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The Only 5 ‘Happy Anniversary My Love’ Message Templates You Need to Wish Your Better Half on Your First Anniversary

In the early stages of marriage, love is new and fresh and everything feels amazing. Your first anniversary is something that will be always very special, so make sure that you wish your better half with a great ‘happy anniversary my love’ wish!

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First birthday, first day at the school or a college, first salary, first anniversary; there is something special about all these firsts and you stay with most of these moments forever. You feel wonderful at such moments and also feel loved and cared for by others when they gift you something.

Additionally, you feel great when you see the emotional reaction of the person you gifted something to! It works both ways. If you are newly married and your first anniversary is coming up, it is time you start thinking about gifting great gifts to your spouse.

It can be a luxurious item or a thoughtful gift but what makes any gift special is a lovely note you put along with the gift. It holds a lot more significance than you think. You get to write what you truly feel from your heart and such ‘happy anniversary my love’ wishes are the ones that will mean the most to your better half.

To help you figure out what to write, we have come up with 5 different message templates that both the wife and husband can use!

A) Happy 365 Days!

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Now this message template is a long one, as it needs you to come up with something different for every day of the year gone by. The idea is to have a small book with 365 different pages with each mentioning something about your partner or a moment you both shared.  

The best way to do this is by having your pictures included on most pages of the small book. If you are a couple that travels a lot and clicks pictures then this is the perfect gift for your better half. You may write a few things on some of the pages. Another idea is to write something for every month of the year.

  • I never thought that I could fall in love with a person whom I hardly knew but here I am after a year, feeling an abundance of love for you and being loved back with the same intensity. Happy anniversary my love.
  • Our anniversary is just a small moment in our lives but our marriage is a timeless one…. Thank you for this wonderful year that has gone by. Looking forward to many more. Happy anniversary my love.

B) Print a card with your favourite moment of the year

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Here is a chance for you to relive a memory in your mind and cherish it for life. You may print a card with beautiful colours on all the panels. The star of the card is the picture you choose to include in the card. Pick the best moment you both enjoyed and use an image of that day.

You can further create some speech bubbles with dialogues from that day. You can add the most romantic thing any of you said that day.

  • I wish you could see yourself through my eyes to know the amount of love I have for you. Happy anniversary my love.
  • Even after coming to this gem of a place, it is you that I want to stare at. Happy anniversary my love.

C) Stun your partner with surprise news

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In any gift, there is nothing better than an effective surprise. You can always think of giving a surprise to your spouse with news that they have no clue about. Include some doodle images related to the news.

  • Since you wanted to move into a new house, here is my gift for you for our first anniversary. Happy anniversary my love. (Paste the key of your new house inside the card)
  • Now that we have spent our first year loving each other, it is time to share that love. You’re going to be a Father. Happy Anniversary to the Father of my Child!

D) Funny messages

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If you are a fun loving couple, the best way to go ahead is making a card with multiple funny pictures of you both and writing some funny messages in the end. The pictures should be quirky enough to make you laugh.

  • Hey you. If you think that you have experienced all the quirkiness I have, you are so wrong. Only a single year has gone by and there are a lot more to come. Happy anniversary my love.
  • Happy Anniversary Wifey. Now that I have spent the first year being the chef of the house, I pass on the duty to you for the coming year. You may please seal the deal with a kiss.

E) Gift something meaningful

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Make a gift box for a gift that your partner has mentioned to your before. It could be tickets to a trip that you have both wanted to go or even a solo trip that your spouse has always wanted. It could be a dinner at a luxurious hotel too!

  • You always complain that I am not observant enough. Well, here is a small gift for you I hope you would like. Happy anniversary my love.
  • You dreamt of spending a night in a tent underneath the most beautiful night sky ever. Pack your bags and let’s go, since I have got the tickets. Happy Anniversary My Soulmate.

With these wish ideas up your sleeve, there’s no way that you’ll come up empty-handed on your anniversary! Surprise your spouse with a wonderful card and make sure you get a great wedding anniversary gift to back it up!

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