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Silk threads have been ruling the hearts of women for ages. This marvellous natural yarn is used widely to create various luxurious fashion products. Silk bangles are also a popular creation that's loved by women of all age groups. Owing to the delicate, dainty appeal, these bangles increase the feminine charm of your wrists and can be used as a decorative item too. To make these bangles, silk threads are carefully wrapped around a base bangle, to give it a luxurious makeover. To know why we approve of these classy bangles as a wedding favour, read on!

1. Why You Should Pick Silk Bangles as Wedding Favours

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Bangles are loved by almost everyone, especially during weddings. Silk bangles are a step ahead because they are curated with a luxurious thread. The pretty and bright colours are alluring, and beautiful hues can be mixed and matched to pair with various outfits - be it ethnic or Indo-Western. These bangles are pretty useful, too. Ladies who cannot wear these bangles often can later use them as a decorative item. Hence, these bangles are appealing and valuable and your gift will be remembered for a long time.

2. What Should You Keep in Mind

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Different women have different wrist sizes, hence you must make various sizes available for everyone. If you're in direct touch with the guests, you may ask them in advance for the size. Else, ask the vendor or wedding planner to keep extra bangles of multiple sizes ready. Pick colours, designs and aesthetics that you love the most, keeping your budget into consideration. If your budget allows, you may even opt for more decorated, ornamental bangles; else, you may keep it simple.

An excellent host treats all guests equal, hence to avoid making some guests return empty-wristed, make sure you have enough bangles available. The extra bangles can be returned to the vendor at the end of the function or you can save them up to decorate your new home. Also, try and explore various vendors for the quality of silk, shapes of bangles and killer deals!

3. Who Deserves Such a Gift

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Ideally, you should be giving away the same favours to every lady at your function. If you really need a list, don't miss your bridesmaids, your closest of friends, relatives, siblings, mother etc. Place an order for guests who are definitely going to attend and keep some extra in case someone brings a plus one along. If your guy friends visit, make sure they pick a pair bangles for their significant other, too.

4. How Do I Present or Give Out My Wedding Favors?

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You can create a bundle of beautiful bangles and tie them up with a beautiful ribbon so that it's easier for the guests to pick up a set. Just place a couple of tables on the venues, place these favours beautifully in a cute basket and let your guests indulge. You can also attach a "thank you" note or "please pick one" note.

Being the bride, you could be busy getting haldi or mehndi applied, so make sure there's someone taking care of the distribution of these favours. You could ask one of the wait staff or the vendor to be present at the stall and help every guest selecting these favours.

5. Ask Your Guests to Pose with Them

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Silk bangles are not only a piece of jewellery, but they can also prove to be an excellent prop for photo shoots. Erect a photobooth or dedicate a certain area at the venue for a photo-op session with these bangles. Ask your guests to wear their bangles and flaunt them in various poses. You can also ask the event planner to arrange a Polaroid camera so that the guests don't have to wait for the pictures.

6. Putting Up a Silk Bangles Stall at Your Mehndi, Haldi or Wedding

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Silk bangles stalls are so much fun and can help your guests pick their favourites from the multiple options. Various wedding planners and vendors can help you erect a stall at your venue. You can also feature another stall where the guests can decorate their bangles with various accents such as pearls, mirror, Gota etc. It will make for a fun time during your Haldi, Mehndi and Sangeet functions.

Happiness comes in circular shape, won't you agree now? When it comes to weddings, gifting goes a long way, even if you’re the host. A small token of your appreciation for your guests who’ve travelled to celebrate and have made special time for you is a sweet way to show gratitude. Even though giving away favours isn't mandatory, such stalls and posing ideas make weddings more fun and memorable for the guests. We hope you’ll now add these silk bangles to your must-have list!

Got ideas for more wedding favours? Let us know what it is in the comments section!