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No Indian woman can look bad when she wears a saree. Yes, it’s a fact that a saree makes every woman look elegant and very feminine. But, do you know that there is a way to drape a saree without which you may end up looking not so sensual or classy? Saree draping is an art and involves certain tricks to get you going and make you look gorgeous and slender. If you have been wondering how to wear saree to look slim, we have got you covered with these tips. Have a browse! Read our tips on how to wear saree to look slim and perfect your look!

1. Focus on Proper Pleats

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How to wear saree to look slim? The first and the foremost thing to do is to pleat it right. Half your war is won when your saree pleats are arranged neatly. It’s not just the lower portion of a saree that needs proper pleating; the pallu too needs crisp pleats. If you are slightly on the heavier side, try pleating your pallu in neat pleats so that you get a narrow look. Sleek pleating lends a slender look to your body frame.

2. Say Yes to Light Fabrics

Wanna look slim and trim? If yes, please don’t go for fabrics such as organza or cotton. These fabrics are stiff and make the wearer appear large. Also, these fabrics are quite difficult to drape and do not fall very well. If looking slim is your aim, then it’s better to avoid wearing Banarasi sarees as well. Instead, you must pick airy fabrics that are easy to carry and make you look slender. These include satin, chiffon, crepe, and georgette.

3. Pick Dark Colours

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Darker shades always work wonders for women who want to look slender. Dark colours make the wearer look slimmer and suit every body type. If you are concerned with covering your problem areas, then wear a saree in shades of dark red, maroon or black. An all black saree can add dazzles to your look. Try picking a black saree with a net.

4. Opt for Small Prints to Look Slim

Here’s an important tip on how to wear saree to look slim- always choose to wear a saree with small prints instead of bigger ones. This is because bigger prints or designs make you look fatter. They also make you appear shorter than you actually are. Therefore, when picking sarees, go for something that has elongated prints spread scantily all over.

5. Pick Sarees With Thin Borders

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Wearing a saree with a bright and big border is a blunder that you have to avoid in case you want to look slim. Brightly designed borders make you look heavier and shorter. Thus, you must pick such sarees that come with thin borders that lend a slender look to your frame. Sleek borders also make you look taller.

6. Choose Long Sleeve Blouses

How to wear saree to look slim and tall, can you tell? Well, a clever tip is to go for blouses that have longer sleeves. Either pick blouses with full sleeves or go for quarter sleeves. Choosing longer sleeved blouses helps create an illusion of a slender frame.

7. Flaunt the Curves With the Right Drape

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A perfectly draped saree can make you look like a diva, or else, can break your look if not draped well.

A) Loose front pallu

If you want your tummy to remain hidden from the outside world, go for loose front pallu draping style. Such a drape must be complemented with a long-sleeved blouse.

B) Jacketed saree

Want your midriff to stay covered? Try wearing a saree with a matching jacket. A jacket will not only hide the frame flaws but also make your body look slender and shapely.

C) Loose pallu drape

Wear your saree by draping the pallu in such a way that it falls loosely till your elbows. This kind of drape suits every kind of occasion. Women, both wide and slim can wear this style elegantly.

8. Avoid Showing the tummy

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You have to avoid showing off your tummy or midriff if you are slightly wider and your tummy is not toned. Most women take their inspiration from Bollywood actresses that flaunt their midriffs unapologetically. But, they should not just copy what the actresses do as most women don’t have well-toned bodies. Only if you are slim with a toned tummy, drape a saree below your navel.

Keep these styling tips in mind on how to wear saree to look slim and dazzle everyone with your look the next time you sport one.

Have more tips and tricks in mind to accentuate your look in a saree. Let us know through comments.