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Choose Your Mehndi Design as per Your Personality

Wondering which mehndi design will go with your personality? Worry not! We have you covered. There's a mehndi design to complement the personality and style statement of every bride-to-be. Find a variety of mehndi designs here!

Image Credits - Light Bucket Productions

Mehndi is a tradition for elders,  style statements for the millennials and fun for kids in a wedding. The essence of mehndi differs for every one in the family but the beauty and sanctity of it remains the same for the entire clan. The beauty of mehndi lies in those intricate lines, motifs, scintillating colour, fragrance  and plethora of designs. Yes, these designs accentuate the entire demeanour of the bride and the bridesmaids. Nothing can elevate the charm of the bride in lieu of a scintillating mehndi design

Apart from this, there is a scientific logic behind the mehndi ceremony too. As Indian nuptials are a chaotic affair and some brides fall sick during the entire hectic wedding process. So to keep the stress at bay mehndi ceremony is held a day before the wedding. The cool green mehndi paste calms the bride and her much obvious wedding jitters. The bridal mehndi paste usually incorporates a little bit of clove oil and a few drops of lemon. These drops are used due to its therapeutic properties. 

Image Credits - Light Bucket Productions

Nowadays,  mehndi is also applied on the back, shoulders, neck etc as a style statement. In this epoch, the bride’s mehandi designs are curated as per the personality of the bride. Though the tradition stays the same but the design varies as per the individual taste, whim and fancy. Thereby, taking cue from this, WWI has researched on which mehndi design will go with which personality. Have a look and gear up to don a beautiful mehndi design that matches with your taste and yearnings! 

Mehndi Designs for the Minimalist personality

Image Credits - Henna by Payal

Minimalistic brides are those who find beauty in less and intricate mehndi designs. Instead of going for a heavy traditional look, minimalist brides seek to adorn something new, classy, elegant, trendy yet simple. They cherry pick mehndi designs that are not elaborate or jazzy. So, if you have a minimal taste then here are some quick inspirations for you. You can bookmark as a reference for your mehndi day. 

Round Mehndi Designs for Hands, Feet and Legs

Image Credits - Henna by Pallavi 

Image Credits - Henna by Divya

Image Credits - Pinterest

It is true that not every bride seek to clad her hands and legs with elaborated mehndi designs. Some of us want simple bridal mehndi designs. If you’re a minimal-loving bride with simple persona then these designs are curated especially for you! These designs are also called mandala art and are favourite picks nowadays. Do try!

Single Design Mehndi 

Image credits - Pinterest 

Image Credits - The Henna Art

Simple, classy and sassy. Yes, less is a new fashion nowadays. So  minimal design set inspiration goals for everyone. Are not these designs fantabulous? I'm sure you also loved it as much we do. 

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Mehndi Designs for Bold and Beautiful Brides 

Bold brides do not shy away from trying and experimenting new looks and designs. The bold brides today celebrate her own choice and they don't refrain from trying whatever she pleases. So, if your vision is bold then you don't have to care, just flaunt what you like and be the show stealer. Apart from hand and legs here we have curated scintillating back mehndi designs too. Take a look. 

Mehndi Design for your sexy back and legs 

Image Credits - Pinterest

Image Credits - Pinterest

These brides try modish and contemporary mehndi designs. So, if you are bold and beautiful then follow your hearts and adorn mehndi that resonate your free-bird like personality. These designs are absolutely stunning and mesmerising. Also, such designs are perfect for cocktail, reception and premium soirees.  

Unconventional Mehndi Design


Image Credits - Krunal Tailor 

These designs are brides who love unconventional and their style doesn't have any boundaries. We are in love in these designs as these bold, c designs are a show stealer not only on the D-day but on the honeymoon day too. 

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Mehndi Designs for Diva Brides 

Image Credits - Studio Kelly

Nuanced, amalgamation of  elaborated patterns and sassy designs are kind of designs for a diva bride. These brides prefer something that will look like a style statement.  Usually they use delicate motifs of  flowers, ornamented, lace details and geometric lines. They also prefer animated illustrations and memories carved in a refined manner.

Ornamented Designs 

Image Credits- Mehndi by Pav

Image Credits- Henna by Pav

Image Credits - Krunal Tailor Henna Artist

Classy Geometric Patterns 

Image Credits- Henna by Ibka

Image Credits - Krunal Tailor

The above classy designs are apt for diva brides as they feel that these designs are adorned in classy patterns and shapes. These designs are basically an amalgamation of refined and modern style. We are crushing over the designs. Are you?

Mehndi Design for Traditional Brides

Image Credits - Pinterest

Traditional Brides would do everything in a right manner. They adorn mehndi as suggested and as stated as per the customary traditions. They clad themselves in elaborate designs like tips filled and full hand mehndi designs etc. These brides prefer to abide by the proper mehndi rituals. 

Elongated mehndi designs

Image Credits - Henna by Jas

Image Credits- Henna by Payal

Traditional Brides love donning long mehndi which can be darken easily. They prefer clad in proper traditional designs where there is some nuances of arabic mehndi designs and customary designs. 

Tip filled mehndi design

Image Credits - Pinterest

It is an old Mehndi tradition in India of getting the fingers filled in the front of the hands. The traditional brides generally leave tip of the fingers so that they can get it filled with this dark paste. Further, they leave no stones unturned to make those tips dark and scintillating.

Traditional mehndi designs for back hands

Image Credits - Henna by Purvi

Traditional brides loves to wear Indian flowers on their mehndi designs. Just like this bride who sticks to her culture and went ahead with this beautiful design. 

Aren't these designs perfect for your journey and personality. Let me know which one you liked the most out of all the designs.