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5 Engagement Gift Ideas for the Bride and Groom on Their Big Day!

It is a special time for a couple when they decide to embark on their new life together. Shower them with your blessings with these engagement gift ideas!

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Deciding to get married is a big deal. It deserves a celebration fit for a king and queen. That is why most couples have a grand engagement party where they promise to love and to hold each other, with everyone important to them acting as witnesses to their vows.

If a couple has decided to involve you in their happiness, it is upon you to give them a gift as a symbol of your love for them. It will tell them that you support them and are happy for their union.

If you are looking for engagement gift ideas apart from the good old shagun ka lifafa or crockery sets, here are a few millennial engagement gift ideas. We have some classics as well as some trendy personalised gifts for the bride and groom separately.

Scroll down to check out our picks for cool engagement gift ideas!

For bride

We have 5 different engagement gift ideas perfect for a bride. Most women have the habit of keeping gifts forever, so you can use that as a theme for choosing gifts of your own choice gifts.

Gold necklace set

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The first of many in our engagement gift ideas for brides is a gold necklace set. It is perfect for the parents of the bride or groom who want to give a good farewell gift to their daughter or welcome a daughter in law to their family in style.

Close relatives can also give any gold jewellery like beautiful earrings or rings to a bride. Any woman will love receiving such extravagant gifts for her wedding from the people closest to her.

Designer high heels

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If a bridesmaid or a friend of the bride is looking for engagement gift ideas, a pair of high heels from their favourite brand is a hit idea. You know their style when it comes to shoes better than most. So why not use that info to your advantage and give her something she will make good use of!

A Polaroid camera

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Every woman has a habit of collecting memories and keeping them close to her heart her whole life. If you are looking for trendy engagement gift ideas for a bride, a Polaroid camera is a great option. She could use it on her honeymoon trip and bring you back lots of pictures!

Potli bag

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Collecting small clutches and bags is every woman’s right as we have so many small knick-knacks we need with us when we are going out. A bride has to attend so many family dinners and events right after her wedding. Stock her collection up with cute Potli bags that will go perfectly with her traditional outfits!

Personalised coffee blend

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The last in engagement gift ideas for the brides is a personal favourite of ours. Most of us have major caffeine addictions. We cannot function properly without it. You can gift a bride an exotic coffee blend or a personalised one if you know her taste. We bet this will be her favourite wedding gift!

For groom

The next few engagement gift ideas are for the lucky grooms!

Gift set of essentials

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Contrary to popular belief, men are very hard to buy gifts for. Not many are into emotional gifts, so the first idea we had was to give them a gift set of essentials. You can get a hamper made with however many items you want. We love a pair of shoes and a matching belt in a set. You can add other items as well.

Engraved cufflinks

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We know men love to wear a formal suit. They certainly look dashing in it. Why not gift them an accessory to make their look more interesting! Give them a pair of cufflinks engraved with their initials. You can find the same in wood and steel.

His favourite perfume

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If you are close to the groom and happen to know his favourite scent, what better occasion to get him his favourite perfume bottle than his engagement!

A classic watch

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The second last in engagement gift ideas for the groom is a nice ol’ watch. You can get him a classic strap watch or a trendy chain one. Whatever you decide, make sure to know his preference beforehand.

A bottle of whiskey

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The last gift idea we think is perfect for grooms who like to drink and have a good time is an imported whisky bottle. You can even throw in a decanter or a flask!

These were all the engagement gift ideas we had for you today. We think these are perfect for a nice couple who are looking forward to spending the rest of their lives together with your company!

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