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5 Dulhan Jewellery Ornaments That Every Bride Should Have!

Dulhan jewellery is one of the first things one buys before the wedding. Here are few of the most important ornaments that almost all brides wear at their wedding, along with some useful tips on how to select them!

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An Indian bride cannot hold her own without the jewellery she wears! The multiple ornaments a bride wears is what makes her look so stunningly beautiful. In a Hindu wedding, a bride wears so much jewellery with multiple pieces for different parts, like the nose, the forehead, the neck and much more. Every piece of jewellery has its own significance and own set of designs that are generally deemed appropriate.

The traditional Dulhan jewellery for an Indian bride can be a bit over the top for some, but many brides love that look! At the end of the day, it is totally a case of personal taste. However, there are certain pieces of jewellery that almost all the brides usually wear and this article focuses on those aspects of Dulhan jewellery!

1. The Matha Patti


Starting with the head, the Matha Patti is a common piece in the Dulhan jewellery collection. India, being a culturally diverse nation, has quite a few different takes on this ornament. The north Indian Matha Patti style has more of gold or silver elements with some stones in it, while the south Indian style leans more towards having pearls or white beads that are sometimes set on an intricate gold base. The south Indian style follows the kind of design you may see worn by a Bharatnatyam dancer. However, apart from these traditional designs, you can also opt for simple chain designs that are not this broad and heavy. Again, it depends on your personal preference!

2. A stunning necklace

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The biggest ornament in a Dulhan jewellery collection that has to look great is the necklace. One of the most important things to note when it comes to selecting the kind of jewellery you want to wear is the kind of necklace you want to wear. If you do not like too many chains and necklaces on your body then just look for a broad necklace with heavy stonework. It gives you a regal look.

Another take on the necklace is to have one or two layers of necklaces that are identical in design but differ in their length. Choose wisely, as it would decide your overall look.

3. An elegant finger chain

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Not many brides think of a finger chain when they think of Dulhan jewellery, but it looks great when you wear it the right way. The key here is to select the style based on the aesthetic that you want to go ahead with. You can go ahead either with a thin chain going towards one of the fingers for a delicate vibe or go for multiple thin chains that go to a higher number of fingers to create a more imperial style. Another to thing keep in mind is the intricacy of the mehndi design you want to apply on your hand. If the mehndi design is too cluttered then this jewellery piece might not look that great. Just a small tip!

4. Bangles. Traditional or not?

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Another beautiful aspect of the Indian Dulhan jewellery is the use of bangles. The selection of bangles depends on two aspects – the culture you come from and the attire you are wearing. In India, the wedding traditions depend on the culture you belong to and it is important that you follow the same at a wedding ceremony.

While the North Indian brides wear ivory and red coloured bangles called Chuda, the South Indian brides usually wear gold bangles. The Konkani bride wears green coloured bangles along with gold bangles. Similarly, brides from different backgrounds have their own take on bangles. If you are not following the traditions, the thing you need to keep in mind while selecting bangles for Dulhan jewellery is the outfit you are wearing. Select bangles that match the colour of your outfit!

5. A beautiful Nath

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A Nath is a big nose ring with a chain that goes to the hair and latches behind your ear. It gives the bride the true Indian look that is reminiscent of the ancient style. The designs do depend on cultures but not as much as bangles do. Therefore, select a gold nath design that best suits your outfit. It is important to understand that you should not go overboard with this. Instead, go a little subtle with this so that it does not hide your facial features. You can opt for either a simple chain or the one with small stones on the chain. This is an optional part of Dulhan jewellery but we would suggest that you wear it if you are looking to get a completely traditional look.

Now, that you know all the major ornaments a bride should wear, do not forget to buy these during your Dulhan jewellery shopping. Consider the basic traditions of your culture and the colour of the outfit you are wearing. This will help you immensely in choosing the right jewellery for you.

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