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Top Design Images to Help You Plan Your Wedding Attire

Have a pre-wedding function coming up? Well, if you’re wondering what to wear, we have some fashionable top design images to help you decide on your attire for the day!

Anita Dongre

Pre-wedding functions are those celebrations when family and friends get together to make the most with the couple. It’s a time to enjoy and have a whole lot of fun with sing and dance. There is a lot that goes into preparing for a pre-wedding function like Sangeet, Haldi, Mehndi etcetera. Apart from the venue, décor and food, what you wear is equally important.

For a pre-wedding function, you could choose from a variety of different outfits like sarees, lehengas, dresses, salwar kameez suits and fashionable gowns. If you’re looking to plan your pre-wedding attire and would like some inspiration, then you’ve landed at the right place.

We’ve put together some top design images that you could scan through and draw some inspiration from in order to come up with your own pre-wedding attire. So take a look and get inspired!

1. The Always Popular Lehengas

Anita Dongre

The first one on our list of top design images is the popular lehenga. If you thought lehengas are only for the big day, then you’re totally wrong! Lehengas can be worn for any celebration including a pre-wedding function.

They are available in a number of different shades like bright reds, pinks to lovely pastel shades as well. Today, you could opt for designer lehengas that are specially designed for pre-wedding functions. If you want your big day lehenga to stand out from the rest of your outfits, then you could choose simple pastel shades without too much work for a pre-wedding function. Talented designers like Anita Dongre and Ritu Kumar have some great lehenga collections that are perfect for a pre-wedding day.

The fantastic work and design of the lehengas are simply outstanding and going in for something like this would be a good idea. You could decide to go in for a theme party where the girl squad and women of the family could also opt for lehengas in pastel shades to make everything look well-planned and organised. Take a look at this beautiful lehenga design by Anita Dongre that is in a beautiful pastel colour.

Go in for something like this or choose a lehenga that is simple and perfect for a pre-wedding occasion. Team this up with all the right jewellery and you could never go wrong at all!

2. The Traditional Saree

Anita Dongre

The second on the list of top design images is the saree. If you thought sarees are not meant for a pre-wedding bash, then picture yourself in one!  Sarees are equally gorgeous for any of your pre-wedding occasions.

Right from chiffon sarees to velvet and net ones, you have some great top designer sarees you could opt for. Sarees are a great option if you’re planning to have a very traditional party, where everyone is going to be dressed in traditional wear. If you’re looking for sarees that are not too heavy, you have those options as well.

Pick from floral prints to fabulous heavy work sarees depending on the type of style you prefer. You could even choose to go for a simple saree with a fashionable low-back blouse in order to make your saree standout.

3. The Comfortable Salwar Kameez

Anita Dongre

Third, on the list of top design images is the comfortable salwar kameez. If your party is going to be full of fun and dance, then going in for something comfortable is always a good idea. Salwaar kameez suits come in a variety of different patterns like Anarkali, kurti or even Punjabi styles. You could choose something that gives you the best look.

If you’re looking for a salwar kameez style that’s heavy then there are plenty of different options to choose from. Make your salwar kameez suits standout by having a stylish back neck design or fashionable off-shoulder and cold-shoulder patterns too. You could add some beautiful traditional jewellery as well in order to make your whole getup seem stunning.

4. A Traditional and Modern Twist

Anita Dongre

If you’re looking to have a function that’s a perfect mix of traditional and modern, then choose a long dress just like this. This outfit looks like a long Anarkali, but at the same time, it looks like a dress too. Whatever you wear, comfort is always key.

If your party is going to be a lot of dance, then choosing something comfortable is the way to go. This outfit in a beautiful pink shade is inspired by the walls of the magnificent Jaipur City Palace. Team this up with the perfect jewellery and shoes and you could rock your party in style!

5. The Perfect Gown

Anita Dongre

The next on the list of top design images are perfect gowns. Gowns for a big day like a pre-wedding function is also a fantastic idea if you’re looking for a modern touch to your attire. Gowns can give you a very formal look if your party is a more formal one.

Choose gowns that are right for the occasion and one that suits your body type perfectly. There are gorgeous designer gowns available with fashionable patterns to help you look your best for the occasion. Pick from backless styles to off-shoulder and high slit gowns to add that style effect to their attire.

6. Be Sexy in a Dress

Anita Dongre

When talking about top design images, the sexy dress just has to be on the list. Dresses could never go out of style when it comes to party attire and wearing a sexy one for any occasion could definitely be a nice idea.

Dresses have the ability to make you look extremely stylish and fashionable. From pretty short dresses to midi styles, you can choose the best one for your party. Hope these top design images will help you decide on the best outfit for your pre-wedding celebration.

If you’re looking to get some of these fabulous designs made for your function, contact our tailors/designers to design them for you.