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Best Wedding Gifts for Guests You Should Buy for Your Loved Ones!

If you are looking for the best wedding gifts for guests, you should definitely scroll down and check out all our favourite picks. Some are classic and some personalised!

The Wedding Salad

A wedding is a big affair with all your friends and family involved from the start. The closest to you help you in all the preparations from helping you shop to picking wedding decorations and food cuisines to serve on the D-day. They ignore their personal lives, take a lot of time off from work and are there with you whenever you need them. These special guests include your cousins, uncles and aunts, friends, the bridesmaids and the groomsmen and any other special person in your life who has been big support during the biggest transformation of your life.

We have brainstormed the best wedding gifts for guests that are perfect for this occasion. A few gifts are perfect for the youngsters and some for the older members in your family.

Check out these best wedding gifts for guests now!

1. Stunning heels for your bridesmaids

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The first idea in our best wedding gifts for guests is a pair of beautiful high heels, perfect for your sisters, cousins, and female friends. You can also give it to all your bridesmaids. We are sure they will really appreciate them. It is up to you to decide to get them the same pair of heels or to get something different for all guests. After you come to a decision, you just have to ask them for their sizes and go shopping!

2. Gift a beautifully scented perfume

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Everyone loves smelling amazing. It has become a necessity in this hot and humid weather. Gifting a perfume bottle with a beautiful fragrance is one of the best wedding gifts for guests ideas. You can also place a bulk order for customised bottles if your budget allows you to. Some of the best brands for affordable perfumes are Zara, CK and Guess. You can go to big brands like Gucci, Chanel, Prada and many more for perfumes as well!

3. A silver coin in a customised box!

Image Courtesy: Luxe Pasha

One of the most traditional best wedding gifts for guests are silver coins. You can give a twist to this classic idea and add a touch of millennial magic. You can increase the value of any gift by packing it in a pretty box. You can find many vendors in the market who can deliver customised boxes to you for your wedding. You can get your wedding date printed on the boxes or a simple ‘thank you’ will suffice as well.

4. Sunglasses for all

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Sunglasses are big with the youngsters as well as all the elders. They are useful and a crowd favourite, which makes them best wedding gifts for guests. They protect your eyes from the sun and make you look stylish as well. If you do not like this option, we have some more you can check out as well.

5. A nice bottle of wine

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A wine bottle is one of the best wedding gifts for guests above 25 in India. Who does not love to have a relaxing evening with a bottle of wine and pizza? You can give your guests a chance to unwind after the wedding with your gift. Save some bottles for you and your partner as well and enjoy the wedding bliss!

6. Customised wedding notebooks

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If you are looking for slightly offbeat best wedding gifts for guests, then beautiful notebooks with customised covers or even funny ones are perfect. You can gift them in a set of three or any number of your choice.

7. A fancy bottle opener

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All your Chachas and Mamas are surely going to appreciate you gifting them a fancy bottle opener as a wedding gift. They can keep this in their bar areas and impress their personal guests as well. This is a brilliant gift idea for those who are regular drinkers and appreciate the finer things in life!

8. Indoor succulents

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If you are looking for the most popular gift ideas for your guests that have taken the market by a storm, indoor succulents are what you are looking for. People love being surrounded by greenery in the comforts of their home. Gifting your guest's indoor plants that they can leave by their doors or windows as decorations are perfect. You can even attach an eco-friendly tag with the plant before presenting it to them.

There are many people behind a perfect wedding. All your friends and family are also involved in the whole process with you. You need to get them the best wedding gifts for guests! You can pick any of these options and thank them for all their help and support.

More more ideas about the perfect gifts, get in touch with these wedding card vendors near you!