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Stylish Hairstyle Ideas to Put Forth This Wedding Season

Look your best & strike a stunning look in a stylish hairstyle this season as you go gaga over trending hairdos for Indian brides. Read more to know more.

Don’t we all dream of stepping out at midnight in our fanciest couture, blingy bridal jewellery and illuminating accessories to search for our Prince Charming? Sounds a lot like Cinderella right? So is this post all about, not that we would revisit the classic, but certainly, give you a glimpse of how beautiful it feels to get dressed and culminate a fancy party look in a stylish hairstyle. Thanks to the uber-talented hairdressers and coiffeurs for giving us women with umpteen options to doll up our look and create a stylish hairstyle to suit several occasions.

From braids to buns, pompadours to clean bangs, ask a fashion-obsessed woman and you will get a list of stunning and stylish hairstyle that you can wear at your wedding or different events that follow. Here are some of the stylish hairstyle that modern Indian brides are currently crushing over and how:

1. Half Up Half Down Curls

Roma Ganesh Photography

Imagine sneaking out of your home in a dazzling pastel-esque and sequin embroidered floor-sweeping gown wearing a flattering stylish hairstyle to rekindle your clandestine meets. This is one of the most popular hairdo amongst millennial women who like to go against the strides and carve their own niche in this world. Not just apt for gala soirees or wedding sagas to follow, half up half down curls is one of the versatile hairstyles that you can flaunt at work or even on weekend with your girls.

Divide your hair into two parts and take the upper section of your hair, secure it with a pin, now, curl the lower section of your hair, one strand at a time. Ensure your locks are smoothly curled and seamlessly falling down, clip it with a fancy hair accessory and go gaga over stylish hairstyle for modern brides.

2. Side Swept Waves

The Wedding Salad

Who doesn’t want to look forever-instagrammable and photo-ready at their wedding? Well, if you’re a shutterbug seeker, look no further than this romantic and stylish hairstyle apt for women with a long face. Take your hair to a side preferably the camera-friendly side and slightly curl them to get soft waves or curls.

Create a dramatic minimal puff on one side where your locks are swept aside, in this side parting, you may choose to add some jazzy accessory like a statement Maang Tikka and roll like a queen. Don’t forget to pin your side swept curls to ensure they stay in place or just spray some hairspray to let it stay intact for a long time.

3. Waterfall Braid

Image Courtesy: Coastal Hair Dresser

Illuminate your look a step further with this magical and mesmerising hairdo that has been doing round on the web for quite some time. Make your mean weak in his knees as you pull up this stylish hairstyle for your engagement or Roka ceremony to lend a subtle and sophisticated look. All you need to is divide your hair into two sections, mainly the upper half and lower half. Now, create soft braids in the lower section as you leave the upper section untouched, secure it with a clutcher. Spray some hair fixing solution and get your sass sprinkling like a boss.

4. Pompadour Ponytail

Infinite Memories

Exceed your expectation as you beautifully excel in creating such a stylish hairstyle which will totally hook those eyes on your radiant persona. This uber-glamourous hairdo requires you to divide your hair into two sections while you create a dramatic high pompadour puff. Take inspiration from the good old 80’s era and get your creativity flowing. Now, curl the rest of your hair in a dainty braid and pull out some flickers for that scintillating look, to grab the eyeballs and seek unsolicited attention, of course.

5. Messy Chignon Bun

Roma Ganesh Photography

Spell a cast on the ongoers as you strike a spectacular look in this stylish hairstyle. Messy buns are not going anywhere anytime soon and thanks to these endearing women who keep the trend alive. Put up your fancy dress and rupture your hair in a messy side hairdo while you gage in the mirror and gasp in awe. You may choose to go with the parting that best suits your face, don’t forget to add some drama with bangs that will fall on your forehead for that extra charm.

6. Slick Ponytail

Roma Ganesh Photography

Dreading a bad hair day on your cocktail or reception party? Worry no more, for a slick back ponytail with a dainty look is always there to seize your day and how. Just how this woman flaunted a gorgeous slick back ponytail with her sizzling designer gown on reception party, you may choose to do the same and fic your hair with a hairspray to ensure there are no side flickers and flyers. Go heavy with makeup and let them smokey eyes be the talk of the town.

7. Fancy Hair braids

Roma Ganesh Photography

Are you a braid connoisseur, well then this avant-garde stylish hairstyle will not be a foreign concept for you. If not, just create messy knots in a braid avatar and accessorise it beautifully with carnations and floral accessories. A perfect hairdo for Mehndi or sangeet ceremony to exude some fun and peppy vibes, while you can totally drool over this for the next few days, leave your guests with some juicy conversation-starter.

Weddings and dressing up are so incomplete without a dash of drama and stylish hairstyles that add oodles of glamour to a bridal look. From fancy ponytails to jazzy braids, bewitching buns et al, we fell in love with pompadour ponytails and waterfall braids effortlessly.

Which one will you wear at your D-Day, tell us in the comments below?