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Upgrade Your Wedding Jewellery Collection with These 7 Stunning Types of Jewellery

As soon as the wedding bells ring, every bride thinks about how they would look on the big day. The complete wedding attire is what the focus should be on and a wedding jewellery collection tops the priorities list along with the outfit.

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In an Indian wedding, the majority of the attention always goes to the bride and therefore, it is important for the bride to look her absolute best. Not just to impress the guests, obviously! Any bride would want that for herself! Apart from the outfit, the first thing to select is the wedding jewellery collection you are going to adorn on the wedding day and the other functions.

We can see India’s diversity even in the jewellery with very different styles of ornaments worn by brides from different parts of the country. Naturally, you too would have to follow the norms of your culture unless you are opting for a different style of wedding.

Of course, the importance of a stunning wedding jewellery collection does not fluctuate as per the wedding style. It still the key to making the bride look magnificent on her big day. With keeping such things in mind, we have created a list of some of the most beautiful sets of jewellery from across the country.

1. The Tamil royalty

Image Courtesy: Sabyasachi

If you want to look like a South Indian princess, then a similar set would do wonders for you. You just cannot go wrong with such an immaculate piece of jewellery. The necklace with diamonds studded on the gold base is the star of this collection. Add to that the circular simple tops (also called a Billai - a crucial part of one’s South Indian hair accessories collection) and the traditional south Indian style Matha Patti to complete the look. This is perfect for brides who do not want too many pieces of jewellery hanging from their neck as this wedding jewellery collection has one single necklace doing all the work!

2. The Perfect Bengali Bride


There is a special charm a Bengali bride has that no other Indian bride can have! It is probably because of the traditional Topor that the bride and the groom both wear. To add to that charm is this set of gold ornaments multiple necklaces, with each longer than the previous one. The long earrings and the simple Maang Tikka adds to the elegance of the bride, making it a perfect addition to one’s wedding jewellery collection.

3. The Rajputi Princess

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If you are having your wedding at a heritage hotel or a palace in Rajasthan, make sure you look nothing short of a royal princess. The traditional Rajasthani look in itself is enough to make any bride look like a princess but adding this set of jewellery takes it to a whole other level. The necklaces that cover the neck like a choker and then the longer necklace on the chest, huge earrings, a Matha Patti with Chooda and Kalire on both arms makes the bride look like something straight out of heaven!

4. The Elegant Mallu Bride


With more and more Malayali brides opting for the white saree, the elegance factor just keeps on increasing. The Mulla Mottu in the wedding jewellery collection is a classic example of the jewellery set that a Malayali bride uses. The small green and red stones create a stunning combination with the gold ornaments that the brides prefer. The different colours automatically add layers to the jewellery set. Going for a lesser number of bangles would be more suited for an elegant look.

5. The Kundan design with a fresh take on it

Image Courtesy: Sabyasachi

Almost everyone loves the Kundan design and here is a beautiful rendition of the same with some Burmese rubies, uncut diamonds and emeralds in it. Such a wide range of stones allows you to have multiple colours like red, green, blue, gold and white in one piece. So many colours would normally come across as loud but the use of uncut diamonds and stones makes it perfectly subtle. This is surely a part of one of the best jewellery collections out there.

6. The one with the looped nose ornament


A looped nose ornament, also known as a Nath, is not something that every bride wants but such a splendid design is definitely one that can change everyone’s mind. This traditional take on a classic Indian bride is perfect in every sense. The multiple bead-like structures give the choker necklace a fresh look and the same is followed in the earrings as well. However, the highlight of this set is the nath that looks just absolutely stunning.

7. Temple Jewellery

Image Courtesy: Binzu Gopalan

Temple Jewellery has made a huge comeback in the world of fashion and one sees it in many brides’ wedding jewellery collections. The number of brides using this kind of design has rapidly increased in the last couple of years. The beauty of such design is that it allows you to look graceful with so many intricate design works throughout the ornaments. The choker necklace and the long necklace is enough to create a stunning visual piece that makes for the majority of the look, with a big jhumkha earrings to complete the set. You would look like nothing short of a goddess in it!

When piecing together your wedding jewellery collection, you should include different regional jewellery styles that come from different parts of the country. Doing so would make your wedding jewellery collection stand out from the rest!

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