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Photos Of Hairstyles & What They Say About The Bride's Personality

Ever looked at photos of hairstyles and wondered what they say about the person. We’re sure you’ll be able to tell the next time.

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Hairstyles are an integral part of our personalities, just like our choice of shoes and designer clothes. But have you ever wondered what hairstyles say about us? Well, it certainly says a lot more than we thought it does. From our natural hair type, to how we like to keep it, and even the hairstyles that we prefer, it is all indicative of our personality types. Well, don’t read between the lines because changing your hairstyle wouldn’t necessarily change your personality. So let’s see if we’ve figured out who our brides truly are looking at their photos of hairstyles.

Just like there are face readers who can look at your face and tell you about your present and future, we aim to become the hairstyle readers for our millennial brides and shock them with our spot-on analysis. So hold your horses as we might just expose you here looking at your photos of hairstyles.

Brides with Naturally Very Curly Hair

Image Courtesy: Swati Hosalkar

One of the most common assumptions done from photos of hairstyles of brides with curly hair say that they are warm-hearted and fun-loving. They are also said to be faster than most people and tend to multi-task much easily. If you’re a bride that has curly hair, then love and passion are two words that best describe your relation with your groom-to-be and it is your expressiveness that is sure to keep this spark alive for the years to come.

Your Husband’s Takeaway: Going by how fast you are with all your tasks, he is lucky to be sharing the bathroom with you. Both of you as a couple can easily dodge the fights of who takes longer in the shower because clearly you don’t need too much time in there.

Brides with Thick and Strong Hair

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The thickness of your hair strands in your photos of hairstyles can most often be compared to your will power and energy. So for the brides who have been flaunting the thickness of their hair up till now, get ready to flaunt your will power now. You are stronger than others and also stubborn and driven at most times to achieve what you aim for. In a group, you’re the woman that most people look up to, and in a marriage, you are the headstrong leader that every couple needs.

Your Husband’s Takeaway: Going by how strong your will power is, he is hoping to reap off the benefits of your stubbornness to achieve his goals. Be it a fitness goal or a monthly target, you could be his cheerleader, motivating him to unlock his true potential.

Brides with Lustrous Wavy Hair

Knotty Affair

While looking at your photos of hairstyles with thick and lustrous waves, what we can surely say is that you have an innovative and creative mind. With an infectiously high energy level, you are also free birds that do not like being tied down in any situation. Apart from being emotional beings who wear their heart on their sleeves, you are ones that get hurt rather easily. A monogamous life isn’t for you, as adventure and thrill is what you are seeking from life.

Your Husband’s Takeaway: If his idea of an ideal day is to Netflix and chill, he is not for you. He must be prepared to pick up a fight almost every day and then losing to you because you will play the emotional card. We’d suggest he should give you your space after an argument, and you will mend things your way always.

Brides That Have Short, Wash and Go Hair

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The photos of hairstyles with brides that have short hair and prefer to keep them in a style that’s easy to wash and go indicates the lack of patience in them. You are women that are more competitive than others and appreciate similar goal-oriented behaviour from your spouse as well.

In a group, you are the thinkers that value logic in any conversation. It is easy for you to win any argument purely on the basis of your rational thinking capabilities. Underachievement can frustrate you easily; however, your goal-oriented behaviour never fails to pull you back up.

Your Husband’s Takeaway: If he knows you well, he knows arguing with you is not going to land him anywhere. In the future, it is he who is going to take care of your children’s homework and going by their appreciation for goal-oriented behaviour, it is better if you already start preparing to be a good tutor to your kids.

Brides That Have Long, Wash and Go Hair

Slice of Life Pictures

Romantic and attached are two adjectives that describe in these photos of hairstyles. You are not just attached in a romantic way, but you’re more aware of your feelings, and therefore reflect on every emotional more deeply than others.  You are creative and fun when it comes to hanging out with your friends, and it goes without saying that you are the heart of the group that pulls everyone together. In a romantic relationship, you are easier going and let your partner be.

Your Husband’s Takeaway: He is a lucky man to have you in his life; however, the expectations you’ve set for him to compete with are rather high. So he must balance every boys’ night out that he gets to enjoy, with a perfect date night plan and never stop surprising you.

Brides that have Layered, Well Behaved Hair

Tripti Malhotra

If your photos of hairstyles are layered and well-behaved always, then you’re a perfectionist and do not understand any other way of being. Apart from making sure that your hair is in order, you are a keen observer and your attention to detail takes everyone around you by surprise. Some may call you high maintenance, but that is just a part of being prim and proper for everything in your life.

Your Husband’s Takeaway: You definitely are not a cakewalk, and he sure knows what he is getting into. However, what he mustn’t forget is that the perfectionist in you will not entertain any kind of a mess, physical or literal.

Brides With The Clumsy Braid

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Your photos of hairstyles evidently say that you are someone that loves throwing their hair into a clumsy braid rather than putting it all together in a flawless hairstyle. You are selfless when it comes to relationships and also know how to put your needs to rest for others.

You’ve got your priorities straight and that makes the people in your life extremely secure about their relation with you. By always putting others first, most often you forget to think about yourself, which could mean that you lack self-love sometimes.

Your Husband’s Takeaway: Being aware of your personality traits, your husband must know how to prioritize you over everything else in order to balance the selfless love that you shower on your close ones. From surprise getaways when you need a break, to fancy dinners when it’s been long, he must perfect the art of knowing what you want without you having to say it.

Brides with an Unconventional Haircut


Anything that is unconventional is fun as indicative of the spontaneity of a person. The unconventional photos of hairstyles speak volumes about the quirky millennial brides who are not trying to fit in. Their out of the box ideas and fast decision making makes it almost impossible for people to not envy their exuberant and confident personality.

In a group, you are the trendsetter without having to try too hard to be in. However, in a romantic relationship you sometimes might appear frivolous for the same reason.

Your Husband’s Takeaway: Having to deal with your impromptu behaviour, he must know how to match your pace without having to feel left out. Either you make him fun and unapologetic like you, or he will sulk his way into calming your nerves and making you less spontaneous.

What do you think of our analysis of personality traits by looking at photos of hairstyles of the millennial brides? Do you think we cracked it bang on for you? The photos of hairstyles of every millennial bride are also indicative of how they will be as wives. So all you grooms-to-be out there, take cues from this article and start prepping on becoming the best husband your wife could ever hope for.

Do you agree that photos of hairstyles can tell you about someone’s personality traits? Tell us in comments if you liked our analysis and found it relatable.