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Express Your Love With These Experience Wedding Anniversary Gifts For The Modern-age Couple

Wedding anniversary gifts are an indispensable ritual followed by couples to remind their partner of their unconditional love and strong bond of togetherness, we have curated a list of exquisite gifting items, read more to know.

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If you’re looking for a memorable and enchanting way to spell a cast on your significant other, we have got you covered with some of the stellar experience-based wedding anniversary gifts that will sweep him/her off the feet. In a world where we are enveloped with all things exotic and fancy, don’t be turned off by the classic wedding anniversary gifts and embrace them with some uber-royal garnishing of the epicurean personalised element.

There is an array of personal wedding anniversary gifts that will leave you mesmerised and transport you to the good ol’ days. However, some of the unique creative and artistic wedding anniversary gifts will totally spring your excitement and perk up your romantic life. Here are some of the most cherished and treasured wedding anniversary gifts that you’ll surely love.

1. Sweet Tooth Lovers

The Chocolate Wardrobe

The best wedding anniversary gifts that will always be cherished and act as an aphrodisiac for your special day. Chocolates never hurt anyone and thank god for The Chocolate Wardrobe who offers the most saccharine exotic chocolate dipped truffles, personalised with cheesy one-liners or custom-made with names of your better half or some euphemism that you both cherish.

We’re more than sure that these loves brewed chocolates will find a way to reach the heart and soul of your significant other and make up for an amazing evening with rose and mellow evening. Chocolates come in a variety of fillings like caramel, white chocolate, liquor or even some flavoured sauces.

2. Home Décor

Q4 Home

A statement-stealer wall mounting piece is worth a million bucks for it will remind your better half about your love and adoration. Gift her a piece of artsy and rare finds home décor item to reminisce of the romantic relationship she shares with you and give her a subtle reminder that you’re always right beside her when she’s rushing on busy days. Bonus points if she anyways loves to look for tips and tricks of home decoration.

Alternatively, you may light up the aromatic candles on a date night and celebrate your togetherness over a glass of wine and dine to make her feel special and rewarding. Trust us, there’s no feeling akin to being important and felt loved. Such wedding anniversary gifts will add an element of jazz and sass up your home with love ushering in like a storm.

3. Fine Women Jewellery

Rhea Jewelry

If there’s one way you can truly win your woman’s heart on your wedding anniversary, fine jewellery for women counts to be one of the most treasured pieces of wedding anniversary gifts. Gift her gold or diamond or platinum-based delicate jewellery perfect for work meetings or even occasional gatherings. Lightweight jewellery is always appreciated.

Modern age working women will truly appreciate this sweet gesture and you can expect some prancing around the bedroom kinda wedding anniversary night if you know what we mean.

4. Handcrafted Caskets

DNV Creations

Ever imagined what it feels to gift your man with something he will always stay indebted to you for, well, we finally found a hack. Bring home the magical charm of handcrafted caskets suitable to store your expensive laissez faire liquor or just flaunt them in your at-home bar. Such wedding anniversary gifts for men are rare to find and treasured for a lifetime because of their meaningful essence and rustic charm.

Handcrafted in wood with embossed letters, what else does your man need if not take out his decade-old malts from the casket on a gala soiree to impress his peers. Wedding Anniversary gift for husband such as this is sure to earn some brownie points.

5. Fancy Showpieces


Let’s accept it, women are fine connoisseurs of all things decorative, artsy and homely. Wedding anniversary gifts for women are beyond this listicle, however, they have a special space for such gorgeous showpieces in the closest chambers of their heart. Melt her on your wedding anniversary as you gift her this royal wooden centrepiece for your glass top detailed with silverware foliage to further enhance its flamboyance.

She will surely appreciate you for this thoughtful and suave wedding anniversary gift, surprise her with some chocolates sprinkled over or just put some flowers to go cheesy and romantic, after all, it’s your anniversary!

6. Exotic Food & Beverages

Image Courtesy: The Good Life Company

For the connoisseurs of food and beverage like tea or coffee, gift your partner this stunning ensemble of The Good Life’s epicurean food and beverage packages. They feature a wide range of exotic tea, coffee beans, chocolates, multi-grains, cereals etc. to satiate your appetite with all things fancy and whimsical. Every morning, brew some love with such wedding anniversary gifts that will give you a subtle reminder of how much love your significant other has for you.

7. Customised Gifting

Concept Artz

Because you’re a millennial and 21st-century kid don’t do it plain boring especially when it’s a special occasion. Go whacky and jazz up your anniversary with custom-made wedding anniversary gifts like this portable-alcohol container with your partner’s name engraved on it. You may choose to go crazy with some funky or quirky message to make things fun and cheery because romance is incomplete without the flavour of fun.

Wedding anniversary gifts market is booming and how with several wedding vendors experimenting across this domain and introducing quirky gifts to take your breath away. We loved the idea of a simple yet custom-made personalised wedding anniversary gifts for the partner to rekindle the romance with some fun.

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