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8 of the Best Wedding Day Perfume Options for the Bride & Groom!

On your wedding, do not just look great - smell great too! We have prepared a list of 8 of the Best Wedding Day perfumes that the bride and groom can wear on the big day.

ShutterDown by Lakshya Chawla

Amidst all the planning for the wedding attire, bridal footwear and bridal jewellery there is one important thing that as often neglected when planning for a wedding day for the bride and groom. That element is the perfume that the bride and groom wear on their much-awaited wedding day.

Considering the hot and humid weather in many parts of the country and the amount of traditional ceremonies that the couple has to perform, we bet the two create a situation where the bride and groom can get very sweaty.  A bad body odour is definitely not something that you would want to deal with on one the biggest days of your life. Also, the fact that you will most likely be wearing something heavy that won’t let some air into your body, will only make matters worse!

So, keeping all these factors in mind, choosing the best wedding day perfume that masks all the body odour and keeps you feeling fresh throughout the ceremony becomes very important. The following is a list of some popular perfume brands that can help you choose the best wedding day perfume for you.

1. Hugo Boss

Image Courtesy: Hugo Boss

Hugo Boss is one of the leading luxury brands known for a fine collection of perfumes for both men and women which are generally available for decent prices when taken into account the quality of the product. The prices for the best wedding day perfume options from the brand cost anywhere in the range of ₹3,000 - 6,000.

Our pick for the bride - Women’s The Scent For Her Eau de Parfum

Our pick for the groom - Men’s The Scent Eau de Toilette

2. Calvin Klein

Image Courtesy: Carousell

Also referred to as CK, Calvin Klein has a diverse range of perfumes that take inspiration from beautiful scents from elements of nature. The popular American brand has some of the most interesting and robust smelling perfumes that are priced within reasonable brackets. This makes the range of Calvin Klein perfumes a deserving entrant on this list of the best wedding day perfume.

Our pick for the bride - Euphoria Perfume

Our pick for the groom - Obsession Cologne

3. Chanel

Image Courtesy: Carousell

Next, on this list of best wedding day perfume, we have Chanel, one of the most highly rated luxury brands when it comes to perfumes. If you’ve always wanted to get a Chanel perfume, your wedding is one occasion where you can take the leap and splurge on a premium product that will make you feel fresher on such a big day.

Our pick for the bride - Chanel Chance Eau Tendre

Our pick for the groom - Chanel Bleu De Chanel

4. Tom Ford

Image Courtesy: Tom Ford

Tom Ford is another high-end luxury brand that would easily walk into every list for the best wedding day perfume anywhere in the world. Tom Ford has a range of exquisite perfumes that have the deepest and the most intense fragrances, which makes their products stand out from the rest. It is for this reason that the range of Tom Ford perfumes is the product of choice for many international celebrities.

Our pick for the bride - Tom Ford Lost Cherry

Our pick for the groom - Tom Ford Black Orchid

5. Versace

Image Courtesy: Wangihouse

A high-end design giant, Versace is also a very popular brand when it comes to perfumes. The brand offers a huge variety of fragrances to choose from in different sized bottlings. You can choose from all kinds of different fragrances that offer everything from floral, earthy or spicy smelling notes to cater to different tastes of different customers.

Our pick for the bride - Versace Dark Noir

Our pick for the groom - Versace The Dreamer

6. Zara

Image Courtesy: Zara

One of the most popular lifestyle and street fashion brands in India, Zara also has an underrated range of perfumes that can prove to be the best wedding day perfumes for you if you don’t want to spend an extravagant amount of money on fragrances. Zara is a safe bet to go for and will do the job with its range of impressive scents.

Our pick for the bride - Zara Black Peony

Our pick for the groom - Zara Black Tag Intense

Solid smelling perfume is a must to wear on your wedding day and is something that you should include in your kit of essentials. You can keep applying some perfume if the weather is extra hot and humid to save you of any kind of embarrassment. We hope that this article on the best wedding day perfume for brides and grooms helps you in choosing the right product for you.

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