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Jain Mehndi Designs And Everything You Need To Know About Them

There are so many different kinds of henna designs that a bride can opt for, but some traditional ones like Jain Mehndi designs just never lose their charm. Here is everything you need to know about them.

Romesh Dhamija Photography

A floral pattern here, a paisley motif there, throw in some checkered Jaal patterns and what do you get? Well, no bumper prizes for guessing that we are talking about a Mehndi design. Well, we have all seen these traditional motifs in all the Mehndi designs we have ever come across, right? And they are a part of almost all different kinds of henna patterns - be it Arabian, Rajasthani or even Jain Mehndi design. You must be now wondering that when these motifs are common to all different kinds of Mehndi designs out there, then what is the difference between them. Well, since we already told you all that you needed to know about Arabian Mehndi designs earlier, it's now time for us to move on to another gorgeous henna style - the Jain Mehndi design. Surprised that something like this exists? Well, we were too, but it's there and it is beautiful. Here we have some points that you would like to know about a Jain Mehndi design and how you can differentiate it from all other designs, especially Arabian. So, dive in.

What exactly is a Jain Mehndi design?

Pushpa Mehandi Arts

Well, let's see. A Jain Mehndi design is a beautiful crossroad between an Arabian design and a traditional Indian design. It is not as sparse as an Arabic design but also not as intricate as an Indian one.

Here are some attributes that are specific to Jain Mehndi designs:

Pushpa Mehandi Arts

  • They are quite like Arabian Mehndi designs in some sense but are a little more detailed. The henna is well applied onto the hands and not sparsely spread onto it. The Mehndi design focuses on the whole hand instead of just the palms unlike an Arabian design, but it breathes.
  • They are not just made of vines and lines and dots, but a lot more than that. Jain Mehndi designs have a lot of other elements. Some brides who opt for the most traditional form of Jain Mehndi design also include the Namokar Mantra in it to pay their respects to the religion.
  • The patterns of a Jain Mehndi design are usually adorned with big flowers, paisley motifs and leaves. These designs are more often than not an amalgamation of the three traditional motifs we just mentioned, but they are placed in a way which makes them look well spaced-out but still bound together in a beautiful way.
  • Jain Mehndi designs are nothing if for a load of checkered patterns. And by checkered patterns, we don't mean the Jaal pattern which most brides opt for these days. They actually have those traditional boxed check designs which look really pretty with the other motifs.
  • Jain Mehndi designs also have a lot of swirly patterns and Chakris, which give it a very delicate and unique look. While circles in the middle and designs around it are usually a trait of the Pakistani Mehndi designs, the circular Mehndi motif looks great with Jain Mehndi designs too.
  • Very rarely will you ever come across a Jain Mehndi design which is very intricate? The designs are usually quite buffed up and all the motifs are prominently visible. There is no mixing of two elements as each of them has its own allotted place on the hands or feet. They have a very distinct look and feel.
  • A Jain Mehndi design is also usually applied very thickly, no bareeki ka kaam for them. This is why the Mehndi also seems to give a very good colour payoff. So, if you are a girl who always complains about her Mehndi not turning out dark enough and don't want to run that risk on your wedding day, then well, you should definitely consider opting for a Jain Mehndi design.

On that note, we have to tell you that no matter what design you opt for, there are a few general things that you must always keep in mind when getting your bridal Mehndi done, especially if you want a beautiful dark colour. Take a look:

Image Courtesy: Rinku Jain Mehendi Artist

  • Your bridal Mehndi will only look good if your Mehndi artist is good. Make sure you opt for an artist who has good reviews and knows what you want and what he is doing.
  • Your bridal Mehndi is special in more ways than one and you should always know beforehand what it is that you are looking for. Do not confuse your mehndi artist with different designs. Either be sure of what you want or let the Mehndi artist take their call and trust it.
  • A little mustard oil, Vicks and clove fumes go a long way in giving your Mehndi a great dark colour. Never doubt the magic of some good old Nuskhas.

Now we can proudly say that you know everything that you need to know about a Jain Mehndi design and little tips and tricks along with it too. Hope these pointers will help you in getting your bridal Mehndi just right!

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