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Learn How to Drape a Saree Below the Navel in a Contemporary Style

Wish to tie the sensuous saree below navel at the next wedding function? If yes, then learn how to drape a saree in two of the classiest styles!

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Everyone knows that sarees are one of the women’s most prized possessions, apart from their gold jewellery, of course. Many women spent their childhoods draping dupattas to create sarees and playhouse. However, in spite of that, our generation does not know how to properly drape a saree, especially a saree below navel. It is a very sassy look, perfect for a tall and slender figure! The best part is that it also gives the illusion of having a tall figure.

Today, we will let you in on all the small tips and tricks of draping a saree below navel. We have chosen two of our favourite drapes and are going to give you simple steps on how to drape them. We are sure you will look gorgeous in a simple draped saree below the navel.

Scroll down to know the steps of draping a saree below navel in different pallu styles!

Step by step for a loose pallu drape

1. Drape the saree below navel

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The first thing to remember while draping a saree below navel is to wear your petticoat below the navel. Take one end of the saree and tuck it in the petticoat. Remember not to tuck in too much of the fabric. Take one end around and tuck in the saree below navel. Then the next step starts. Keep reading to know more about it!

2. Make sure that the pleats are secured

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The next thing you have to do for tying your saree below navel is to make the pleats. Now even women who have experience in wearing a saree have trouble making pleats with expertise. To make the best pleats, take the saree fabric you need for the pleat and set it aside. Take the rest of the saree and drape it on your shoulders. After that take the remaining fabric on your left side (the one you left for the pleats) and secure it with the saree. Make sure it is tightly secured and giving your waist a natural curve. Then you just make the pleats with your fingers.

3. Tie the loose pallu

Image Courtesy: Manish Malhotra's Collection

The last step in draping a saree below navel is to take the pallu and secure it on your blouse with a safety pin. You can keep it tight and neat or make it lose and show off your sexy blouse, just like Bebo in the first step image. You can also take the open pallu and drape it on your other shoulder just like this image!

Step by step draping of a pleated pallu saree

1. Follow the first 2 steps

Image Courtesy: Manish Malhotra's Collection

Refer to the first two points in the steps for draping a saree below navel with an open pallu. Remember to tuck in only less than an inch of the fabric and secure the pleats tightly before moving onto your pallu. Make sure the pleats reach the ground.

The most important thing to keep in mind is to wear your heels before you start wearing your saree below navel. This way there will be no problem with the height of the saree. It should always touch the ground and never hover above 2-3 inches.

2. Make pleats with the pallu

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Pleated pallu goes really well with a saree draped below the waist. It accentuates the figure, showing off all your curves beautifully! While making a pleated pallu, double-check that you have enough fabric at the end. You can choose any length you want, short or long.

To make a pallu, you have to make the pleats from the end of the fabric. Hold a corner and start making pleats till the other end. Make sure that the width of the pleat is not too thick.

3. Secure it lightly and accessorise!

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The last step in draping a saree below navel beautifully is to secure it properly with safety pins. If you are wearing a net saree or one with a very thin fabric, you can wear a safety pin with a paper in between. Tear off a small piece of paper and stick it in the needle. Then use it to secure your pleats and pallu. Accessorise your look with some jewellery, hair accessories, matching heels and maybe some bangles and flowers in your hair.

There are many ways in which you can drape your saree below navel, however, these two are the classiest styles and our favourites! They are perfect for any type of saree from chiffon to silk and any occasion from Haldi to a wedding ceremony.

We hope you now know how to drape a saree below navel. We bet you will look gorgeous no matter how you decide to drape it!

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