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Learn How to Wear Silk Saree Perfectly

Want to learn how to wear silk saree perfectly? We have got you covered with these draping, pleating, and styling tips.

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We can’t agree enough that there is something about silk sarees that brings a whole new level of elegance and class. It exudes grace and looks stunning on any occasion. But to pull it off with an arresting look, it is important to drape it right especially because it has a smooth texture and a tricky fabric. So, how to wear silk saree perfectly? We share with you some tips and tricks that help you in perfecting your silk saree look. Have a browse!

Quick Tips on How to Wear Silk Saree Perfectly

1. Choose cotton petticoat


Believe us or not, one of the most important things that matter when wearing a silk saree is choosing the right petticoat. For proper grip, choose a cotton petticoat. It will help to keep your saree stays in place and ensure that it does not slip away. Also, make sure to wear it tight enough so that the saree can be tucked in well. You can check it by inserting two fingers between your navel and the petticoat. If it’s easy to slide in the fingers, tighten it a bit. And it goes without saying that the underskirt must match the colour of your saree.

2. Pick the right blouse

When it’s about how to wear silk saree perfectly, there are some things that must be taken care of before you start the actual draping. And wearing the right blouse is one of them. It can really make a world of difference to your saree look. It’s alright to experiment with neck and sleeve styles but make sure that the fitting of the blouse is neither too tight nor too loose. Also, when it comes to silk sarees, do not over accessorise the design of the blouse. Put on the blouse first and then proceed to draping.

3. Drape it right

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Once the basics have been taken care of, next comes the draping style. A saree, especially silk should be draped in such a way that its elegance should shine. Wrinkles and untidy pleats will take away the charm of your saree. So make sure that it’s well ironed out before you start draping. Also, make at least 6-8 pleats and tuck them neatly into the petticoat. And while doing so hold the pleats firmly so that they don’t undo themselves.

4. Pallu Length

Another important factor that can make or break the look of your silk saree is the length of the pallu. Never take a short pallu as it will make you look unfashionable. On the other hand, a lengthy pallu and short height will not complement each other. Also, as silk sarees are usually heavy, a very long pallu will only add volume to your appearance. So adjust its length according to your height and the design of your saree. Ideally, 5-7 inches at the knee level is an ideal length for silk saree pallu.

5. Choose the appropriate footwear

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Don’t go by the myth that you can wear any footwear with the saree as it won’t be visible. Even if they aren’t really visible, everyone around gets a good look at them when you are sitting or walking. So avoid wearing flats and slippers as they spoil the overall look. Also, wedges or casual platform heels should be avoided with silk saree. Instead, opt for high heels or stilettos as they make you look taller and slimmer. Just make sure to put them on first while you are adjusting the length of the saree.

6. Pin it up

Due to the smooth texture of the silk saree, it is important to pin it up properly. Look for fine saree pins to make sure that the front pleats and the pallu stay in place. However, don’t destroy the entire look with too many pins. Use fewer pins in a way that it balances out both flaunting the design and covering up your body frame. Also, while pinning up your saree ensure that the ironing of it is not ruined. After all, a well-ironed pallu is the actual charm of the silk saree.

7. Pick the right jewellery pieces


Lastly, no matter how beautifully you drape the silk saree, its look is incomplete without fine jewellery pieces. Jhumkas, bangles, and antique necklaces look beautiful with silk sarees. At the least, a pair of heavy earrings is the most necessary. If antique is not your style, you can try silver jewellery to get a fusion look. So these are some tips and tricks on how to wear a silk saree perfectly. All you need is a little practice and some styling effort to get the right look.

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