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5 Patiala Jutti Designs That Will Steal Your Heart!

Donning a lehenga with a pair of 5 inch high heels has become a complete stereotype in bridal fashion. Brides have been enhancing their wedding look with Patiala jutti to look vibrant & glowing. Let’s have a look at some of the bridal Patiala juttis!


Replacing the clichéd and uncomfortable high heeled stilettos for many brides, the Patiala jutti has become a huge trend in bridal fashion, making it a comfortable footwear option for all brides, as well as a lively and colourful show to flaunt at your wedding! Available in a variety of styles and designs, the Patiala jutti is a great option to choose if you are not a fan of heels and are confused about other types of sandals. It’s also the right option because weddings can be exhausting, and a flat Patiala jutti can do more good for your feet than other block or pencil heels.

 If you’re confused about what kind of Patiala jutti you should go for, we are here to help you out!

1. Pink Ghungroo Jutti

Image Courtesy: Jivaana

The pink ghungroo Patiala jutti is made for brides who love colours and ethnic wear. With a finish of hot pink fabric all over, it has a PVC sole and a leather insole to keep your feet relaxed. The best part about it is that it has a few ghungroos stitched on it that will make a beautiful sound as you walk around wearing them. It will be good as wearing a payal!

Patiala juttis like these should be worn with a light pink lehenga or a white and pink bridal lehenga. You can try to contrast it with other colourful lehengas, such as purple butterfly designed lehengas and more!

2. White Sequin Patiala Jutti

Image Courtesy: LBB

This white sequin Patiala jutti can make any bridal ensemble perfect with its colour and design. Bedecked all over with white, shiny sequins, this Patiala jutti gives us bridal goals. Any bride would look more than elegant and graceful in this ethnic juttis. With a cloth base and leather sole, these pearl-like sequins look best with an ivory bridal lehenga.

However, this silver coloured juttis go with all types of lehengas, such as pink, red, golden, purple, blue and many more. With a contrast created by footwear, prepare yourself for some compliments!

3. Phulkari Patiala Jutti

Image Courtesy: Voonik

Phulkari is a type of embroidery which was started in the 15th century in Punjab. Defined as creating floral work, it is colourful and is mostly done during auspicious occasions like weddings. So a Phulkari Patiala jutti being donned during a wedding would be the most auspicious thing to do. With colourful floral patterns, it has also been decorated with zari work and is based on leather material.

Known to be a rustic Patiala jutti it can accompany numerous types of wedding lehengas, such as orange, red, green, blue, and golden, as well as their combinations.

4. Embroidered Cream Patiala Jutti


With a cream coloured fabric as its base, this mesmerising footwear can really take your heart way with its golden embroidery that has been used to floral motifs and patterns on the Patiala jutti. Making it a combination of cream and golden, these juttis are to die for thanks to their imperial design. They can make your feet look magnificent.

Light coloured and yet making a bold fashion statement, this Patiala juttis can be paired up with a number of dark coloured wedding attires. Colours like golden, maroon, red, purple, pink, blue and brown can be accompanied with this Patiala juttis.

5. Red Patiala Jutti

Image Courtesy: Pinterest

The most common colour of a wedding, red, had to be in this list. Combined with golden in the sole and embroidery on top, this is the perfect option for you even if you aren’t wearing a red bridal lehenga on your wedding day. Symbolising the authenticity of marriage, you can don this Patiala jutti with a magnificent and golden lehenga as well. Embroidered with a golden thread on the front that continues till the back, it seems to be the best option for minimalist brides who don’t want to choose the stereotypical and common red bridal wear for their D-day. With a leather insole, it will be a comfortable footwear for you on your special day.

With bridal fashion moving swiftly towards options aimed at making you more and more comfortable in your wedding ensemble, the heeled footwear had to take a leave. No matter which type of Patiala jutti you select, make sure that it fits your feet and you are comfortable in them as your wedding day is going to be a long one. Start the bridal jutti shopping now because it will be hard to select the right one!

Here’s a final piece of advice from us! Remember, the most important part of the jutti is the sole as that will determine your comfort! Wear the shoes for a few days before your wedding to help break them in!

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