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Ishita Dutta and Vatsal Sheth on Love & Self Care in the Time of Corona

Make the best use of your time with your partner during the COVID-19 lockdown. In a conversation with Ishita Dutta and Vatsal Sheth, we gather the best tips on ways to be there for each other during this period.


How many hours of your quarantine period is dedicated to watching Tiktok and Instagram videos religiously? Or are you one of the creative minds who spends more time ‘creating’ than watching? Social distancing has become the perfect time to inject entertainment in our veins. Now that we are cut loose from the strands of a speeding time, and are functioning almost on snail time, everything that helps us glide through idle days has become cool. But is that the right way of sailing through quarantine? We asked the Television Actors and Real life couple Ishita Dutta and Vatsal Sheth, who have taken over Tiktok with their amusing content. These tips are golden words for partners and newly weds who are locked up in the same house during this lockdown. 

1. Distribute the Household Chores

Drishyam Actor, Ishita Dutta says, “Vatsal and I have distributed the household chores between each other to make it easier on both of us. I handle the kitchen and he handles the house cleaning chores.” We don’t think there’s any couple goal cooler than this. Strike a balance between the household chores and you and your partner will be left with enough time to spend together.  

2. Focus on Building a Good Habit 

They say anything done for 21 days or more becomes a habit. Use this time you have at hand to focus on building good habits. “One of the best things about our lifestyle right now is how we have been able to incorporate healthy living and healthy eating in our daily lives. We are working out, we are feeding on fresh fruits and nuts, I am taking care of my skin and hair,” says Ishita. Figure out that one part of your lifestyle that needs change and use this time to follow discipline in your life and correct it. 

3. Dedicate Time to your Hobbies 

“I am a very optimistic person, so I like to stay positive and hopeful for the future. This time away from the world should be used for self care and your hobbies. I had learned flute but I didn’t get much time from traveling and shooting before, nowadays I am practising flute every day. I am also catching up on my reading,” Tarzan’s leading man, Vatsal Sheth confabs. Ishita adds to the same spirit of staying positive through this lockdown and making the best use of this time, “This is ofcourse the need of the hour right now.  Since there’s nothing we can do to change it, we might as well make the best out of this free time we have at hand. I plan to have fun, be innovative and creative, continue painting, cook and clean and spend a lot of time with my family.”

4. Explore your Interest Areas and Learn New Things 

Always had an interest in something out of your expertise area but never had the opportunity to explore your options. Now is the time to take up new tasks, read or learn about new things and explore the unexplored parts of your creativity. Vatsal shares, “I have always wanted to learn new things in life, so I downloaded these two amazing apps - Udemy & Coursera. These apps offer a lot of courses that are affiliated with different universities across the world. I started a course on Emotional Intelligence recently.” Isn’t that an interesting way to add value to your quarantine life? Ishita shares, “We try to invest our time doing a few new things every day. I have been making fresh fruit smoothies and I am now trying my hands on baking. I am planning to bake some cupcakes soon.”  

5. Prioritise Good Health and Self Care 

“We are trying to stay healthy and focusing a lot on having nutritious diets and drinking fresh juices. We are following Youtube videos and practising yoga together. As you guys know, Vatsal and I spent a lot of time on sets for our shoots. We are constantly facing the camera and all the lights. Our skin always has makeup and we use hair products almost on a regular basis during shoots. All of this messes up our skincare and haircare game. We are at home now and our skin is getting the time to breathe. I am also taking care of my hair and my diet,” says Ishita. Couples who usually spend odd hours traveling or are rolled down under work pressure, utilise this time to care for your mind and your body. 

6. Spend Quality time with your Partner

When you are with the person you love, every moment counts; even the moments you spend in silence. Ishita shares, “We sit in our balcony and I listen to him play the flute. We watch tv together, talk and play cards. Sometimes we watch movies together.” Grand and extraordinary expressions of love aren’t necessary, the little things you do together as a couple, counts. 

7. Make the Best use of Social Media

Before you read further, did you check out the couples Tiktok profiles yet? If not, then you must! Their acting skills and chemistry adds the “fun” in Tiktoks “funny” jive. Vatsal comments, “Social media is definitely keeping Ishita and me busy and entertained. Speaking of platforms, it’s amazing fun to make TikTok videos and share them, (thank you for your compliments on our video), we are really glad to see the response we received on it.” (*grins)

Ishita sheds light to the most meaningful face of Social Media, “I love how people are extending their support to the needy through Instagram. Whatsapp is essential because it keeps me connected to my friends and family. Also, I love watching all the creativity on Tiktok and Instagram. There’s so much inspiration and entertainment there.”

8. Lift Each Other’s Spirits Up!

Vatsal shares, “You need to be there for each other and understand each other to sail through phases like these. As long as you're compassionate and sensitive towards your partner, you both will be fine.” Ishita adds, “Vatsal is really sweet, he makes maggi or coffee for me, makes me talk to my parents, cracks jokes or plays my favorite movie whenever I am feeling low.”

We think these tips from Television’s super adorable couple are absolutely priceless. Do you agree?

Tell us what your romance ideas during quarantine are, in the comments section below. 

All Photos from Ishita Dutta & Vatsal Sheth's Instagram.