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8 Top Tips When Visiting a Wedding Fair Straight From the Pros

Your wedding date has been set, the wedding season is on and lots of wedding fairs are going to happen. In India, there are lots of bridal events with different things to offer, like jewellery, fashion shows, etc.

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You may be wondering what is a wedding fair and why you need to visit one. Well, if you need a variety of ideas, a wedding fair is the best place to get some inspiration and a good choice of vendors. It is hosted like any other fair, with multiple stands of various wedding suppliers and some ongoing events side-by-side like fashion shows by famous designers. You will find bridal jewellers, invitation vendors and bridal makeup artists among others.

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It is understandable to get overwhelmed by seeing the sheer diversity of top-notch items that confuse you about your own choices. But trust us, it is better to be informed and know the works of the best professionals out there before you can start finalising your vendors. Here are some tips that will help you make the most of your visit:

1. Make a list

Go in with a list of things that you really want to know and see. A focused trip always saves time and helps you take a look at the variety of services being offered. We know, you can get stuck looking at Anita Dongre lehengas but if you are there for jewellery inspiration, you better get to searching for those vendors. 

2. Take someone with you

Preferably a person who has an idea about the budget and who can give a clearer picture of everything. This will help you to be logical and reasonable with everything. Avoid shopping companions who are excessive critics and can make you feel bad about your choices. 

3. Get there early

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A wedding fair is like any other fair with hundreds of people, so reaching early will give you enough time and space to talk to potential suppliers and designers. These days, anything can be customised and to know about the details of the process and costs involved, you need the full attention of a vendor which is often impossible in a crowded fair.

4. Don’t rush with anything

Wedding fairs with their multitude of offers can overwhelm you a little. Don’t panic and make any hasty decisions. Take your time, chill, remember you can come again. Think of it as a pre-run for the actual scouting if that is what will help calm your nerves.

5. Take it easy

It is a fair and you have to walk a lot. It is best to wear flats and carry water along. It will make everything less exhausting and more comfortable. We say, own the athleisure trend and put on your sports shoes and clothes of breathable fabric. The more level-headed you stay during the whole trip, the more you can get out of it.

6. Take some cash

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Don’t forget to take some cash, you never know what you are going to find. The mission is not to miss out on anything. If your eyes rest upon the perfect pair of Jhumkis that call out to you, you wouldn't want to leave them at the stall, now, would you? But keep it safe and don't drop or misplace it.

7. Don't be shy!

Don’t be shy to talk about everything wedding related. Ask lots of questions, take down details and attend fashion shows to get as many ideas and inspiration as you can. Collect as much information as possible  - business cards, leaflets; this will give a lot of options and ideas. Negotiating on the spot might not be possible for you but you can always do that later if you have your vendor's contact. Or you can ask your master ji to replicate a style that you saw at the fair if only you get all the details right.

8. Remember to have a good time

This whole show is for you, you are the guest of honour, enjoy! You might find exactly the kind of things you were looking for or you might not. But the important bit is to take in as much as you can and have fun while doing it. Meeting new people, like-minded brides or good-natured helpful vendors is always great. 

Now that you have a handy guide to enter any wedding fair, do you feel confident enough to go to one? Some of the most popular ones in India are Wedding Asia, Asia Wedding Fair, Bridal Asia and Vogue Wedding Show. Get hold of your shopping companions and head to one.

Share your wedding fair experience with us and other brides-to-be in the comments below.