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Register Marriage Procedure: A Step by Step Guide on Getting Your Marriage Acknowledge by Law!

The register marriage procedure is one that leaves many people scratching their heads! What documents do you need? What day do you get the certificate? How do you even register your marriage? We’ll tell you all that and more!

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At the thought of getting married, one tends to picture the 7 vows of Hindu marriage, the crackling fire at the Mandap, and nights of dancing and celebration. Our imaginations often halt here, believing that the marriage ceremony is over, and the rest of the days are ones that only contain the long-awaited marital bliss.  This is not true! Though the rituals and ceremonies may be over, the legal aspects of a wedding must also be taken care of. After all, it is not enough for you and your family to know you are married! Legal bodies must also sign-off!

So, while jotting down your chores, ensure that you also make time for the myriad steps that go into the register marriage procedure. Some of these must be undertaken before your wedding, so do watch out for that!

The register marriage procedure step by step!

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The following is a breakdown of the register marriage procedure:

  1. Getting the documents ready: Before you can begin the register marriage procedure in earnest, you must start by getting your documents ready. As you can imagine, this legal procedure requires you to have your identification at the ready, so if you must update your passport or Aadhar Card, or procure any other essential ID, do so now!
  2. Visiting the registrar’s office: Once your wedding ceremonies are over, you must visit the registrar’s office in your city in order to get the formalities started. You will be handed a marriage application form by the people working in the office. Fill out the details accurately and provide your identification documents for the next step to begin!
  3. Handover key documents: Apart from the ID, you must also handover your residential proof that shows where you and your husband live. More often than not, couples handover electricity bills or signed contracts with landlords as proof of the same. If you are living with the groom’s family, then procuring these documents may be easier, as you might have to wait a month for your electricity bill in your new residence!
  4. Handover marriage photos: Earlier, when couples relied on film photography, it would take at least a month or two for their wedding pictures to develop. Now, with digital photography, you can offer proof of the marriage as early as the next day. Pictures of your wedding are mandatory. If you’ve hired a wedding photographer who wants time for post-production of the images, you can always show the pictures your mom clicked on her phone! It’s not about aesthetics, it’s about function!
  5. ID proofs of your witnesses: When signing a marriage certificate, you’ll be asked to bring along at least two witnesses. These witnesses must also have their ID proof with them, as they must be of legal age and citizens of India in order to act as your witnesses.
  6. Get your appointment date: Once you’ve completed the preliminary register marriage procedure steps, you must wait for the officials to have a look at all the documents and give you an appointment date. The appointment date varies with the registration of your marriage. If you used the register marriage procedure that falls under the Hindu Act, then you’ll get your certificate after a minimum of 15 days. However, if you used the register marriage procedure that falls under the Special Marriage Act, it can take a minimum of 60 days for you to get the appointment and certificate.
  7. On the appointment: You must be present at the office along with the Gazette Officer you had invited to your wedding. After a final round of verification, you’ll be given your certificate. Congratulations because your marriage is now legal!

The register marriage procedure, as you can see, is not that hard to follow. However, knowing Indian bureaucracy, it can be a slightly tedious one. You should be mentally prepared for a ton of waiting and wishing you were somewhere else, instead of a stuffy office!

Is it important to get your marriage registered?

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Yes, it is absolutely crucial to do so! This is because the register marriage procedure enables you to apply for additional documents that you may need in the future. For instance, if you have changed your name, you will need to change it legally in your Aadhar card and passport. Without doing the latter, you cannot travel and without the former, you have no legal ID proof! So, yes, you must get your marriage registered in order to enjoy a great life!

If you are planning to have a court wedding, do refresh yourself on the registry marriage rules so that you can ensure smooth sailing! Both require the same types of documents and similar procedures, so knowing they can help!

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