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Statement Bridal Clutches to Make Your Bridal Ensemble Even Better

Every bride needs a fab-bag by her side for those discreet makeup touch-ups, secret tear-swipes, and for her trusted companion – her cellphone.

Image Courtesy: Island Girl PH.

No classic wedding ensemble is complete without a stunning clutch that not only has a ton of utility but also makes a great statement! With so many gorgeous options for bridal clutch bags available in the market, finding the perfect bag to carry everything you’ll need won’t be too hard. Just make sure that you pay attention to the size and the basic design so that you can pair it with all your outfits!

Check out these 10 statement bridal clutch options and how you can rock them at different ceremonies!

Faux Stone Beige Clutch!

Image Courtesy: Island Girl PH.

If you love all things glam, this bridal clutch that mimics the look of stones is a great one to add to your collection. Pair it with your nude Roka outfit or a stunning bachelorette party look for a great result! Since this clutch has a textured surface, you can use this as the highlight of the ensemble pretty easily.

What does this clutch say about you?  You’re not afraid to take risks and love unconventional aesthetics!

Knitted Green Round Clutch

Image Courtesy: Maristel Oliva

Knitted clutches have been quite popular for a while, and this circular one is ideal for your wedding. Pair it with a green Nikkah outfit, or an earth-toned Mehndi outfit for a great look!

What does this clutch say about you?  You’re all about that boho-chic vibe, and don’t fall for trends that try too hard!

Light Blue Floral Clutch

Image Courtesy: Hasthakala by Monica

If you’re planning on wearing outfits in pastel shades, then a bridal clutch like this would definitely be the perfect pick for you! The delicate floral embroidery on the pastel blue background makes this a winner for any day event!

What does this clutch say about you?  You love vintage vibes mixed with contemporary trends!

Green & Gold Clutch

Image Courtesy: The Tan Clan

Here’s a bridal clutch that’s apt for the bare essentials – your lipstick, some wet wipes, and maybe even your kajal. Since both the green and gold are fairly muted, this clutch is versatile enough to work for both, day and night ceremonies! Wear it to a Sangeet with an outfit that has Gota Patti work!

What does this clutch say about you?  You love a little bling every now and then!

Lotus Shaped Clutch!

Image Courtesy: The Tan Clan

If there’s nothing generic about your sense of style, why should you pick a bridal clutch that’s B-O-R-I-N-G? Here’s one that’s cleverly crafted in the shape of a lotus, with floral Gota Patti work all over it. The deep green base makes it ideal for night events, and it can be paired with red, green, and ivory outfits quite easily!

What does this clutch say about you?  You have a creative soul and you love using your quirky ideas to express yourself!

Mixed Metal Sequins Clutch!

Image Courtesy: Mibuh

Love mixing metals and wearing shiny sequins? Pick up a funky bridal clutch like this and use it as a statement piece of your look. If you’re going to wear a black gown for your Sangeet, or an LBD for your bachelorette party, then this is the clutch you need to pair with it!

What does this clutch say about you?  You are a glamorous diva who loves bedazzled accessories!

Pearl Embellished Clutch

Image Courtesy: The Tan Clan

A few years ago, pearl embellishments became huge in the fashion industry, and we’re still seeing remnants of that style everywhere. An off-white clutch with pearls is a great accessory to carry during your Mehndi or the Roka!

What does this clutch say about you?  You are a girly-girl through and through!

Classic Potli Clutch Bag

Image Courtesy: Ara Studio

If you’re a big fan of the traditional bridal look, then you can’t miss out on carrying a Potli on at least one occasion. Go for an all-ivory look and carry this pearl-embellished bag with it. Make sure you wear Hyderabadi jewellery with it to enhance that vibe!

What does this clutch say about you?  You favour elegant and classic aesthetics over loud, trendy look any day!

Crimson Red Clutch Bag!

Image Courtesy: Prisa Handbags

What really works for this bridal clutch is that it’s not just appropriate for women donning that classic red Dulhan lehenga, but it also works with a myriad of other outfits too. We can picture you carrying this with a long Kurti and palazzo set, and wowing everyone with your effortless accessorising!

What does this clutch say about you?  You love versatile styles that still make a statement!

Copper & Gold bag!

Image Courtesy: Clutches and More

Finally, here’s a look that is absolutely perfect for a rocking Sangeet! Whether you’re wearing a cocktail gown or a lehenga with a great silhouette, this clutch is certainly the right one to pick!

What does this clutch say about you?  Like your stunning bag, you’re full of surprises!

You can’t have too many bridal clutches in your trousseau because we guarantee you’ll be wearing them to different events after your wedding too! So, pick clutches that have a slightly western aesthetic so that you can carry them with all your outfits!

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