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New Latest Song List to Make Your Sangeet Night Memorable!

You need to add this new latest song list that will ante up the bass, the beats and set the records straight on your wedding’s dance floor.

Gautam Khullar Photography

Bollywood surely knows how to keep creating beats that match the tempo of a wedding party. High in spirits, a wedding in India means loud music, everybody on the dance floor and the DJ playing medleys of the olds and the news. But what really catches the attention of the crowd most is when the DJ rolls up the new latest song medleys that everyone has been listening to currently on their music players.

Everyone knows the lyrics, these new latest song beats are the current trend and dancing-recording-uploading videos on such songs are surely digital trendsetters. Conclusively, having a list of new latest song medleys for your wedding should be a must on your to-do list.

Whether you decide to dance on these songs at your Sangeet party, or you wish to pass on the list to the wedding DJ for Mehndi, wedding or even the reception party; these songs are going to pump up the ambience in no time. We have created a new latest song list that everyone is currently obsessing over. Take a look!

Psycho Saiyaan, Saaho

A mix of Nadaswaram tunes with electric beats and some easy-to-copy Bollywood lyrics, this song from the movie Saaho has put the movie on number one position on all music charts of the nation. Slow but powerful beats are perfect for the bride and the groom to give their duet performance at the Sangeet function. Focus on creating some dance steps that work around moving the waist and feet more to complement the song best.

Sheher Ki Ladki Song, Khandaani Shafakhana

So Relive your 90s by dancing to the tunes of ‘Sheher Ki Ladki Song’ remix. The tempo has been remixed for the dance floor, which means that the entire crowd can groove to the tunes together. This song can also be used as an ideal introductory song of the bride and the groom at the Sangeet party. Make sure that the DJ plays last part of this song where a few lines from the original track, as sung by singer Abhijeet, have been played.

Khadke Glassy, Jabariya Jodi

Any Indian wedding music list is incomplete without a number or two by the legendary singer and composer, Yo Yo Honey Singh! One of his latest and most loved dance numbers is this song, which will surely bring out the Punjabi in you and your guests. The tempo is high, with brilliant beats and easy to understand lyrics. You can surely play this song on loop for the cocktail wedding party.

Koka, Khandaani Shafakhana

Picture getting a grand performance choreographed with all the couples in the house for the Sangeet ceremony on the peppy song ‘Koka’. Not only will the guests have a gala time matching steps with the performers, but the couples on stage too will enjoy dancing to the tunes of this song. Such new latest song numbers are perfect for the concluding performance at a Sangeet function as well!

Tu Laung Main Elaachi, Luka Chuppi

New latest song for the bride and the bridesmaids, this song is a soft track that can be choreographed on with delicate steps and can be performed in a heavy lehenga easily. The song can be an exclusive performance by the bride and her friends at the Sangeet ceremony as well as at the Mehndi ceremony.

Gud Naal Ishq Mitha, Ek Ladki Ko Dekha Toh Aisa Laga

You should always include the new latest song numbers that are family-friendly and can be performed by all members of the family. Invite your core family members and friends onto the stage to give a performance on this song as the grand finale to your wedding’s Sangeet function. The song is simple, making choreography easy for all the performers.

Chashni, Bharat

How about including an exclusive new latest song for just the bride and groom’s performance for the musical evening? After all, what will a Sangeet be without a romantic jazzy number by the star couple of the evening? The music score has been beautifully sung with romantic lyrics, making it an ideal number to waltz on for the grand entry of the couple. To dramatise the performance even further, ask the wedding planners to arrange for a rose petals shower on the stage when you and your partner will waltz to the tunes of the song romantically.

If you are getting married anytime soon, then this new latest song is surely for you. Sorting your worries about checking the latest music charts out to combine a medley, our list will help bring every guest at the party to the dance floor.

These dance numbers are a mix of high tempo beats and low tempo beats, giving a chance to children, young adults and seniors alike to easily be able to dance on them. You can even combine these songs to create a stunning Sangeet musical night performance for all the guests, giving them a chance to witness your Michael Jackson moves, as well as let them show theirs on the dance floor.

If you still need help in catching up on some dance moves to go well with this new latest song list, we have many talented choreographers listed on our panel from your city. Do check them out!