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9 Hot New Ways to Add a Pop of Colour to Your Wedding Looks

Love monotones but also don’t mind a hint of colour? We feel you! So, here’s how you can add a pop of colour to your wedding looks to break the monotony and create a statement as a millennial bride.


We can imagine how exasperating it can get when you love colours but are unconfident to pull them off. And we totally understand your hesitance – your wedding looks cannot be compromised with and it’s only fair to play safe. But what if we told you, adding a pop of colour to your wedding looks is not as horrifying as you think and the ways to do that are unimaginably easy. Buy that, because we got proof!

Here are all the exciting ways in which you can add a pop of colour to your wedding looks without much stress. They will not turn around your look completely, but they’ll make sure to add a punch of flavour to your otherwise ordinary wedding looks. Without wasting any more time, let’s dive in!

Pop coloured blazer over saree

Image Courtesy: Soozana Pvan

Nine yards of elegance is a super versatile garment to choose for your wedding ceremonies. With little twists and turns, a saree can turn out to be a show-stopper wedding outfit if styled right. And this particular saree look amped-up with a neon blazer is giving us legit #modernbridegoals. The off-beat blazer stunningly illuminates the already infectious skin tone of this dusky bride.

Lively floral accessories


It’s surprising how floral accessories have changed the dynamic of bridal looks over the past few years. Famously worn for Haldi ceremony or the magical mehndi rituals, floral jewellery adds the needed drama to a bride’s overall look. When wanting to add a pop of colour to your wedding looks, don’t try too hard because a few pieces of floral jewellery (preferably in contrast to your outfit’s colour) is all you need to take your bridal look a notch above.

Eyes that talk

Amrit Kaur Artistry

If you’re a bride-to-be who isn’t afraid to go the extra mile to add a pop of colour to your wedding looks, take your makeup game to another level with the popping eye shadow look. This glittery blue eyeshadow blended with a matte pink makes for a statement eye makeup look for brides. Pull this off for your engagement ceremony or the sangeet night, and there’ll be no regretting, we promise!

Striking Chura colour

Gautam Khullar Photography

Adding a pop of colour to your wedding looks is almost a no-brainer with so many colour variants available for bridal chura. Chura, being one of the traditional bridal accessories for mostly Hindu/Punjabi brides can be easily incorporated to elevate a modern bride’s look in no time. This off-beat green chura is definitely stealing the show! What do you think?

Neon embellishments

Razz Films & Photography

It’s okay to feel stuck between wanting to add a pop of colour to your wedding looks but yet keeping it subdued. Adding neon embellishments to your monotone lehenga is a sure shot way to reach a middle point on that argument. Dainty neon embellishments across your lehenga will help distribute the attention along with making it an attractive choice to include in your bridal trousseau. 

Contrasting Second dupatta

Image Courtesy: Mahesh Shantaram

Double dupattas are all the rage, and it’s a trend we don’t see dying any sooner. Introduced to us by one of the top bridal couturiers, Sabyasachi Mukherjee, double dupattas bring about a lot of character and poise to the overall look of a millennial bride. Add a pop of colour to your wedding looks by choosing one of the double dupattas in a contrasting colour from that of the outfit and you’re all set to slay.

Colourful Pom Poms for kalire

Colorblind Production

While the Kalire, in themselves, are an eye-catching bridal accessory, adding hints of colour pompoms makes them an irresistible add-on to your wedding look. They break the mundanity of the gold and also pump life to the ordinary Kalire. We’re falling hard for these adorable pom poms adorned Kalire design. Are you too?

Eye-catching hair adornments

Image Courtesy: Yogi Global Photography

Just how a wedding look is incomplete without a stunning hairstyle, bridal hairdos are a dull show without some hair accessories. They not only give a lot of personality to your hair, they flawlessly add a pop of colour to your wedding look without fail.  

Mismatched glass bangles

Image Courtesy: Mili Ghosh 

Glass bangles have been worn by Indian brides since ages, and yet no new-age accessory seems to dull its charm. This Sabyasachi bride mismatched her red and pink all floral lehenga with a chunky pair of emerald green bangles in both hands, and oh, boy are we sold. 

Don’t hesitate when it comes to a little experimentation with your bridal looks because ordinary is boring and boring is so yesteryear. Adding a pop of colour to your wedding looks not only screams your bridal style, but it is also a powerful medium of expression as a millennial bride. So go ahead, express yourself explicitly because this is truly your moment.

Lenseyezia Productions

How are you planning to add a pop of colour to your wedding looks? Share your ideas with us in the comments below!