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Modern Sarees That Will Make You The Coolest Bride Ever

Sarees are a very versatile garment and these modern sarees are proof of this. Be the coolest bride ever and rock one of these designs at your wedding.

Image Courtesy: Brides of Sabyasachi's Instagram

There are very few things that look as good on a woman as a saree does. It looks great on everybody, irrespective of body type, height etc. The nine-yard wonder is one thing which can instantly lift up your look and when worn right it is very comfortable.

There is a huge variety of sarees available in India. Each state has its varieties of sarees for example, Bandhani from Rajasthan, Kanjeevaram sarees from Tamil Nadu and many kinds of cotton from the North-Eastern region. But what happens when you try to modernise the humble saree? Well, let’s just say that something amazing comes out of it and the modern sarees look amazing.

Are you confused about what modern sarees are? Well, they are nothing but a trendier and quirkier version of our most traditional garment. If you are a millennial bride, then trust us, you must see these modern sarees that we recently came across. We are in love with them and are sure that once you see them, you will fall for them too.

One thing that you do need to know about modern sarees is that unlike regular sarees, one should always try it on to see whether it suits your body type and also your height. Unlike regular and traditional sarees, the drapes and fall of modern sarees is different and unique and thus its best to try them before you buy them. But hey, you need to know what modern sarees are before you can even make up your mind about them, right? So, here goes.

The Royal touch

Image Courtesy: House of Kotwara's Instagram

The first word that comes to mind upon seeing this saree is striking. It’s not just a regular embellished net saree, but one that instantly makes you feel royal and trendy as soon as you put it on. The stylish bell-sleeved embellished blouse stole our hearts the moment our eyes fell on it.

And apart from looking royal, it does have a touch of sexy to it. So many things rolled into one, right? We bet you like modern sarees already, don’t you? This kind of saree will be perfect as the dress for your wedding reception.

Drape trap

Image Courtesy: Payal Singhal's Instagram

This is one of the most unique modern sarees we have ever seen. It’s a Dhoti-style outfit with a drape pre-attached to it so that it looks like a saree. So quirky, right?

These unique modern sarees are a great pick for your Mehndi and Haldi functions because they are fun and you want to look great but also be very comfortable. Pair it with some colourful jewellery or floral jewellery and you’re good to go.

Crop top, anyone?

Image Courtesy: Payal Singhal's Instagram

Sarees with blouses are tradition, but modern sarees are all about mixing it up a little bit. This stunning floral saree paired with a ruffled strappy crop top is our definition of sexy, stylish and modern.

You can wear this saree for your Mehndi function, in a brighter colour obviously. You can also save it for one of your post-wedding outings with Mr Husband.

Tassel story

Image Courtesy: Payal Singhal's Instagram

Now, this is what modern sarees actually look like, absolutely unique, no holding back at all. This gorgeous tasselled saree is worn with pants and is draped in a very different manner from the usual saree to bring out its actual look.

You can also drape it in the normal way but then it won’t solve the purpose of modern sarees. Pair it with some chic jewellery when you go out on a post-wedding dinner with your husband and his friends and everyone will be stunned by your amazing style.

Chic and sexy

Image Courtesy: Poonam Dubey's Design Instagram

Another gorgeous piece that makes modern sarees a trend that is so loved by millennial women. This saree is paired with printed pants and usually comes pre-draped so that you don’t have any hassle while wearing it.

You can pair it with pumps or stilettos and junk jewellery for your Sangeet night or even your Mehndi ceremony.

Cape stories

Image Courtesy: Ridhi Mehra's Instagram

This is one of the modern sarees that probably everyone has come across at least once because it has become such a rage. Pairing a spaghetti blouse and a plain saree with a net cape solves two purposes - it keeps the traditional look of the saree intact and adds a subtle hint of glamour to it. 

Cape-style modern sarees are perfect for reception wear if paired with the right jewellery and makeup.

Cocktail fit

Image Courtesy: Ridhi Mehra's Instagram

This is one of those modern sarees which make heads turn and stay because of how amazingly sexy they are. The ruffled saree paired with a contrasting blouse and belt is just right for that crazy Cocktail party.

If you wear it in a lighter colour with minimal makeup, you also pull it off for a sundowner post your wedding.

Fringe it up

Image Courtesy: Ridhi Mehra's Instagram

This is more of a modern blouse paired with a plain and simple saree but well, it looks great nonetheless, all thanks to the beautiful fringy design and embroidery too. This saree works great for a post-wedding dinner if worn in a darker colour and some dramatic makeup.

These were some modern sarees that we recently came across and fell in love with. As much as we love the traditional saree look, it is always fun to play it up a bit and experiment with different looks. Which one did you like the most?

Find out more modern sarees such as these at a new-age boutique in your city.