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Your Answer for Artificial Jewellery with Price: Wedding Season Jewellery Must-Haves Sorted

With long-awaited functions fast approaching, it is time to research artificial jewellery with prices. Keep the spotlight on yourself during every function by including these must-haves in your collection!

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We understand how important it is for you to stand out during every event that you attend. An extremely simple way to make sure that your look is always popping is to pair the right accessories with each outfit. If your goal is to be totally unforgettable, then all you need is a fantastic collection of accessories to mix and match as you please. So, with that in mind, we’ve got a list of must-have artificial jewellery with prices that you need to check out! Go over each option and let us know which ones you’d love to wear to your best friend’s wedding later this year!

Silver oxidised Payals

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If you’re scouring the internet for artificial jewellery with prices, then you’ve probably come across silver oxidised payals a few times. This is because this form of jewellery is highly distinct and offers a unique look to the wearer. Payals are one of the most underrated forms of Indian accessories, probably because they are not as visible as all their other counterparts.

How to wear this?

When wearing Payals, make sure that your hemline is slightly above the ankle so that you can show off these accessories. Anklets with tinkling bells are ideal for dancing as they will compliment your movements beautifully.

Prices: On average, you can find a beautiful pair of silver oxidised payals for ₹ 500 or more. When you’re hunting down artificial jewellery with prices that you feel are affordable, do keep in mind that the quality of the metal has a huge role to play in the way the item has been priced. Moreover, various payal designs also influence the overall price.  If you’re shopping at local markets, you can always haggle your way to a discount!

Gold Naths


When it comes to wedding accessories, Naths certainly feature in our list of must-haves. This is because no traditional Indian look is complete without a beautiful nose pin sparkling away. As this accessory is a quintessentially ethnic one, you must explore different types of it to pair with your outfits. From plain hoops to ornate designs, you can find it all.

How to wear this?

When wearing a Nath, make sure that you do not overdo it with all the other jewellery around your face. For instance, a heavy Maang Tikka paired with an equally heavy Nath and earrings might just be a bit much. When it comes to this accessory, less is always more!

Prices: The main advantage of artificial jewellery with prices is that they are often on the lower end of the spectrum. Of course, a singular hoop is far less expensive than say, Rajasthani Nath designs that are more intricate in nature. Expect a price range from ₹ 200 – 1,500. Of course, the latter is to be expected if you end up at higher end stores for artificial jewellery.


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Bangles are yet another must-have when it comes to your jewellery collection. The epitome of femininity, these accessories go well with almost every type of Indian attire. Younger women often turn to glass bangles that come in different colours, while older women gravitate towards a more classic aesthetic. You can choose from many different types of bangles when going through a jeweller's collection of artificial jewellery with prices that fall within your budget. Ornate temple bangles are quite popular amongst women who love the heavy gold look. Similarly, you can find bangles that emulated various ethnic jewellery types like Kundan, Polki, Meenakari, and so on. You must also explore designs of Bengali Bangles if you want your look to sport a regional twist.

How to wear this?

Ideally, you should pair bangles with shorter sleeves as the whole point of wearing an accessory is to be able to show it off. Full sleeves blouse designs are not generally considered apt when you’re donning statement bangles, as the cuff of the sleeve is likely to hide them. Remember to match the style of your bangles with your garment. If you’re wearing something that is highly traditional, then bangles that emulate the same vibe are right for the whole look.

Prices: It is quite common for North Indian families to display this type of artificial jewellery with prices set up during the Mehndi function so that women can buy bangles and wear them during the wedding. More often than not, these bangles are quite affordable, with prices ranging from ₹50 – 500 (for more ornate pieces).

Jewellers that offer artificial jewellery

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When buying artificial jewellery, you must be careful about picking the right stores to source them from. This is because the renowned stores offer better craftsmanship, which ensures that the jewellery does not look fake. Check out some of these stores that offer artificial jewellery with prices that are reasonable:

  • Jindal Jewellers in Chandni Chowk
  • Elegancia in East Delhi
  • Tres Chic Fashionstopp in Noida
  • Jewel World in East Delhi
  • VK Jewellers in Noida

Ask them about their artificial jewellery with prices and they’re bound to show you a wide collection. You’ll have a hard time picking the right ones with so many options!

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