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Suneet Varma Unravels His Collection “Timeless by Suneet Varma” at the FDCI India Couture Week 2020

FDCI India Couture Week 2020 just hosted their first ever digital show and we're awestruck! Here are all the deets of ace couturier, Suneet Varma's, collection.

2020 is the year when a majestic fashion show was brought to our screens so that we could enjoy a front-row view unhindered by camera flashes or anything at all. It was a pure connection.

Image Courtesy: Suneet Varma

This year FDCI broke all set notions of the India Couture Week with their out of the box concept of absolute digital finesse which is not only the need of the hour but a commendable adaptation according to circumstances.

Did you think the pandemic would stop us from celebrating the rich cultural heritage through fashion? Not this year! 12 absolute gems of the couture world have come together with FDCI for the digital India Couture Week 2020.

We are definitely ready to call 2020 the year of the digital renaissance!

Did you wait for the timer to stop on the Youtube link - way before 9:30 pm because me too! As soon as it was 9:30, my screen lit up with the blue light effects that created the ripples FDCI picked as the backdrop for the India Couture Week 2020. To add to the drama and set the stage for what was to follow, Suneet Varma picked a piece of unusual ramp music. The tribal upbeat music sure created the ambience of being in the lap of nature.

The collection is a modern and Theatrical representation of the modern Indian Woman who lives in the “today” - yet embraces the romance of traditional Indian couture - which is like a sixth sense of seduction. It has its own vocabulary and language, like an elaborate braid entwined with history, myth and tradition. It may be modern, Whimsical or demure- but always magnificent and carefully crafted. The Mix of Traditional Motifs with Abstract artworks enhanced by the age-old Crafts of India makes for a Perfect – Feminine, Romantic and Modern Woman.

The designer shares, “I believe Fashion is the most polite way of speaking about sex- But I like the subtle unspoken word, left to the imagination of the wearer. The glamour and sensuality in this collection come through the use of sheer and lucid fabrics, the delicate placement of embellishments, the drapes and the unexpected details- and what they reveal or conceal.”

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Suneet Varma is one of the most eminent Indian fashion designers of all times and speaking about the ICW 2020 showcase, he says, “Couture is about finesse. It is about fine detailing, beautiful embroidery, subtle colouring and wonderful details. When you see it in a ramp show it is for an immediate moment, that gets lost beyond a point. But when you have a digital couture week, you have to make it simply perfect. These are very interesting times because you can brand what you believe in and how you portray it. Imagery lasts forever.”

Remember trying your best to squint and get a closer and longer look of the embroidery when the models walked up? Did you miss that because I sure did! 

Keeping the foundation of the Suneet Varma couture intact, the first section of the collection is called Bloom. This collection is all about floral coloured embroidery with crystals, thread, ribbons, sequins and so on. The typical elements of a Suneet Varma piece have been included too, like -  flowers, butterflies, corsages; but they are there in more dramatic shapes and forms. These spectacular lehengas are made using Zardosi, mirror work and thread work. 

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The colour palette includes peach, coral, shaded pink and such colours that uphold Suneet Varma’s idea of a fairytale kind of couture. It’s all signature Suneet Varma, but the designer says, “This collection is very much a part of the Suneet Varma DNA, but this time we have stepped it ahead.” 

The ruffles and structured sleeves with trailed hems on the lehengas add to the exotic beauty of traditional Indian silhouettes that Varma has created using intricate and heavy embroidery. The cropped-cape layers on some of the fancy blouse designs that he showcased were magical. Who knew subtle colours could induce this much drama right? The heavy mirror-work along with the deep neck in the blouses balanced the regal impact that Indian couture is all about.

I also fell in love at first sight with the stellar inclusion and representation of the elements of nature in some of his pieces. 

His collection sure spun a fairytale in bright and beautiful colours while celebrating the woman of today and upholding the beauty in the best ways possible. We’re left lovestruck! We hope the ladies have already picked their favourites because we sure have listed ours.

Watch the Show here - 

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- All Images by FDCIxSuneetVarma