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The Best Wedding Dress Styles for All Wedding Parties!

Here are some wedding dress styles which have been sourced from the west, but can very much be adorned at a Desi wedding. Strap those heels & get ready to flaunt the silhouettes!

Image Courtesy: Doodle Studio

We love adorning beautiful dresses and did we notice that western fashion has taken over our fashionable wardrobes and how! Not just for a regular weekend party, but nowadays we can be seen strutting in different dresses at wedding functions as well. As much as we love the idea of dresses for wedding parties, we often end up picking up a regular floor-length gown to call it THE dress of the occasion.

But did you know that there are an array of wedding dress styles that one can opt for to wear to many wedding parties? Well, let us shift the spotlight to different kinds of wedding dress styles, what qualities make them unique and how to adorn them for what wedding function. So get ready brides-to-be and bridesmaids, because it is time to ace the art of twirling in different wedding dress styles!

Ball Gown

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The ball gown is considered to be one of the most formal dress styles that is perfect to be worn for cocktail parties and black tie wedding parties. The full skirt with layers of tulle underlying for extra volume and a well-fitted bodice make this a proper red carpet ensemble, among other wedding dress styles. There are an array of necklines that change the overall look of the ball gowns. The most sought after neckline styles are the sweetheart neckline, boatneck neckline and V-neckline. Diamond chandelier earrings go very well with a ball gown dress.

Mermaid Dress

Image Courtesy: The Wedding Story

A mermaid dress is that animated style of ensemble which consists of a well-fitted bodice till knees and then it flares out in a downward V shape till to the floor. A mermaid dress with a shoulderless neckline or single-sleeved shoulder style goes very well with side-swept wavy hair and cocktail earrings. Adorn mermaid dress among other wedding dress styles for Sangeet night, reception party or even for the cocktail wedding party. The dress is fitted to the T, so make a mental note to have patience while moving around as walking with wider footsteps will be challenged.

A-Line Dress

Image Courtesy: Sabyasachi Official

An A-line dress consists of a unique style of silhouette which has well-fitted shoulders and torso area, followed with a wider circle of skirt that starts from right under the bust area or the waistline. This dress style is the most frequently spotted style of wedding dress styles that women love wearing for Indian weddings. One can opt to wear a plain A-line dress for the Mehndi, or Zari embellished A-line dress style for the Sangeet and cocktails as well. Pulled up hair in a curly bun will compliment an A-line dress effortlessly.

Fit And Flare Dress

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A fit and flare dress might look similar to a mermaid dress but is actually distinct from the fishtail dress style. Just like the mermaid dress, a fit and flare dress too has a fitted bodice from shoulders till hips, but then it flares out in an untamed proportion in diametre till the floor. Which means, that unlike the defining downward V-shape of a mermaid dress, a fit and flare dress is more free-style flare which depends on the kind of fabric that is being used for the purpose. Make sure that you invest in a comfortable pair of heels as walking in a fit and flare dress can demand practice and attention at all times.

The Ruffled Fitted Dress

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A fitted dress can be considered as the most modern and casual type among other wedding dress styles. The straight fitted dress style is super comfortable and perfect when one is hosting a cocktail party for friends and families pre-wedding. A pair of stud earrings, a cocktail ring, a hand-clutch with a pair of patent heels will go perfectly well with this dress style. Give curls to the hair or simply set them sleek-style with a generous amount of hair mousse in-check.

Wedding dress styles demand the right kind of accessorisation. How about complementing the look with a diamonds studded tiara? With each of these wedding dress styles, make sure that you invest equal time in pairing jewellery and footwear. Neutral or dewy makeup goes very well with all of these wedding dress styles. So make sure that you skip on getting sharp eyes and vibrant red lips and opt for a neutral colour palette for the right makeup.

Many talented designers who are listed with us, expertise in showcasing fresh wedding dress styles every season. Check them out for all the latest collections on your finger tips.