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7 Wow Wedding Video Ideas Which Will Perfectly Capture Your Love Story On Reel Life

Wedding videos are a fun and great way of refreshing your wedding memories. If you want to give them a personalised touch instead of opting for one-size-fits-all videography solutions, keep reading!

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We believe that just like wedding pictures, your wedding video must be unique, personal and capable enough of bringing an ear-to-ear smile on everyone’s face. It's not just a 3-hour film with background music and landscape pictures; that’s so pre-historic!

Check out the following ideas in order to give your wedding videos a characteristic feel. A wedding video or perhaps a wedding teaser would be the right amount of cuteness that you need to make your soulful romance a memorable one. Some bittersweet couple moments with some of your favourite things in the background, this is all you need to make an epic wedding video which will make you blush away.

We have curated for you a few types of videos that are front-runners in the industry right now. Read on and pick that one that resonates with you as a couple the most. 

1. Lights, camera, action… save the date!

A save the date wedding video is the first thing your guests are going to see; it needs to be nothing but perfect! Did your love story begin with a beautiful movie-date? Or are you one of those who believes that their love story is no less than a Bollywood film? If you replied ‘yes’ to any of the questions, we recommend you a movie-inspired save the date video.

2. Stop motion teaser

It’s easier than you think! Yes, we know it’s a time-consuming activity but think about the awe-inspiring outcome that will make everyone go crazy about your wedding teaser! It’s so worth it! Talk to your team of photographers and cinematographers and tell them exactly what you’re looking for; if they’re good enough, they’ll know how to brilliantly turn your wedding video idea into an intangible reality.

3. The story of my life

Exposing your love story through a cinematic trailer is one of the cutest ways of making the world go ‘awww’! Share every aspect of your fairy tale with your cinematographer and relive your most unforgettable moments with your partner whilst getting them seized wonderfully.

Watch this and you'll know exactly why we're recommending this style of wedding video.

4. 10 seconds in a photo booth!

Pictures are great but what about getting your guests, individually or in groups, to record a fun, emotional, silly or touching 10-second video? Creating a single video by assembling all of them can be unimaginably extraordinary!

What's more you can add stop motion and cool, funky effects to this compilation and convert into your wedding video.

5. Compulsory guest videos

Videographers and cinematographers are obviously going to do an excellent job capturing all your candid moments but what if you could create an app where all your guests must share a 10 to 15 second video of anything; it might be you entering the venue or them having fun with the favours, literally anything related to your big day. It couldn’t get any more candid than that!

6. Get in line for a music video

Want a stellar wedding video that works well for posterity. Then check out this trend of coming up with a wedding music video like this bride did for 2017 wedding. It's still talked about to a large extent.

These are some stunning types of wedding video's that you can get shot by your wedding photographer and wedding videographer. But, before you get to the shooting bit you'd need to find an epic videographer first. Start by visiting some vendors in person and look at their work ethic, kind of working and style of shooting. You wouldn't want to mess up the best moments of your life now. Would you? Once you narrow down on a few potential videographers start with the ideation process. Come up with a t heme you want your teaser to be based on and then fix a song that you would want to play in the background. And, lastly the location and your outfits. It's a must. So, don't forget and get going.

Which song did you choose for your wedding video? Tell us through comments!