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Essential Moments in Any Indian Wedding Picture Gallery That Will String the Heart of Your Family

Indian weddings are undoubtedly the most colourful ones around the world. Therefore we must go an extra edge and ensure that our Indian wedding picture gallery does justice to it by capturing the perfect light, mood, décor, moments and emotions.

A New Knot

There are thousands of things going on at one time at an Indian wedding. Prioritising isn’t just difficult but impossible if you want all the important things to be captured in your Indian wedding picture gallery. So how should you go about figuring what all needs to be in your Indian wedding picture gallery and what can be omitted? Well, let us make it relatively simple for you.

Let’s look at the Indian wedding picture gallery from the points of views of everyone that’s at the centre of this grand celebration and put together the essential moments and shots that make for the perfect Indian wedding picture gallery.

From the father of the bride to the mother of the groom and the bride and groom themselves, there are moments that are extremely close to each one’s hearts and will be cherished by them forever. Like the Vidaai is a touching moment for the father of the bride, the mother of the groom gets emotional when her son sits on the Ghodi. Therefore it is important that these moments are not just shot for the Indian wedding picture gallery but also captured with its true emotion.

For the Emotional Mother of the Bride

The bride’s mother spends sleepless nights making sure that every detail of her daughter’s bridal trousseau and wedding outfits has been taken care of. She not just envisions the perfect fairytale wedding for her daughter but also makes sure that she looks nothing less than a princess. Some of the most emotional moments for the bride’s mother are when her daughter is getting ready for the functions and therefore they make for some beautiful shots in the Indian wedding picture gallery that she will cherish forever.

1. The Mehndi Shot

The Glam Wedding

Brides getting mehndi done marks the beginning of the wedding ceremonies and can be a very touching moment for the mother and daughter. 

2. The Infamous Nath

Dipak Studios

Another time when the moms are sure to get sentimental is when her daughter puts on her bridal jewellery which in most cases has been passed on by her. Bride wearing the Nathni is the most favourite shots that make for a beautiful moment that showcases her nervousness and excitement at the same time in the Indian wedding picture gallery. 

3. The Twirling Moment

Image Courtesy: Ali G Studios

After the makeup, hair, and bridal jewellery when the bride is all set to go, her first few solo shots are what make for the best and the freshest moments in the Indian wedding picture gallery. Twirling is the most fun one out of the lot. 

For the Enthusiastic Bridesmaids and Bridesman

With their sister or best friend getting married, it is a sweet emotional time for them when it is natural for them to feel that things are going to change after the wedding. Which is why getting ready in the same room, helping her with hair and jewellery and then going crazy with the bridesmaid's shoot is all very natural. It is probably the last time they are going to be doing all these things together and are trying to live each moment to the fullest.

4. Helping the Bride Get Ready

Image Courtesy: Morvi Images

This one of our most favourite shots from the Indian wedding picture gallery where all the bridesmaids help the bride put her look together. It makes for an adorable addition to the album.

5. Entry with the Brothers and Guy Friends

The Wedding Salad

The Dulhan’s entry is undoubtedly one of the most awaited moments at a wedding. Most brides wish to do this with her bridesmaids or bridesman around. It is a special moment for the bride as well as her friends and brothers to accompany her to the stage in the bridal avatar and it makes for a beautiful picture as well. 

For the Proud Mother of the Groom

Just like our bride’s mother, the mother of the groom is extremely happy to see her son take a step ahead in his life. She is both emotional as well as proud at this moment and cannot wait to see him start a new chapter in his life.

6. The Haldi Moment

White Frog Productions

The Haldi ceremony for the bridegroom’s mother marks the beginning of her son’s wedding ceremonies and her without a doubt wants him to look his best. The Haldi ceremony pictures of the groom make for quite an epic contribution to the Indian wedding picture gallery. 

7. Climbing the Ghodi


She is the most excited to see her dashing son on the Ghodi ready to get her bride home. It is probably one time when every mother is sure to get a little emotional but the smile on the groom’s face is what the Indian wedding picture gallery must capture for the bride, groom, and their families to cherish years later.

For the Crazy Groomsman

While we all know they aren’t of much use in general, it is only when their best friend is getting married that they actually reach on time and help him get ready or rather just have fun.

8. Putting the Look Together


Your friends are your extended family that makes the whole journey memorable. Whether it is your best friend getting you ready or your brothers posing with you on your big day, these are special moments that must be captured for the Indian wedding picture gallery. 

9. Going Crazy 

Image Courtesy: Elizabeth Mitchell

The Baarat is the only times your groomsmen are allowed to show their true colours and they do it with utmost sincerity. It makes for a great moment of celebration in the Indian wedding picture gallery as well. 

For the Deeply in Love Bride and Groom

While each moment of their wedding is special for them, there are some that are extremely close to their hearts. These are usually the moments that they will cherish all their life and must make it to the Indian wedding picture gallery for their children and grandchildren to re-live years later.

10. The Jaimala


Jaimala marks the beginning of the wedding ceremony and is one that both the bride and groom really look forward to. However, the addition of friends and family make it much more memorable and fun.

11. The First Dance


While we are sure they would have rehearsed a million times before getting onto the stage, It is the first stage dance in front of the guests that really give them jitters and is fun to capture for the Indian wedding picture gallery. 

12. The Pheras

Aanchal Dhara Photography

The Pheras are auspicious and special, makes the bride and groom truly realise the value of traditions and must be added to the photo gallery for sure. 

13. Sindoor Time


It is one of the purest traditions that mean the most to the bride and groom and makes them emotional. It is moments like these that really connect them and marks the beginning of their new journey. 

For the Happy Fathers of The Bride and Groom

Fathers really believe in keeping it simple. They are just happy that the wedding turned out how they imagined, the guests had a good time, and of course, are really proud to see their son and daughter make a perfect choice.

14. The One with the Fathers

Image Courtesy: Anoop Padalkar Photography

There isn’t too much that they really express but any picture or moment captured in the Indian wedding picture gallery is self-sufficient to show how happy and proud they are.

15. The Vidaai

Kulbeer Arora Photography

For the father of the bride, this is the toughest moment when he finally has to let her daughter go. It is a moment that captures so many emotions at the same time. The happiness for her to start her new life, the sentiments of letting her go and the pride of the wonderful daughter that she has been is all that summarises this picture. 

Every moment at a wedding has thousands of emotions attached to it for the bride and groom and their friends and family. We’ve put together some of the essentials moments that are a must to be in every Indian wedding picture gallery.

Do you think we missed out on something? Tell us which is your favourite moment in an Indian wedding picture gallery.