, there are so many elements, styles and colour schemes to consider before you find the one bridal jewellery set for you. The variety starting from your basic gold sets to extravagant diamond sets to traditional Polki sets, there are so many options when it comes to jewellery and it solely depends upon your personal taste and outfit that you choose the one.

In this set, apart from the classic statement necklace, you have the bridal earrings be it chunky or dainty it will be credited with bringing all the pieces in your ensemble together. From featuring a contrast to highlighting a specific pattern, there are so many routes you can take with your bridal earrings! So what better than taking some inspiration from real brides from their big day.

1. The elegant choice

Hitched & Clicked

We cannot help but notice how this bride is glowing with happiness on her big day and second her choice of bridal jewellery against the Pista and gold lehenga is just spot on! The layered Polki set with the choker with the subtle hints of green emblematic of the work seem to work gloriously but the bridal earrings take it to another level.

Working in the same pattern these long set earrings are the perfect choice for the brides who are already wearing heavy jewellery and don't want to crowd their look! This earrings while not extremely simple are long and elegant giving a sophisticated look.

2. Contrast for the win!

Dipak Studios

From her Haath Phool to Matha Patti, everything in her bridal jewellery set is serving a purpose and gloriously making her gleam. Complimenting her red lehenga, the contrasting green shining through the bridal earring is just amazing! Who said to pull off a contrast the entire set had to drip colours?

While the set with the heavy bridal set, Nath and even bangles are set in gold and diamonds, the bridal earrings and Matha Patti feature green so delicate yet boldly making us fall for contrast all over again! This Jhumka is perfect options for brides looking for bridal elements with monochrome outfits. The hint of colour will make everything pop!

Extra tip: You could also ask your MUA to feature this contrast colour in your makeup, say as a under eye shadow or a crease colour as this will make for brilliant photos!

3. The simple statement earrings

Dipak Studios

Ditching the much loved heavy diamond bridal sets, this Maharashtrian bride chose a simple yet stylish layered chain with matching bridal earrings featuring the same design and colours in the necklace along with her traditional bridal saree. This is a simple and classic choice for the brides look for a no-fuss yet statement look. The pattern featured across the bridal earrings and the set has it all from an antique look to pearls and even diamonds yet in an elegant fashion.

4.  The Maharani look

Hitched & Clicked

Everything about this bride's get up just screams royalty. From the rich velvet lehenga to the heavy bridal jewellery, it all adds to the regal and luxurious vibe. But amidst the bridal set, we cannot help but be drawn to the dangling diamond set Jhumkas highlighting the same colour scheme as the other pieces.

This earring is a classic example of how a bridal earring brings everything together so seamlessly. Red, emerald and green are repeated against all the pieces but it is the bridal earrings that give it the definition and finish that it needs! This is the perfect choice for brides who have several colours running along with their pieces.

5. A match made in heaven

Dipak Studios

Pearls and diamonds are a match made in jewellery heaven and when we spotted this bride so elegantly carrying off her bridal jewellery, we were in complete awe! Starting right from her bright red bridal lehenga to the soft sultry makeup and the perfect bridal bib style necklace and the bridal earring, everything is beyond perfect!

The unique yet chic style Jhumkas featuring pearls and diamonds are just stunning and give an edge to her bridal getup! Jhumkas are a versatile piece of jewellery one must invest in!

Bridal earrings form an important part of the bridal get up, it can either just be a piece of jewellery or it could just amp up everything and make the outfit shine brighter. So once you've picked out the perfect outfit, browse for inspiration and try different styles till you find the perfect bridal earring that suits you, accentuates your outfit and most importantly is comfortable! 

Which of these bridal earrings was your favourite? Let us know in the comments below.