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In today’s era of the Bollywood rap version of Punjabi songs, we often forget about the presence of romantic Punjabi songs. These 'Mithe Bol' touch the soul and form bonds which entangle two hearts together. Feeling the love already?

Romantic Punjabi Songs Playlist

Here is our compilation of the most romantic Punjabi songs to reconnect you with your feelings in the sweetest way possible.

1. Ishq Haszir hai – Diljit Dosanjh

Beautiful romantic Punjabi songs express a love that the groom would feel for his intended bride. He whispers them to her, amid sweet nothings and pillow talk. It celebrates the newlyweds stepping into the new phase of life.

“ Tere Kana, De Vich Ganna Kara Pyaar Dian, Kara Pyaar Diya”

Bringing his love story to its happily ever after when they get married, this song can be played during the wedding reception when the newlyweds cut the wedding cake together.

2. Sajjan Razi – Satinder Dartaj

This is another sweet and romantic Punjabi song where the boy shares how his love is like a precious jewel and must be kept safely, away from any evil eye.

“Ishq Hunda Heeriya De Varga, Oh Jag Tohn Lukayida , Paagala”

This song will be perfect when a groom performs on his Sangeet ceremony for his beautiful bride. Thereafter it can be followed by a more upbeat song where his gang joins in as well.

3. Akhar – Lahoriye ( Nimrat Khaira)

“Meri Surat Bhulati Tere Naa De Akhar Ne”

(The sparkle in her eyes, a heart skipping a beat and drawn into a daydream, all this happens when the girl hears the letter (Akhar) of his name.)

This really romantic Punjabi song can be performed by the bride during the Sangeet ceremony. You can even add a dose of emotional essence by playing this song in the background during the Mehndi ceremony. Brownie points if you could get it played at the time when the Bridal Mehndi artist adds the future husband's Akhar to her Mehndi designs.

4. Pyaar Tere Da Asar – Prabh Gill

This is a classic romantic pre-wedding song which describes the side effects of ‘Pyaar’. Sleepless nights, talking to the stars and daydreaming are just some effects that one may face ahead of their D-Day, to begin with. It perfectly describes the initial tingling feeling of a relationship that is so fresh.

“Ho Na Ho Eh Pyaar Tere Da Asar Hai, Hun Jo Mainu Neend Raat Nu Aave Na.”

This song can be played for any pre-wedding function to express and celebrate feelings of the couple.

5. Jinne Saah – Ninja

This is a duet romantic Punjabi song in which the couple express their love for one another and wish that they can spend each breath that God has granted them with each other.

“Jinne Saah Ditte Rab Ne, Tere Naak Jeene Ve.”

This song will be a perfect fit if it's played while the couple hits the floor for their first dance.

6. Family Di Member – Amrinder Gill (Angrej)

“Family Di Member Bana,  Ni Laina Tauni Family Di Member Bana.”

The groom has found just the kind of girl he was searching for and now this wedding brings them together and makes the bride a new member of the family. Family di Member is a romantic Punjabi song that conveys just this message in the sweetest way.

This song will be perfect when performed on Sangeet with the groom and his family members dedicating it to the bride, the new member of their family.

7. Akhiyan – Rahat Fateh Ali Khan

“Akhiyan Udeekdiyan, Dil Vaaja Marda, Aaja Pardesiya Vasta Eh Pyaar Da.”

This is an evergreen classic song, originally sung by the legendary Nusrat Fateh Ali Khan. This ultimate romantic Punjabi song speaks for itself. It describes the feeling of waiting for your special someone when the wait seems endless.

The best way to enjoy this amazing song is when it is sung live on Mehndi or Sangeet function and a whole lot of family and friends sing along, celebrating the union on love.

Also, check out the Nescafe Basement version of this song!

8. Soch – Hardy Sandhu

“Mai Tainu Kinna Chaundi Han, Eh Teri Soch Toh Parre.”

This relatively new romantic Punjabi song has made its way to the heart of many. It describes love as unconditional, endless and to infinity and beyond.

Enjoy this romantic Punjabi song sung live at a function or played as a piece of background music. It is also a beautiful song for a slow dance.

9. Khaab - Akhil

“Main Jado Tere Khaaban Wale Raah Tureya, Main Turreya Bada Na Maitho Jawein Mudeya.”

Khaab literally translates to ‘Dream’, it describes a groom-to-be’s emotions. The man in the song declares how he has been struck by the girl of his dreams, ever since those dreams began. That feeling will stay here, forever.

This expressive song can be enjoyed on many wedding functions, particularly as the couple dance.

10. Sanu Ik Pal – Nusrat Fateh Ali Khan

Saving the best for the last, we conclude this list with the ultimate romantic Punjabi song.

It's soft and sweet lyrics will evoke feelings even in the deepest or corners.

“Sanu Ik Pal Chain Na Aave, Sajna Tere Bina.”

The only way to truly enjoy this classic is in a wedding Mehfil. In fact, we also recommend some re-created versions of this song. Add these romantic Punjabi songs to your wedding playlist and tell your spouse how much you love and appreciate them. Each of these romantic Punjabi songs will convey the matter of the heart which you were unable to express in words. For your wedding anniversary to make your date night more romantic dedicate a song or two from our list of romantic Punjabi songs and you will see the magic. 

Now, that we have touched every corner of your emotions with this list of most romantic Punjabi songs, we encourage you to listen to our other wedding music playlists.