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What Are the Best Fonts for Wedding Invitations? Find Out Now!

The design, the colours and the font style are things that make a wedding invite look great. Here are the best fonts for wedding invitations that you should consider!

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People often think of wedding invitations as a formality. The clichéd designs and the colours you use with the golden font styles can naturally bore your guests. We do not blame you for that – it’s the way things have always been done! However, why continue with the same format and pattern when you can think of something really cool and make your wedding invite attractive and popular with everyone? Every detail in your wedding invitation card matters, be it the font size and style, the colours you choose or the theme of the invite.

The most important thing is to decide the theme of your wedding invite as it determines the rest of the things. Here, we are talking about the best fonts for wedding invitations that you may incorporate in your wedding invite. Just like the words you put in your card, the wedding card fonts you use matter a lot in conveying your message the right way. The name of the bride and groom must be in a different font than others as that is the standout information in the card. The other major information like the date and venue of the wedding should be always highlighted.

Now that you know the basics of keeping the font style correct, let us look at some of the best fonts for wedding invitations.

1. Something related to Nature


If you are looking for something refreshing and calm, something close to nature, then these two are the best fonts for wedding invitations for such a theme.

  • Dayland – As simple as you can get, Dayland is the perfect font style to give your wedding invite a subtle and natural look. You can add the leafy and floral touch to your invite around this beautiful font.
  • Charlotte – Charlotte offers you the perfect opportunity to create a feel-good wedding invite for with warm colours and big and bold letters.

2. The Royal Touch


Since the royal Indian wedding is all the rage right now, make sure your wedding invite has the same vibe as well with these best fonts for wedding invitations mentioned here.

  • Olde English – One of the most popular font styles, this surely brings a touch of royalty to your wedding invite. You might have noticed how this classic English font style pops up whenever you want to convey royalty.
  • Magnificent – This is one font that is hard to write with your hand because of its grandeur and the continuous style.

3. Something Cool


With urban millennials planning their own weddings, the need for cool yet classy font styles have popped up and these two font styles fit the bill perfectly.

  • Katrine – Katrine is the perfect font style to print the names of the bride and the groom. With big first letters for each word, it is apt for writing important things on the card so that the guests take note of those things with ease.
  • Authentic Script – This happens to be one of the best fonts for wedding invitations if you are on a lookout for an uber cool look with a vintage vibe to it. With no bents and just the curves, it provides a glowing finish to the font.

4. Go Traditional

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There is no harm in going for the traditional look if that is what you and your family want. However, to make it a bit cooler, you can experiment with font styles that are synonymous with your culture and tradition.

  • Samarkan - This font style with its incredible deep-rooted Indian design makes it one of the best fonts for wedding invitations for Hindu weddings. You surely are writing the words in English but the font style brings the Hindi touch to it.
  • Ramadhan Karim - Ramadhan Karim is the undoubtedly one of the best fonts for wedding invitations for Muslim weddings because of the font style is supremely similar to Arabic and Urdu styles.

5. Romantic vibe


If you want a romantic vibe from your wedding invite, the first thing to do is choose the right theme and colour patterns before choosing any of the two font styles mentioned here.

  • Feeling Lovely - It is one of the classic calligraphic font styles with beautiful extensions at the corners of the letter. This particular font has some extra twirls at the end to form heart like shapes in it for some letters.
  • Janda Swirly Twirly - It is one of the cutest fonts for wedding invitations in this list. The sweet little turns at the ends of the letter and the easy approach each font style has makes it a great choice for wedding invite that you want to be cute.

After going through some of the best fonts for wedding invitations from different genres, you must have connected with at least a couple of fonts. Now you just need to finalise one for you and create a stunning wedding invite.

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