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The Latest Indian Jewellery That Every Bride Needs in Her Collection!

As a bride, you are all about a trousseau that makes you look like the star of your wedding. You must style yourself by carefully choosing accessories that suit you. Let’s have a look at some of the latest Indian jewellery to help you out.

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A bridal jewellery collection is supposed to be made up of some of the best jewels that are trendy as well as the right ones to style you. Often brides have been seen wearing jewellery pieces that are neither a part of the latest Indian jewellery nor ones that suit them. Out of style jewellery is definitely a big no-no when it comes to your bridal look. 

In fact, bridal lehengas, bridal makeup, and some of the finest pieces of bridal jewellery are the only things you need to make you look like a dazzling and elegant bride. Thus, when it comes to bridal jewellery, you can’t go for the second best jewels.

However, if you’re confused about what type of jewels you should be buying to look like a sensational bride, fret not. We are here for you with some great suggestions.

1. Kundan Necklace

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An ancient Indian gemstone based jewellery, Kundan includes gold foil around the gemstones and is an exotic set of jewellery for brides. This latest Indian jewellery sells like hotcakes and it can be a fabulous piece of ornament for the bridal jewellery set. Many brides have been seen exhibiting heavy Kundan necklaces on their special day, covering their whole necks with just this one set.

Additionally, Kundan jewellery has a way with brides, making them glow with its charm as its gemstones shine away through the crowd. Along with that, its designs are also quite unique when compared with other mainstream jewellery pieces, like gold and diamond. A Kundan necklace is must have for your bridal jewellery trousseau.

2. Temple Necklace

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A temple necklace is made up of chunks of gold and is an ancient jewellery style which was used to decorate God and Goddesses. However, as the times changed, it was time for the brides to be decked with temple jewellery. A style from the Southern part of the country, a temple necklace is decked with stones, gems, rhinestones and diamonds. With such an amazing style of jewellery as the latest Indian jewellery in your bridal trousseau, your jewellery collection would certainly be known as an exquisite one.

3. Kangan

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Known to be rigid bracelets, Kangans are the pride of the bride and must be worn by her every day. Available in gold, diamond, platinum and more, these latest Indian jewellery pieces are supposed to be worn in your hands and are unbelievably eye-catching. Embellished with rhinestones, gems, Kundan, diamonds and more, Kangan designs can be available in different sizes and weight according to your preference.

While some women wear huge and heavy Kangans, others like to don lighter ones in smaller sizes.

4. Matha Patti

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A bride without a Matha Patti is incomplete. Matha Patti is a type of latest Indian jewellery that covers your head before the bridal dupatta covers your head. Embellished and designed with over a number of gems and stones, a Matha Patti is a mandatory bridal accessory that should certainly be a part of her trousseau to make her look elegant and imperial. It gives a glow to her face that cannot be compared with even bridal makeup.

Personally, we have always preferred Kundan styled Matha Patti, however, you can make up your own mind by choosing amongst diamond, gold and much more!

5. Choker Necklace


Most brides have worn this necklace several times but don’t even know that it’s called a choker necklace. Fret not, it won’t choke you to the point where you end up removing it! These latest Indian jewellery pieces are gorgeous gold ornaments that deck up your neck to the point that makes everyone look at you in awe.

As you want to look graceful with these brilliant and latest Indian jewellery ornaments, the choker necklace is a plus when it comes to your bridal trousseau. Along with the necklace, you can always get a matching earring set. You can go for a big choker or a smaller choker necklace, as you like. A bigger one might not be always comfortable but a smaller one could be easier to carry.

Selecting the latest Indian jewellery for your bridal ornaments trousseau is definitely a hard job, with so many responsibilities and things to take care about. However, you can’t select the wrong type of jewels accidentally and style yourself incorrectly. Always make sure that the jewellery you are choosing suits you and looks good on you. As you’re spending money on it, it’s completely fine to try it several times. After all, you’re the bride!

Don’t know where you can get the latest jewellery designs from? Check out a list of our amazing jewellery vendors!