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7 Websites for Kanjeevaram Silk Sarees Online Shopping for the Wedding

We have curated a list of 8 websites that can help you with your Kanjeevaram silk sarees online shopping!

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Kanjeevaram sarees carry a sense of elegance and grandeur like nothing else. The origins of these sarees are from way back in history during the days of the Chola dynasty when the ruler Krishna Deva Raya initiated the production of silk in the town of Kanchipuram in Tamil Nadu. The craft has been a trademark of this city and slowly spread to other regions as the popularity for Kanjeevaram sarees grew.

Kanjeevaram sarees are the ultimate expression of opulence and royalty. They are especially popular in South Indian weddings but owing to the sheer aesthetic appeal, they have also become common in other regions of the country. Shopping for these sarees in markets can be confusing and inconvenient.

This is why we have compiled a list of 8 popular websites which can help you with your Kanjeevaram silk sarees online shopping for this wedding season!

1.  Myntra

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Myntra is one of the biggest online fashion hubs. It is one of the leading websites for buying apparel, accessories and footwear. Although Myntra is more popular for its range of western wear and casual fashion outfits, the website also has a decent range of ethnic wear. This website is a good option for Kanjeevaram silk sarees online shopping with a wide range starting from around ₹ 600 all the way to ₹ 10,000.

The website has a good customer care team that initiates returns and other requests very smoothly and the items are delivered within a week’s time from ordering.

2.  Craftsvilla

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Craftsvilla is one the biggest e-commerce portals in India that sells ethnic apparel, accessories, jewellery and home décor items. It was the first website of its kind that focused exclusively on Indian ethnic products. The website has a diverse collection of choices for your Kanjeevaram silk sarees online shopping spree. The range starts from ₹ 800 and goes up to ₹ 10,000.

Craftsvilla delivers more than 90% of its orders within 5-7 days. You can cancel your orders till the processing stage, or if you don’t like the fit and design at the time of arrival, you can return your products within 7 days of receiving them.

3.  Voonik

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The next entry on this list of websites for Kanjeevaram silk sarees online shopping is Voonik. It is an online marketplace for women’s fashion. The website has a wide range of products from ethnic wear, western wear, accessories and beauty products. Their website has an affordable range of Kanjeevaram silk sarees online shopping options from ₹ 800 to ₹ 3500.

4.  Pothys Aalayam of silk

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Pothys is a chain of stores in South India that specialises in traditional ethnic wear and silk sarees in particular. They have also set up their own online store to cater to the increasing demand for South Indian styles in other regions of India. Their website is a great place for Kanjeevaram silk sarees online shopping as you can find traditional designs that you would only get from south India within a range of ₹ 10,000 to ₹ 30,000.

5.  ARRS Silks

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ARRS Silks is an iconic silk saree store from Salem, Tamil Nadu. They launched their own e-commerce website after witnessing an increasing demand from their patrons all over the world. They specialise in their unique and bespoke Kanjeevaram saree designs and have a great following when it comes to Kanjeevaram silk sarees online shopping.

They offer hand-woven sarees from Kanchipuram itself, so you know you are getting the real deal! They deliver their products within one week and provide shipping all over the world.

6.  Mirraw

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Mirraw is another popular ethic marketplace based in Mumbai that provides Indian clothing, accessories, jewellery and more. The website celebrates Indian arts and styles and is a good choice for Kanjeevaram silk sarees online shopping. The website has a range of Kanjeevaram silk sarees online shopping starting from ₹ 2000 to much finer designs for ₹20,000.

7.  Flipkart

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Flipkart is one of the major e-commerce giants in India along with its arch competitor, Amazon. Flipkart is a one-stop destination for almost everything that you may need from stationery to groceries to TVs and furniture. They have a decent collection of Kanjeevaram silk sarees with prices starting from as low as ₹ 400 to ₹ 30,000.

They have a great customer care network and an easy to operate the website, making it a good option for Kanjeevaram silk sarees online shopping on this wedding season.

Kanjeevaram silk sarees are the ultimate expression for traditional luxury clothing. These sarees have become increasingly popular because of their unique look and the understated wow factor that is attached to them. We also see many celebrities and popular figures wearing such sarees during weddings and other big occasions.

In keeping with the current trend of online shopping and the need for a more convenient and time-saving shopping experience, it makes great sense to indulge in Kanjeevaram silk sarees shopping online from the above 7 websites!

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