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Gorgeous Makeup Ideas To Help You Glam Up For Your D-Day

Wondering what makeup to choose for your wedding day? Check out these gorgeous makeup ideas to glam up in style for your big day!

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When it comes to bridal makeup, there are many types of makeup ideas to go in for. While most Indian brides like to go for the complete Indian bridal makeup package, there are few who love the classic and simple makeup look.

No matter what type of makeup ideas you choose for your big day, make sure you get the right one that matches up to your skin tone and attire. It’s always advisable to visit your makeup artist well in advance and check about the different types of makeup that would look good on you. Your makeup artist will advise you on the right look for your wedding day.

If you are someone who has acne and uneven skin, then pay a visit to your dermatologist who will advise on a skincare routine or maybe a treatment for your skin condition a few months in advance.

To help you get the best look for your wedding, we have some great makeup ideas that you could consider for your big day. These detailed tutorials of various makeup ideas will show you how to do it right.

Matte makeup idea

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Are you someone who is prone to that oily skin? If your answer is yes, then the matte makeup look is perfect for you. A matte makeup look is great for photos too, so if you’re looking out for a wedding look that will give you some great clicks, then you should go in for a matte look.

You can get the right look by using the correct makeup for your skin. Also, techniques are an important factor when it comes to makeup ideas. So, let’s begin the tutorial on how to get the perfect matte finish.

Prep your skin

Before you start applying any type of makeup, it’s important to wash and moisturise your skin. Ensure that your skin is clean and moisturised well. Use a gentle cleanser to get rid of any dirt and grime. Never scrub or exfoliate your skin, just apply the cleanser and wash off with lukewarm water.

Use a good toner to balance out. Once done, apply a good moisturiser that is good for your skin type. So if you’re skin is very oily or prone to acne then make sure to use an oil-free moisturiser.

Apply a primer

Now, begin by applying a suitable primer. A primer will ensure that your matte makeup will stay on for a long time. You need this, especially on your wedding day because it’s going to be a very long day with a lot of running around and dancing. Apply the primer well to the entire face, eyes and neck and blend it well.

Apply matte foundation

After the primer, go ahead and apply your matte foundation. Use a good matte formula foundation that’s perfect for your skin. Make sure to choose one that matches your skin colour well. You can use a makeup brush or a blending sponge to apply the foundation well.

Apply highlighter and concealer

The next step is to take some highlighter and apply it well under your eyes. Follow this up with a concealer. Blend well.

Apply a matte eyeshadow and liner

For a good matte look, begin by applying a neutral colour to your eyelids and creases. Remember the shade you choose should be just a few shades darker than your natural skin colour. Now choose a nice matte shade that you want.

Add a darker colour to your crease – this will emphasise your eyes well. Ensure that the eyeshadow you use is matte. After this, apply a matte cream colour to your eyelids.

Make sure not to apply this to any other part of your eyes. In order to accentuate your eyes well, you can apply a bit of black eyeshadow to the outer corners of your upper lids.

Finally, finish off by lining your lids with a black liquid liner. Again, do not go for a shimmery eyeliner, stick to the matte ones.

Apply mascara and false eyelashes.

Apply false eyelashes or mascara to achieve a more dramatic look. Choose mascara or false eyelashes according to your preference.

Blush up

Move on to your cheeks and sweep on the right matte blush all over your cheekbones. Make sure not to apply too much. The eyes are the centre of attraction when it comes to a matte makeup look.

Apply matte lipstick

Last, go ahead and colour those lips with a matte lipstick. You could choose from a wide variety of different matte lipstick shades like pink, nude or other earthy shades. Make sure to choose one that matches your attire well.

Check out this video for a more detailed tutorial on matte makeup.

Shimmery makeup idea

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A shimmery makeup look is another great choice for your wedding day. Going in for this look is a perfect choice if you’re someone who doesn’t have oily skin. Shimmery and shining skin is an amazing technique to achieve that fabulous glowy and shimmery look on your wedding day.


You will prep your skin normally like you would do before you begin any makeup look. Clean, tone and moisturise your skin. This is necessary before you start applying your makeup.

Primer and Foundation

Go ahead and apply primer to your face. Apply the perfect foundation all over your skin and blend well.

Apply illuminator  

Now, apply your illuminator all over your face. Just lightly tap it all around your temples, cheekbones, and nose. An illuminator will give you that fabulous shimmery look you want.

Apply eyeshadow, eyeliner, mascara or false eyelashes

Now, you can go ahead and apply your eyeshadow. Choose the perfect shade to go with your wedding attire. You could go for a glittery eyeshadow or the plain neutral look if you want your illuminator to show off and take away all the attention. Apply your eyeliner and mascara or put on those false eyelashes if you prefer to go with that.

Apply lipstick

Finally, choose your favourite colour lipstick that would perfectly match your shimmery look. Right from pinks and reds, you can choose from a range of beautiful lip shades.

Check out this video to learn how to achieve that shimmery makeup look and more ideas.

Smokey eye makeup idea

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Who doesn’t like that smokey eye makeup look? If you’re someone who loves going bold when it comes to your makeup ideas, then choose the classic black smokey eye makeup look for your wedding day. This is a great look if you’re looking to highlight those eyes.

As usual make sure to begin by cleaning, toning and moisturising your skin.

Here’s how to apply that black smokey eye makeup idea.

Step 1: Make sure to apply your primer well all around the eyelids too. Use a good concealer under your eyes to cover up dark circles and uneven skin. A primer allows the eyeshadow to stay longer and will also help to blend your eyeshadow well.

Step 2: Apply a jet black eyeshadow to the outer corner of your eyes and into the crease.

Step 3: Blend the eyeshadow well.

Step 4: If you want a darker black look, you could apply more black colour over your eyelids.

Step 5: Now, go ahead and apply a pencil liner or even a gel liner close to the lashline.

Step 6: Smudge the liner out and blend it with the black eye shadow.

Step 7: If you want a darker look, go ahead and take the eyeliner into the crease. Make sure that you blend it out perfectly.

Step 8: Now, take the liner right under your eyes and smudge it out for that smokey effect.

Step 9: Last, apply your mascara or go for false lashes for the best smokey eye effect.

Take a look at this video to learn that classy smokey eye makeup ideas.

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These were some of the best makeup ideas you could try out for your wedding day. These fabulous makeup ideas could also be done for a night out with the gals or even a grand occasion like a party or festive occasion too.

Make sure you book up a trial session with your makeup artist well before time, to check out the different makeup ideas that suit you. If you have a particular makeup brand that you’re used to and would like to use the particular brand for the day, then let your makeup artist know that as well.

If you want the perfect makeup for your day, then check out our fabulous bridal makeup vendors for the best makeup ideas ever for your D-day!