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Gift Idea Fails - Gifts for Indian Bride That You Should Avoid at All Costs!

Buying gifts for someone can be challenging, as it can be hard to predict what one will love or hate. Even more so when you are looking for gifts for Indian bride. Be smart and avoid these at all costs.


The art of gifting is just that – an art. While some people are quite skilled at understanding intuitively what their friends want and need, others resort to tired clichés that come across as thoughtless. When it comes to picking gifts for Indian bride, you need to be extra careful. This is because you must come up with gift items that suit their lifestyles and tastes.

Now, we understand that this is a huge task. After all, you may not be all that close to the bride or the groom. When you’re invited to an acquaintance’s wedding, it’s best to stick with safer options. However, even within such options, you’ll find that there are certain items that you really need to steer clear off.

To help you in this regard, we have come up with a list of things that you should definitely NOT buy when picking out gifts for Indian bride. This will help you understand what to avoid, and should also make it easier for you to narrow down your choices to the right gift.

1. A Piece of Art

If you are not that close to the bride, you should definitely not get her a piece of art, be it a painting or statue. Such things do not come cheap and you do not want to get gifts for Indian bride that she may not even like in the end. Art is extremely subjective and it can be hard to predict someone else’s tastes.

The exception: You know exactly which artist/styles of art the couple loves.

2. A Crockery Set

Image Courtesy: Le Creuset

Gifting a crockery set or kitchenware item is officially an old-fashioned idea. Once a helpful gift designed to help the bride in the future, it now comes across a pass-on more than anything else. Also, as many people gift the couple crockery, there are high chances the bride will never end up using yours!

The exception: You know for a fact that the bride loves to cook and appreciates pretty kitchenware, or it is something particular that she's been wanting.

3. An obvious re-gift

Speaking of the bride passing-on your gift, you yourself should not indulge in re-gifting something to the bride, at least not when it’s super obvious! If you do so, it can leave a sour taste in her mouth!

The exception: Someone gifted you something you know the bride will love more than you ever will. But still, let this not be a wedding gift!

4. A sponsored honeymoon trip


No matter how close you are to the bride, gifting her a honeymoon trip should definitely not be on your list of gifts for Indian bride. That is too personal a thing to gift. It’s possibly a redundant gift too as she and her fiancé would have surely thought of their honeymoon destinations on their own. Gifting such a gift would come across as too intrusive.

The exception: You’re the bride/groom’s parent and want to see the kids happy!

5. Expensive Lingerie

When thinking of gifts for Indian bride, lingerie is another item you need to steer clear off, unless you’re at a bridal shower and this is the norm in your circle of friends!

The exception: If the bride has specifically asked you for lingerie!

6. A Picture Frame

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A picture frame is undoubtedly one of the most terrible gifts for Indian brides that you can think of! In most cases, the bride would reuse it as a gift.

The exception: You happen to have a wonderful picture of the lovely couple and know for a fact they’d appreciate receiving it in an ornate frame.

7. Meaningless novelty gifts or troll gifts

Novelty gifts that serve no good purpose are definitely ones you should not turn to when thinking of gifts for Indian bride. A humorous book of tips on how to save a relationship or having a great sex life are the exact things you need to avoid. Though it may seem funny to you, it will add no value to the bride’s life whatsoever. It may even make her feel a little annoyed. So, try to avoid being a troll, no matter how much you may love it.

The exception: You should only give a troll gift if you’re actually planning on giving something else with it (and if your friend shares the same sense of humour as you!).

8. An IOU gift

An IOU gift is the worst you can give while looking for gifts for Indian bride. It just comes across as though you have put zero effort into getting a gift for the bride. It also comes across as a little stingy.

The exception: None!

When it comes to Indian gift ideas, there are plenty that won’t land you in hot water. Traditional wedding gift ideas are a great way to play it safe if you don’t know the couple too well!

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