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7 Wedding Souvenirs For Guests We Bet You've Never Heard Of!

Do not gift some random wedding souvenirs for guests but think of things that can actually benefit them and be useful to them! Check out these ideas!

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When you think of wedding souvenirs for guests, the first thing you need to ensure is that you do not gift something that is quite random or common. Since your guests make the wedding what it is, you should return the courtesy by gifting them some really good wedding souvenirs for guests.

Be creative with the gifts you are planning to give. While some ideas may not be ideal for all guests and just for your close relatives and friends, other gifts can be truly universal. The choice is up to you regarding the number of people you want to gift something to.

When it comes to close relatives and friends, always think of something that has a personalised touch to it. Your guests will definitely love all such wedding gifts. Even if the wedding souvenirs for guests are not that personalised, make sure that you are thinking of ideas that remain useful for them for a long time.

Gifting useful wedding souvenirs for guests should be the ideal scenario as your guests remember you for a longer time.

Let us give you some really great ideas for you to gift your guests!

1. Garden seeds

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Garden seeds are the best possible wedding souvenirs for guests if you are someone who believes in protecting the Mother Earth. By giving such a return gift, you can ensure that the guests can put it into great use at their garden and grow a small plant.

By doing this, you are making a huge difference to the planet by being the reason for planting so many plants. Moreover, people get inspired by such initiatives and tend to follow along on similar lines at their own eco-friendly wedding.

2. Personalised blankets

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Now, this is one of the best examples of personalised gifts. A personalised blanket usually has the initials of the guest you are planning to give it to.

Apart from this, you can go the extra mile by creating something really personal with some comic book characters or something related to the football clubs your guests like. Naturally, such a gift is ideal for your close friends and cousins who are highly likely to be into such stuff.

3. Mini Artwork

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You must have seen how some people gift some artwork to their guests - be it a framed painting, or a miniature sculpture or some showpieces. Now, this is where you can be really creative and helpful to society. You can buy small paintings from an NGO or a similar organisation.

By buying them and distributing among your guests, you are not only creating revenue for the organisation but also spreading the word to a large audience, inspiring others to help such organisations. Without a doubt, it is one of the best ideas for wedding souvenirs for guests.

4. Cocktail kits

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A cocktail kit is a type of gift that you can easily give to a big chunk of people. Buy a kit with a unique and stylish opener that can be further used by the guests.

Get cocktails of rich quality to ensure that your guests like the gift for sure.

5. A beautiful vase

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Gifting flowers or bouquets are too old fashioned. Also, as you would have noticed with your own bridal bouquet, this is a gift that does not even last a week. That is not the ideal scenario that you want in any case.

Therefore, the better option for wedding souvenirs for guests is to gift a beautiful vase. Make sure that it is compact enough for the guests to carry it back. The beautiful vase will look great any day of the week (just make sure that the design is a toned-down one so that it can fit into anyone’s home).

6. A cool pair of sunglasses

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Now, this is a cool idea that not many people incorporate in their plans for wedding souvenirs for guests. A cool pair of sunglasses is one of the safest gifts you can give your guests as it is something that everyone would absolutely love.

Moreover, when you buy such products in bulk, more often than not, you get some discount.

7. A customised chain for their pet


One of the most thoughtful personalised gifts is gifting your close friends and relatives a customised chain for their pet. Create a chain with both their and the pet’s name on it. Add a bell if it’s a cat or guinea pig.

Furthermore, you can also print a picture of just the pet or it with the owner on the belt to give it a more personalised touch. Trust us, for someone who loves their pet, such a gift will mean the world to them, making it one of the best wedding souvenirs for guests.

After reading these varied ideas, you should be able to come up with something unique like this or even get inspired to do something similar for your wedding. The idea is to gift something that means something to them and not fall back on any random gift for wedding favours, which they will forget after a while. Moreover, if you can make a difference to the society or the planet with the gifts you give, do make sure that you do it!

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