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6 Easy Makeup Videos For A Newlywed Bride For Every Occasion

If you are looking for easy makeup videos to watch after you get married to prepare yourself for office, hundreds of dinners and date nights, click here to check out this cool playlist!


Despite being a woman, you may feel that you’re average at the art of makeup. Knowing the proper steps, products, techniques are very important when it comes to being good at makeup, and we know that not everyone is as well versed in them as they’d like to be! So, don’t beat yourself up over it!

We have picked out 6 easy makeup video tutorials for almost every event after your married life starts - from everyday home looks to office appropriate makeup that goes with your formals. Check them out and tell us what you think!

Everyday makeup look

The first easy makeup video is a tutorial for every day with no foundation and concealer. If this does not compel you to check it out, we do not know what will. Click on the link above to check out this easy summer makeup look with 5 simple products. This could be your go to look for going to the market or just stepping out of the house, after all you are the new bahu in the neighbourhood and everyone wants to see you. So make sure you look your best every single time!

Tip: If you are going for a natural tone, go for natural tones for your blush and lipstick.

Everyday office makeup video tutorial

Just like the neighbourhood aunties, your office colleagues are intrigued to take a look at your newlywed bride avatar. They wonder - Is she wearing her mangalsutra? What about the Chura or Sindoor? And doesn’t she own eyeliner? These are the questions that every bride has to face. To make sure you do not face the same ridicule, you have to look your best on the first day of work after your wedding.

This easy makeup video is for beginners who want to look natural with makeup on. It is simple, fuss-free and the best part- subtle. If you want to highlight your eyes a tad more, go for winged eyeliner!

Easy nude makeup video tutorial for office

This is one of our favourite makeup videos in this playlist. The perfect nude finish in this video is effortless and long-lasting. You can get away with it in not only the work environment but for Sunday brunches with your girlfriends, shopping sprees and more. There is no limit to the occasions you can go to with this makeup routine. Check out this easy makeup video and take all the product recommendations. Who knows, it may become your go-to look for every day out!

Perfect makeup tutorial for date night

The next easy makeup video is a tutorial for a date night. It is important to keep the romance alive, especially after the wedding. Keeping the spice quotient up in your relationship can make all the difference in your marriage. Going out on regular date nights - weekly or every 15 days - is a great idea. Your pink cheeks, golden eyes and deep red lipstick will ensure your husband’s attention stays on you for the whole night! Practice it once or twice before you have to apply it on your date night.

Makeup video for a dinner party

After your wedding, your social calendar is going to be full with hundreds of dinner parties at all the relative's place, starting with your Pag Phera! 90% of the brides generally go with an ethnic outfit. You need to watch this easy makeup tutorial and learn how to create a traditional makeup look to go with your outfit. Adding a small bindi is all it takes to bind your look together. Bright pink and red lipsticks are our personal choices instead of nude shades. What do you prefer?

Party makeup for weddings

Now that you have an extra family, you will be invited to double the amount of weddings and dinner parties. Who knows, your wedding might just be the start of a wedding season in your own family! As a newlywed bride, you have to look the part. You may have gotten away with simple looks before, but not anymore! You need to look absolutely gorgeous and give everyone the chance to admire your beauty. This is a very easy makeup tutorial video. It is a great guide to learn the balance between heavy makeup and over doing it. You do not want a cakey face with too much product on your face.

These makeup videos will make sure that you look amazing no matter where you are headed out to! If you can think of any other occasion for which you need to learn a new easy makeup routine, tell us in the comments below!

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