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Beautiful Bridal Flower Bouquets We Handpicked for Modern Brides

Struggling to take a call on what flowers to shortlist for your bridal bouquet? Here’s a tried and tested list of the 12 most popular and beautiful bridal flowers that made the cut!

Ashwin Nair
Ashwin Nair

Wedding Nama

While you invest time and energy in finding the perfect outfit for you and your bridesmaids, it’s easy to take the flowers for granted and forget about carefully picking them! But did you know your bridal bouquet plays a huge role in the way your overall look turns out? Your bouquet flowers can add a fresh appeal to your outfit depending on the colours and how you style it. There are lots of flowers that you probably know you like but aren’t sure whether they are apt for your bouquet. This list of 12 bridal flowers includes the best blooms that will definitely steal the show, as well as a few filler ones that will add to the overall appearance of the bouquet!

Blush Pink Roses

Image Courtesy: Bride & Blossom

Everyone knows that red roses are definitely one of the most popular and romantic flowers out there. But for your bridal flowers, blush pink roses are here for the win! Blush pink roses can amp up your entire outfit while giving it a rustic and vintage feel.  This hue complements other colours well, so depending on the colours of your wedding, you can use other flowers as well to create a stunning bouquet.


Image Courtesy: Bebonnie the Florist

Extremely beautiful and petite, these flowers come in a variety of colours and this gives you more room to create a beautiful bouquet. You can go monochrome by using carnations of the same shade as your outfit or you can use a combination of carnations of different colours along with other bridal flowers that will complement your outfit as a whole.


Image Courtesy: Bride & Blossom

Lavender is known for its sweet smell and for its calming, light colour. So while it may not be a statement flower, it can be used along with other bridal flowers in the bouquet, just like the one in the picture. The colour has a lovely pop and the fragrance is just an added bonus.

St. John’s Wort

Image Courtesy: Bride & Blossom

You probably feel like you’ve seen this flower around. It looks like oleanders but it’s not! Easily mistaken, these bridal flowers are found in colours like white and yellow, it giver a ‘wild and free’ vibe. This one is usually easy on the pockets too!

White Persian Buttercup

Image Courtesy: Bride & Blossom

Don’t these look absolutely adorable? The white Persian buttercups are known for their simplicity but also for their bright appearance. These bridal flowers will definitely be a great addition to your bouquet.

Baby’s Breath

Image Courtesy: Project Wedding

Another example of bridal flowers that are used as filler flowers (while another one takes the centre stage) is the baby’s breath. Baby’s breath is known to symbolise long-lasting love so that just makes it the ideal fit for a wedding. Apart from being pretty, it is also budget-friendly!

Bell Flowers

Image Courtesy: Good Seed Floral

There’s just something about bell flowers that gives one’s bouquet a tropical and beachy vibe. These bridal flowers are available in a wide range of colours as well so you don’t have to worry about not having a colour to go with your outfit or wedding theme!

Blush pink Camellias

Image Courtesy: Good Seed Floral

As you can see, these are intricate and extremely beautiful as well! The reason that Camelias stand out from the rest of the bridal flowers is that apart from being pretty and available in many colours, you can also get the flower in dual-tones too, making the resulting bridal bouquet a magnificent one!


Image Courtesy: Jillian Tree Photography

I don’t think this one even needs an introduction! Tulips are simply beautiful! No further explanation. Its beautifully symmetrical shape and wide range of bold colours to choose from make it worth the hefty price! It is known to be one of the most expensive bridal flowers, ideal for brides who want to splurge a little!

Double Impatiens

Image Courtesy: Good Seed Floral

With their close resemblance to roses, double impatiens are a popular choice and are available in a wide variety of colours. This flower blooms once a year and requires care. But once they bloom they are easily one of the prettiest bridal flowers out there!


Image Courtesy: Good Seed Floral

These bridal flowers are absolutely going to win you over. Yes, they are available in lots of colours so they’ll fit your wedding theme easily! From pastel pinks, magentas and dark blues, you can get anything you want!

White Gardenias

Image Courtesy: Good Seed Floral

White gardenias are an excellent choice for your bridal flowers as they have a sweet smell. Apart from being beautiful, they represent purity and love. What better flower than this one for the bouquet?

Now, the secret to making your perfect bouquet is to mix it up. You don’t have to stick with one flower. Have fun and explore the variety available. See what flowers are grown locally, as well as what flowers compliment and go with your personal style. Another tip would be to create a colour palette. It helps to understand what colours will go with which and help you to make a more informed decision when you’re picking all the flowers for your bouquet!

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