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10 Songs for the Perfect Bachelorette Party Playlist

Super excited about the bachelorette party? Here is a peppy bachelorette party playlist to which you and your squad can dance to.

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Well, it’s time for you and your gals to throw on a pair of sexy sandals and dance away to these latest songs during your gal-pals bachelorette bash. A glass of wine accompanied by a good music playlist can get everyone amped up for more during the bachelorette party. So, for you, we have a cool bachelorette party playlist with songs ranging from classic Bollywood beats to English ones!

Party Tip: If you’re having a house party, get some party supplies and decorations to create a bachelorette theme. Also, bring loads of sumptuous food and drinks.

Now that you know this tip, its time for you and your girls to get down on the dance floor and kill it. Let us take you through the perfect bachelorette party playlist to which you can groove all night. Cheers!

1. Abhi Toh Party Shuru Hui hai: Khoobsurat

Play this song at any moment at the party, and everyone will start singing along. A bachelorette party stays on an entire night so having songs that keep the energy up is crucial. This crazy song clearly depicts an ideal party scene. The lyrics mean that there will be no end to the party night no matter who tries to stop it!

2. Dance Basanti: Ungli

Clearly setting a dance-friendly atmosphere, this is one you have to add to your bachelorette party playlist. The girl's gang is a sucker for dancing and we all know that, which is why this song is perfect. Dance Basanti is an old song now but has to be the part of the top picks when we talk about Bachelorette party songs.

3. Morni Banke: Badhaai Ho

Morni Banke was an old Punjabi song that has been remade and was featured in the movie Badhaai Ho. The groom sings this song to his wife and he is asking her - where are you off too, all decked up. This melody is full of attitude and absolutely resonates with a Bachelorette vibe. Although it has been around for a while, this song hasn’t gone out of fashion.

4. Proper Patola

Again a remake of an original old Punjabi song, this one is is sung by Diljit, Aastha and Badshah. All about the swag and attitude, it’s a great song for girls to groove on. There is no one who wouldn’t want to dance to this song on the bachelorette night. For this song, throw on a pair of sexy heels and walk like a lady boss. You can also try adding its original version to the bachelorette party playlist - that is fun too.

5. Mundiyan To Bachke: Punjabi MC

Now that you are actually getting married, let your bridesmaids sing this song to you. As the song’s name suggests, Mundiyan To Bachke Rahe means stay cautious of boys. This song is all about a beautiful girl who has just gotten into a relationship - while all the friends are singing it to her and asking her to be smart. This 90’s song is still amongst the topmost played songs when we are talking about girls, fun and freedom. Do not forget to pen it down in the bachelorette party playlist.

6. Pappu Can’t Dance: Jaane tu... jaane na

Papu can’t dance is a song about a guy who is a bachelor and can’t dance. If this is true of the groom, it can be extra fun to add this to the bachelorette party playlist.

7. Chaar Botal Vodka: Yo Yo Honey Singh

The bachelorette party is all about getting partying. The song has some dope beats with lyrics about booze. Booze has to be the key element in creating a savage bachelorette party. It has been a while, but this song still has a spot in anyone’s bachelorette party playlist.

8. Run The World (Girls): Beyonce

This song is something that all girls enjoy listening to. Want to indulge in some self-love for the night? Get united with your girl gang and play this song, and we bet everyone will run to the dance floor. You must write this at the top of your bachelorette party playlist.

9. Party Rock Anthem: LMFAO

If you are throwing a house party, this is the best song to add to the bachelorette party playlist. The night is all about a crazy party and losing your mind at the end of it. Everybody is supposed to have a good time around good people and that is possible only when you have killer songs in your bachelorette party playlist.

10. Daaru Badnaam

Last but not least, Daaru Badnaam has to be the anthem song of the night. Wrap the bachelorette up with this song so that everyone is once again grooving. This is an ultimate Punjabi number that must be added to the bachelorette party playlist.

Your bachelorette party playlist cannot be complete without these 10 songs. Do not neglect any one of these, as they are all perfect for making people dance. It is time to refill your glasses and down that peg!

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