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The 'What' 'Why' and 'How' of Silk Thread Jewellery

Looking for some silk thread jewellery inspiration? We have some ideas and also the places you can get them from!

Image Courtesy: Hyacinth Events

While gold jewellery is worn by brides as a tradition, there's no harm in adding a little bit of vibrancy to your bridal jewellery collection and spruce up your look on the whole and the best way to do that? silk thread jewellery!

Silk thread goes back a long way - it was first processed in China more than 5000 years ago. The silk thread is made from silkworm cocoons which could be found on trees. In 2640 BC, an empress in China discovered that if you put these cocoons in hot water, they could be stretched to form a long filament or a thread.

That's how the silk thread came into being and has ever since been used in embroidery. Because of its lustrous and elastic properties, it soon started being used for making jewellery as well. Sit back as we take you through the different types of silk thread jewellery you can flaunt on your wedding functions:  

Bangles With Jhumkis

Dipak Studios

Image Courtesy: Dipak Studios

These yellow silk thread bangles with multi-coloured balls and Jhumkis hanging from it is the perfect addition to your Haldi outfit! It adds tons of colours and transforms your whole outfit into a quirky one. Brides who're looking to make bold statements and love being out there, these bangles are going to look gorgeous on you!  

Bangles With Floral Motifs

Israni Photography

Floral motifs are synonymous with wedding jewellery and when it comes to silk thread bangles, this pattern fits perfectly well. While the base colour used here is maroon with an off-white shade for the motifs, you can definitely experiment with the colours. If you so wish, you can also add more traditional wedding motifs like the elephant or the peacock to make your set of silk thread bangles stand out!  

Simple Necklace

Image Courtesy: Kalapuri

Looking for something simple yet elegant to wear for your engagement or perhaps your Sangeet? This simple silk thread necklace with black and orange beads is definitely going to steal a lot of hearts! If you're wearing an outfit that doesn't go with this colour combination, you can always experiment with other colours that go well with your attire.  

Necklace With Stones

Image Courtesy: Leila Khan

This silk thread necklace is quite an intricate piece of work - Not only does it have alternately coloured beads at the top but the central circular locket has stones embedded in it. Plus the golden beads on the edge add the' voila factor' to it!  

Earrings With Heart Motifs

Image Courtesy: Outhouse jewellery

Want something funky and playful when it comes to earrings? Try out this pair of super-cool silk thread earrings. From the zig-zag pattern in different colours to the heart motifs and threads hanging on from the edge, this is just perfect for brides looking to add some quirk to their outfit!  

Earrings With Pearls

Image Courtesy: Pinterest

Sophistication is the word for these earrings  - the red silk thread that's been circled around multiple times goes on to show how exquisite these earrings are and the pearls as always, add the right amount of dazzle to the earrings. You could definitely wear these earrings for your Sangeet or Engagement ceremony!  

Check Out the Top Jewellery Makers: 

Sai Creative Silk Thread Jewellery

Based out of Chennai, Sai Creative Silk Thread Jewellery is known for their ability to craft truly authentic and unique jewellery. They are a bunch of skilled and professional artists who put in maximum effort to make sure that they create pieces of stunning jewellery that'll truly satisfy their clients. From Mehndi to Haldi functions, they know the importance that jewellery holds in Indian weddings and will definitely deliver something to you that you'll love. It takes them around 10-15 days to deliver the orders, so make sure you plan in advance!  

Naini Creations - Silk Thread Jewellery

Based out of Bangalore, Naini Creations is widely popular for the fine jewellery they craft. Be it a wedding function or an evening gathering their well-curated collection will definitely give you something you'll want to wear over and over again.

They customise their jewellery based on your tastes and personality, so all you need to do is have a chat with them about what you like and you'll get something stunning and charming! Plus their service is customer-centric and will never disappoint you. The jewels that they use is certified, so you can leave the order to them completely and relax. Wearing the jewellery they make is definitely going to be one of your most cherished outfit choices.

Anu's Silk Thread Jewellery

Anu's Silk Thread Jewellery is based out of Bangalore as well and they believe in the simple philosophy that in order to make heads turn, all you need to do is pick dazzling ornaments for yourself. They make sure no guest leaves disappointed so you can discuss each detail of your outfit with them, before ordering jewellery from them. They truly are the masters of their craft, so get ready to receive something mesmerising from them! They also get bonus points because they're always ready to make as many changes as you want until you get your dream jewellery.

Now that you know all about the types of silk thread jewellery and where to get them from, you can add them to your wedding ensemble. It might seem minor but designing these timeless pieces takes a lot of time and planning - to get started right away!  

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