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Amit Aggarwal Unveils His All New Digital Store at FDCI India Couture Week 2020

Looking for some new-fangled fashion inspiration? FDCI Couture week goes all digital this year and we are in awe of the beautiful structured designs. Scroll up and grab the details of the ace designer, Amit Aggarwal’s 2020 collection.


Heard of a fashion show streaming online and fad becoming the centre of digitalisation? This time, the imperial India Couture Week is not about prepping your glammed up look for the show. It is about leaning back on your couch in a comfortable attire and admiring the world of digital finesse.

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2020 has been a year of social distancing but where there is fashion, the bliss of exploring trending collections cannot be compromised. Structures and drapes are back again with a bang but this time it’s even better. Designers’ are thinking out of the box and leaning on swift measures to make every minute detail of their collection go viral in a digital space. The 12 luminary couturiers of the fashion world got together with FDCI to present their collection at India’s first digital India Couture week.

Sharp at 8 pm, FDCI went live with a perfect combination of burble sounds and a lively underwater shoot setting the vibe right! From translating natural forms to designs, to expressing them through metallic silhouettes, Amit Aggarwal married the meaning of underwater finesse to fashion with ultimate grace. Couturier Amit Aggarwal is all about vivacity and is renowned for adding a feeling of existence in his designs. Speaking about the spirit of the show, the designer says, “I think the pandemic has really got us all thinking about a higher responsibility towards our surroundings and nature. I feel nature has played a very important role in this collection. Be it the sea, the earth or the sky; all those elements formulated the base and design notes for this collection.” From winged drape to metallic polymer, the WOW-worthy designs are meant to dive deep into the ocean of the 2020’s heavenly couture collection.

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Keeping the wearer’s satisfaction at the top, the designer says, "The entire idea was to help our client feel free and light as she shops one of our most intricately metallic pieces. We are working with very malleable metallic forms that are designed with minute attention to details.” Amit Aggarwal’s couture collection unveils the essence of mother nature. He is a confessed traditionalist. Couture for him lived within the tactile experience of touch and feel. However, 2020 demanded a change, and Aggarwal turned to his eternal source of inspiration - nature, to lead the way. As we experience the world through the safety of our homes, the oceans continue to churn, the wind continues to blow and the sky still holds her secrets and celebration from sunrise to twilight. Their freedom and lightness is a promise of new beginnings every moment. 

From 3D metallic prints to structured embroidered lehenga, This collection depicts the weightlessness of the ocean, the caress of the wind, and the cradle of the earth as they nurture you in their promise. The collection displays Amit Aggarwal’s signature aesthetic of futuristic biomimicry, encouraging you to embrace the present and see beyond, through the portals of time manifested in reimagined industrial material and signature polymers. The designer shares, “Couture for me is a feeling of wearing an outfit that is made especially for you, embodying your spirit and aesthetic. We always tread a balance of the surreal and functionality of the garment and it’s exciting to translate that vision into a digital experience. At the heart of it, is our constant brand story of intricate craftsmanship and hand embroidery.”

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The structured lehengas in metallic polymer paired with embellished blouse winged drape, define the loveliness of the contemporary trend. The design elevates the level of 3D embellishments. The ‘awestruck’ moment for me was when the shade of lustrous colours hit the screen and affirmed easy access to nature’s finest gifts to mankind, all floating in free spirit. The feeling of underwater mode turned on, and the darting collection capped the vision of vogue and style.

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Words by Surbhi Sachdeva

- All Images by FDCIxAmitAggarwal