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Get It Right With An Easy-Peasy Saree Wearing Method For The Big Day

Planning to don a saree on your wedding day? Get that gorgeous look by finding the right saree wearing methods that can make every new-age bride the doyen of perfection.


It is said that the saree is one of the most elegant outfits of woman and in weddings, saree-clad brides become the cynosure of all eyes. However, practicing and perfecting a saree wearing method is a sore point for many, especially during wedding ceremonies.

Common saree wearing method concerns

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Many new-age brides often find it difficult to wear a saree and move with grace in it - bending over to touch feet, sitting down, performing the Saptapadi. So, they look for a saree wearing method that's easy and would encourage them to wear it often. Here are the common concerns:

1. Manage the pleats

Brides often face problems while donning a saree and the problems are multi-fold if the bride is not used to wearing one at all. As if managing the six yards of fabric at once is not challenging enough; one has to form the saree pleats to perfection.

2. Saree draping with care

Next, one needs a to drape the saree with so much care in order to make sure it does not come loose all of a sudden. As patience is the key to a neat set of saree draping styles, brides often go crazy on their wedding day in fear of showcasing patience for wearing so much as a saree.

Don't be untidy about this part or do it in haste. That would make the saree look uneven at the bottom. It kills precious time and even makes one look heavier around the belly, distorting their body shapes on their special day.

3. Manage the pallu

Further, the pallu drape is as important as the pleats because one often tends to become reluctant towards the end of the process which may ruin the entire look. So, your chosen saree wearing method should make it super easy for you to look chic and gorgeous in little time. As, the grace of a saree is dependent on perfectly done pleats; get the right first.

Find the right saree wearing method for yourself

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Brides can take help from YouTube or other channels in order to learn the ways of wearing saree easily. In fact, one would find several tutorials online where numerous saree wearing method can be found online. Whatever, method they take they should remember that draping the saree differently can change the look altogether.

Here are some easy saree wearing method ideas for your wedding day:

1. Get a fitting petticoat:

Remember you will tuck your saree here; hence, it is important that you have tied it firmly; otherwise your saree may give you an embarrassing moment all of a sudden.

2. Gathering the pleats:

First, have the fall of your saree in your hand and then twist the saree around your waist or tuck the parts of the saree in the skirt. Now, the fabric that’s there in your hand from that you make the pleats. Use your thumb and the forefinger for that and after you have neatly made the pleats, pin them to avoid further accidents. You can also look into these saree pleats tips.

3. Tucking the pleats:

After pinning the pleats just tuck them inside the skirt, make sure in the whole process the saree does not get below your bridal footwear then you can invite an accident. Hence, it is advisable that you wear your heels when you are wearing the saree.

4. Draping and wrapping the saree:

Now, the length that you have in your hand, again twist that around your waist and this time from left to right and then from the back to front. Now, place it over your shoulder, well that’s your saree pallu. Carry the pallu in the way you find it comfortable, you can pleat it or can just let it open.

The pleats should be in order and not messy. Secure the pallu with pins (safety pins) and make it hassle-free for the wearers. With pallu neatly in place would make the saree wearing method more effective and comparatively easier than the style with keeping the pallu loose. The pallu should not be too long or too short. The saree (fabric) should suit the body type of the bride and should not be very heavy. Light fabrics are easy to manage.

Also, if you are uncomfortable with a petticoat you can definitely go for the leggings that will give you comfort and a different style altogether.

Tips to carry it confidently

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The saree is one piece of fabric which can never go out of fashion. Wearing saree tends to personify grace and oozes elegance with regard to doing the practical task of camouflaging the problem areas. Women should be able to wear saree confidently and so as the brides on their wedding day.

1. Pin to perfection:

Pinning the saree neatly to the blouse would not just keep the look tidy, but also would let the brides wear the saree with confidence.

2. Get it stitched

Stitching a fall to the saree is a must in order to ensure it falls perfectly and does not get entangled near the ankles. This would make sure the saree wearer can carry it off confidently without looking clumsy or messed up managing a saree.

3. Drape at the right length

Draping a saree too low or floor-sweeping would cause trouble for those who are not used to wearing saree. Therefore, high chances of tripping are there. Henceforth, tying the saree at the right height is essential to wear it with confidence

4. Pair with the right footwear

Carrying the saree confidently can be possible again if one wears medium heels. The heels would not just add inches to the overall height of the brides, but would give a certain proportion to the overall saree look.

Sarees give a different kind of look to an Indian bride, so don’t say “no” to it. Accept the challenge of donning it properly.

Let us know whether you earned praise by wearing a saree on your wedding day or not!