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8 Tips That Will Help You Create Stunning Engagement Images!

Looking for lovely ideas and poses to create a great album? These exclusive engagement images coming from real weddings will blow your mind!


The list is endless when it comes to preparing for your wedding. The big fat Indian wedding is such a key part of our culture that we want to get everything just right. From deciding the colour theme to ringing up endless caterers, planning a wedding is a hell of a task.

However, the one thing that makes all this hustling process a sweet, dreamy memory are the photos. Photographs are the chronicles of your life; they contain the big moments, the candid shots, the fancy birthdays, and most of all the embarrassing wardrobe choices!

Now a wedding comes along with various functions, the Roka, the Sangeet, and the wedding ceremony. Getting your pictures right for these require some time and attention. With a plethora of photographers out there, you have to pick someone who understands your vision for your Big Day. Luckily in this digital world, there are many portfolios out there that you can look into and decide to pursue.

Getting the perfect photographs of your big day is the most prioritised task of someone getting married. All the decorations, foods, dresses, and shoes should be locked into existence forever by the means of clicking their pictures. If you are a crazy ambitious human who surfs the internet for hours to find the perfect poses for your engagement pictures, we are here to make this task much easier for you.

From deciding your best angle, feature and pose, photographs can be complicated, but with the suggestions written down below, we hope that you get those upcoming profile pictures just right!

1. Play with the light

Gautam Khullar Photography

If you have a fancy background, then never miss on that, as it will give you an aesthetic picture. Let the combination of background and the lights create some magic. The golden-red background complementing the darkness is one of the engagement images you will definitely love to add in your engagement album.

2. Get close to the emotions

Gautam Khullar Photography

A close-up picture like this is a must in your engagement album. The bokeh background adds character when used for engagement images. It helps portray love and romance. The happiness of a couple of being hitched is the essence of such pictures and the ring of the bride-to-be is as beautiful as the image itself. The art of highlighting the little things in the shot makes it the best out these engagement images.

3. Love in dance

Gautam Khullar Photography

Cherishing the candid moments is quite a fun thing once you get married! The dancing couple is captured beautifully while they are lost in each other’s eyes. Such engagement images signify love and a sense of comfort with each other. This is a great pose to flaunt the gorgeous bridal dress, and it basically kills two birds with one stone, which is what makes it an important part of these exclusive engagement images.

4. Cute Kiss


The cute kiss captured from a low angle with a stunning background makes this one of the most awe-inspiring engagement images. The perfect combination of blue and red captured with the natural beauty that is decorated with hanging bulbs sums up into a picture that tells a story of love and care. If you wish to have something very cute with the minimal approach, then this pose should be a part of our album.

5. Grand Entry

Gautam Khullar Photography

The contemporary entrance of the bride and groom should be captured in a wide shot. The best men and the bridesmaids giving you a grand welcome with those sparkling party poppers is a great idea that you can use to make your entry memorable. The amazing shot is a clear depiction of friendship and happiness in the lives, which is why it is a part of these engagement images.

6. Gazing with love

Gautam Khullar Photography

Never shy away from expressing your love to your partner, because you never know when a photographer captures those cute little moments. The picture is a stream of emotions that shows how happy the couple is! The sparkles add glam and glitz to this engagement image. The candid shots become an ultimate delight if you have some nice lighting and some real emotions to show.

7. Opulent background

Gautam Khullar Photography

If your engagement décor has an opulent background, never miss out on using that to take stunning engagement images. Make sure the lighting is perfect when taking such engagement images. Such backgrounds go hand in hand with the contemporary outfits that you can use to flaunt your silhouette.

8. Bring out the poser in you!

Gautam Khullar Photography

How about a Shah Rukh Khan pose to show your love to your fiancée? The great idea is an inspiration from the picture above! The bokeh background with the focus on the bride’s happiness is a great shot. Your engagement album should have some beautiful shots that you can cherish when you two turn old together. The fancy dress of the bride never misses stealing the attention.

Wedding day is filled with rituals and rites so; the best time to collect some amazing engagement images for your wedding album is your engagement ceremony. We hope the process of capturing such engagement images will give you some memories to cherish forever.

Be as creative as you can and choose the best photographer for your big day.