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Do's And Don'ts That The Couple Should Adhere By For Their Pre-Wedding Couple Photoshoot

Talk about the wedding and the first thing on the planner is deciding on the pre-wedding couple photoshoot. The first step towards making things publicly official. But are you familiar with the do’s and don’t of it?

Image Courtesy: Shades Photography

While families are busy accounting wedding function preparations, the to-be-married couple focuses on the pre-wedding couple photoshoot. Earlier, it was all about just getting clicked in a garden, maybe against a heritage monument, all smiles and a placard saying ‘Save The Date’. Now, times have changed, photography has evolved and so has the entire meaning of couple photoshoot. It’s more about the anticipation that everyone holds, waiting for the couple to reveal their out-of-the-box pre-wedding photoshoot. Special attention is paid to the look or looks as well as the location; for the shoot.

Depending on the budgets, local aesthetically inclined spots or destination shoots are finalised with the best photographer available to the couple. But even if the location is straight out of a movie scouting list, your props and ensembles are on point, there still exist a certain set of photography rules that the couple and your wedding photographer need to adhere to in order to get that cinematographic photoshoot. We’ve got you covered with all the do’s and don’ts that should be considered while getting your pre-wedding shoot done. After all, there are no re-takes in this movie!

1. Do Pick A Photoshoot Theme That Matches Your Personality


Both of you sit down over a cup of coffee and discuss each other’s personalities and what really connects you two together. Remember that a photoshoot of you two should be a trailer of who you both really are. The more candid, the merrier! Never pick a theme that’s opposite of who you really are, because you will never get comfortable during the photoshoot to get naturally clicked.

2. Spend Time In Finding The Perfect Shoot Location

The right shoot location makes a huge difference in achieving those dreamy-romantic images to perfection. Spend a good amount of time doing your research, discussing the options with your photographer and managing your budgets before you find out the best deal! Avoid doing your couple photoshoot at city-spots that are already very famous for the pre-wedding photoshoot. Look for a hidden gem of a place that speaks volumes about you two as a couple. Take up the challenge and find that secret spot for a memorable couple photoshoot.

3. No Colour Co-ordinated Cliches


You are a couple, not twins who need to match everything to look cute together. Avoid colour co-ordinated or printed co-ordinated apparels for your photoshoot. It’s done, it’s boring and it doesn’t compliment you at all as a couple. Instead, contrast each other’s looks to compliment each other by picking colour combinations that look aesthetically beautiful together. A sunny yellow compliments a solid purple tone, a powder pink looks beautiful with chalk-grey and a royal fuchsia compliments pastel lavender. You and your partner can decide before shopping for clothes, who would like to wear which colour for better coordination. If picking the right colour combination is not your cup of tea, ask your photographer to suggest colour palettes that will complement the backdrop as well the hue of cinematography he or she is looking at capturing at your pre-wedding couple photoshoot.

4. Do Bring A Pair of Flats

Image - Drafts When you wear heels for long, the pain real! And the last thing you need is that pain to start showing up on your face while you get romantically clicked with your partner. The best practice to follow on the day of your shoot is to carry a change of flats when you are off-camera. Switch back to your pair of heels when your photographer says ‘action’. This will not only save you from an unbearable feet-ache but will also let you be animated during break time.

5. Do Ask Your Photographer To Suggest Poses


Drafts You can either practice your poses together in front of a mirror beforehand, or you can ask your photographer to suggest some romantic poses. Don’t let the photographer impose cliched and dramatic-looking poses for you both, which look made-up post-production. It’s always a good idea to chat with your photographer in advance or during the time of the shoot and tell him/her what poses you are comfortable in and which ones you can avoid. Also, if you know your anatomy and think certain angles can make you look slimmer, or you want to avoid getting double chin in the picture or want to hide an unfortunate acne scar, do convey it to the photographer while he’s doing his/her job.

6. Have Fun, Be Candid

The most important rule of doing a pre-wedding couple photoshoot is to have lots of fun. Talk to each other, lighten up the mood, crack a few jokes or simply talk about how excited you are to get married. These conversations will help bring out the best in you, giving the photographer a chance to photograph you both candidly. Don’t we all agree that the candid laughs and blushed are the cutest?

7. Keep Change-Of-Clothes Minimal


Unless you have 2-3 days of couple photoshoot lined up, avoid incorporating way too many themes, locations and change of clothes in a single day. All these factors are time-consuming and above all, quite exhausting. The results of which, will be visible on your tired faces which not even a contour can correct. Keep one theme in your mind and opt for a maximum of 2 set of clothes to be worn throughout the day.

8. Don’t Get Clicked In A Gloomy Weather

It is not really a good idea to shoot at locations or during a time when the weather is all gloomy. From a photography point of view, the photographs turn out to look gloomy and dull as well. Since a pre-wedding couple shoot is all about happiness, love and zeal, gloomy photographs won’t do justice to all the efforts put into it. Always choose a sunny day and a pre-noontime or pick the golden-hour between 04:00 PM to 05:00 PM to get clicked for the most vibrant shots. If at all you are on a destination where the weather is cold and grey, request your photographer to use the right bounce-flash and reflectors to brighten up your faces for the shoot.

9. Don’t Let The Photographer Over-Photoshop Your Images

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The right cinematography doesn’t demand excessive edits and so you need to put in a request with your photographer to minimise the photoshoot edits on your photographs. Over-exposure, excessive high-definition volumes, exceeding contrast and bleeding saturation are some of the edit blunders that should be avoided at any cost. Pick your photographer based on how natural his pre-works look like. This will give you an idea about how skilled your photographer is with the editing software and his aesthetic knowledge.

Like we mentioned earlier, your pre-wedding couple photoshoot should be all about having fun and being comfortable. It is this photoshoot experience where you get to be the producer and director, so spend lots of time in finalising everything. And while you’re at it, do discuss the comfort zone of you and your partner beforehand. There may be certain poses or shots which your partner might not be comfortable in participating for. Respect each other’s comfort zone and you will have the best time getting closer to each other for a spectacular pre-wedding couple photoshoot experience. Also, remember to be as expressive with your photographer for him/her to understand what you have in mind better. You three would want to be on the same page for this photoshoot to be a success, isn’t it?

Do you have any hidden locations around your locality that you would like to suggest for other brides-to-be? Comment below as we add them to our location list.