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Find Temple Jewellery for Rent in Chennai to Look like a Goddess During Your Wedding!

Finding beautiful jewellery that fits into your budget can be a task in itself. But, don’t let it bum you out! Just keep your eyes peeled open for temple jewellery for rent in Chennai.

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A distinct part of South India’s heritage, temple jewellery is a special type of jewellery typically used to adorn idols of Gods. However, if you think that’s all it is used for, think again! These intricately carved jewellery pieces feature prominently during the wedding season on brides and guests who are very close to the bride. However, since this type of jewellery is made solely of gold, it can be rather expensive. Modern brides have taken to hunting down temple jewellery for rent in Chennai in order to avoid the exorbitant costs of the same. If you believe in doing the same, and would rather find temple jewellery for rent in Chennai, instead of buying the same, then keep reading to know more!

1. Why temple jewellery?


Temple jewellery was widely worn by members of the royal family during the Chola and Pandya dynasties in India. During this era, talented craftsmen all over India were summoned by the King in order to make beautiful jewellery for himself, his Queen, the Princesses, and other prominent members of the royal court. The reason why this type of jewellery is called temple jewellery is that the members of the royal family would often donate their jewellery at local temples.

Through this, the preference for this style of jewellery slowly trickled down to the masses, and now, heavy, gold jewellery is a norm when it comes to the South Indian look. Brides all over India emulate this look, especially when wearing South Indian Silk Saris. Thus, if you want to emulate the royal look or even a modern South Indian look, you must look for temple jewellery for rent in Chennai.

2. Why should you rent this type of jewellery?


Gold jewellery often serves as a great financial investment, which is what begs the question – why should you rent gold jewellery? Well, the answer is quite simple. Many women and men these days choose to finance their own weddings, which means they also have greater control over what gets spent where.

Couples today prioritise spending their hard earned money towards gaining new experiences rather than accumulating possessions – which is quite fair, after all, you’re less likely to think about a Payal while looking back on life! With that in mind, many couples choose to cut costs on avoidable items jewellery and spend the same on exotic honeymoon destinations instead. If you belong to the same school of thought, then you should consider finding temple jewellery for rent in Chennai.

3. Why should you look for temple jewellery for rent in Chennai?

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With one of the leading markets in India when it comes to exquisite jewellery, many brides find themselves looking for temple jewellery for rent in Chennai. This city is the foremost authority when it comes to the intricate gold jewellery that’s a staple in the South Indian bride’s wardrobe. From beautiful South Indian hair accessories like Billai that you can wear down your plat to gorgeous heavy necklaces that sparkle in the light, you can find them all in this metropolitan city.

4. Great, now let’s talk deposits and other basics!

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When it comes to getting temple jewellery for rent in Chennai, you must keep in mind that you will be required to pay a deposit for the jewellery piece. This is because jewellers need their way of ensuring that they’ll get their jewels back! More often than not, the deposit amount ranges anywhere between 10-50% of the actual worth or price of the jewellery. The deposit that you have to pay will be different at each store you visit.

Furthermore, if you pick artificial jewellery over a real one, then your deposit amount will be much lesser. Most stores that offer temple jewellery for in Chennai also require your contact details, along with prior notice regarding the days when you want to rent the jewellery. Many of these places accept NEFT, Debit Cards, and Cash transfers for the deposit, while more modern ones may also accept popular payment wallets. Finally, do keep in mind that many stores that offer temple jewellery for rent in Chennai also charge fines for late delivery. So, do make sure that you return the items on the day that they’ve asked you to, or pick a day that suits you to ensure things are clear from the beginning.

5. Bridal Jewellery for rent, Chennai


Bridal Jewellery for Rent, Chennai, is a popular store that was established in 2014 and offers high-quality jewellery on rent in Chennai. They offer a wide collection that suits different types of functions. They also offer artificial jewellery, temple jewellery, and semi-precious pieces. Their prices start at ₹ 500 and move upwards based on the piece that you have chosen. Emulating the look you want has never been easier!

With bridal jewellery available on rent, all you need to do is pick any exquisite piece without having to worry about the financial side of things!

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