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The Only Style Guide an Indian Bride and Groom Needs to Ace the Art of Coordinating Ensembles

Coordinating wedding outfits by an Indian bride and groom has become a norm that every to-be-married couple now looks forward to. Categorising ways of coordinating the ensemble, here’s our list to help you match like a pro!

Image Courtesy: Zohaib Ali Photography

Whether you are looking at modifying an heirloom trousseau or are simply eyeing a designer’s creation for your D-day, you cannot leave the choice of the groom behind given that matching your apparels have become much of a tradition in today's weddings. While matching an Indian bride and groom on the clothing front might seem like an easy-peasy task, the right pick can turn out to be a winner and the wrong match can turn out be a disaster.

So, in order to show that you two as a couple are soundly tuned in the apparel department as well, you need to seek the guidance of colour experts or style experts. If that sounds like a tedious task, then we’ve prepared a fool-proof dress matching code list for you that will guarantee the ‘Made For Each Other’ tag on you, but obviously! Take a look.

1. Match The Hues

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If you and your partner are fond of a particular colour and yet would want to have colourful wedding ensembles matched together, then the best way to do that is by incorporating various hues of one particular colour. For instance, shades of peacock blue and greens are a match in harmony and can be included to create a set of wedding suit for the groom and a similar hued lehenga for the bride.

When it comes to hues, vibrant solid colours are what stand out for a day wedding ceremony of the Indian bride and groom as much as they lit up the place in the evening wedding ceremony as well. Make sure that the embellishments are kept to a minimum so as to allow the hues to take the centre stage and let you as a couple shine bright like a diamond!

2. Match The Colour Categories

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There are several colour categories and shade cards that define individual sets of colours in similar hues. One popular set of colours that has become a favourite of Indian bride and groom are the powder shades or pastel shades. Sticking to a set of a colour category can be the easiest way to achieve a match that looks complete in every aspect.

If your partner has opted for the pastel or powder palette then you too should pick the likes of Sabyasachi Mukherjee's pastel collection to maintain the powder tone for both of your wedding ensembles. You can experiment with different shades of primary and secondary colours in dusted tones to match with your partner. Avoid adorning heavy jewellery so as to maintain the softness of both the looks gracefully.

3. Match The Accessories

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This way of matching your wedding wardrobe is a lot of fun. Pre-deciding on who gets to wear the colour and who gets to adopt the colour palette can turn out to be quite a fun activity for the couple to indulge in together. If the bride decides on wearing a certain colour like a Persian blue lehenga, then the groom can decide on dipping his pair of footwear into Persian blue colour scheme and adorning the same to the wedding to create a minimal wedding look.

This style is perfect for an Indian bride and groom who don’t prefer much coordinating their wedding ensembles together but also feel left behind when it comes to style compatibility scoring brownie points with their partners. This mix-and-match is easy to adapt and stands out as quite a unique way of doing the same.

4. Match The Print

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One of the easiest and almost replica way of coordinating ensembles of an Indian bride and groom are by using the same print for both he & she apparels. We suggest picking either a multi-coloured print or a unisexual print that goes well for both gender attires for the wedding. Geometric prints are quite popular among designers at the moment, so incorporating just that will easily ante up your modish style as a couple.

If you have a designer who is willing to spend time with you two, then discuss the nature of the print, get it custom made and decide on the style of apparels that you would like to adorn in coordination with your partner.

5. Same Colour Palette

Image Courtesy: Sabyasachi

The safest bet on coordinating wedding clothing is by adapting the same colour palette for the bride and the groom. Just like the print style, here too you need to discuss the colour palette with your designer in advance so that getting apparels stitched that compliment both the Indian bride and groom become a sorted task.

Keep the embellishment on both the looks to a minimum so as to maintain the decorum of the fabric, the colour palette as well as the amount of shimmer on the clothing. If need be, the bride can opt to add-on layers of complimenting jewellery to amp up her glamour quotient flawlessly. As for the groom, a simple Mughal style brooch in Meenakari style can add on as the cherry to the overall look.

When an Indian bride and groom decide on getting their wedding ensembles coordinated, it is always wise to sit down and discuss both of their preferences in terms of fabric, colour and style. Setting ground rules that are agreeable by both the Indian bride and groom help in concluding to a more satisfactory combination in choice of ensembles for the couple. Always remember to respect each other’s choices and conclude upon the ones that work for you both mutually. Last, but not the least, you can take coordinating skills to an advanced level by matching the embellishment and jewellery for both he & she as well.

Do you plan on coordinating your wedding ensemble with your partner? Tell us more!